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Top 3 Alternatives to the UpWork Team App

Among numerous freelancing websites available today, UpWork is the most popular online platform. It counts millions of employers, as well as millions of freelancers. To make the process of outsourcing easier, this company even created its own application for time tracking, and improving team efforts, productivity, and efficiency. However, the applications lacks some more advanced…

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Top 6 Companies that Rely on Remote Teams to Manage Their Work

Working in an office surrounded by coworkers used to be the most profitable way of conducting any business. But today, more and more companies have discovered the benefits of working remotely. And, if you are asking why, the answer is simple – less competitive markets offer better talents who’ll work on projects full-time. First of…

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How to Motivate Your Remote Workers to Perform Better

Considering how a lot of companies outsource a large portion of their work to teams located in a different country or continent, it would be a good idea to find ways to motivate this remote workforce. Today, there are numerous reliable companies that you can outsource your work to, however, in order to tap into their full potential, you need to show them respect.

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