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Budgeting projects with remote employees

For successful projects, budgets are like a backbone. However, when it fails and exceeds the limit, things can take an unfortunate turn. That’s why it is always mandatory to stay in check with the investments.  While it’s pretty complex to execute everything within the budget, you can implement specific tactics that can encourage the same….

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What Bossware is and how it helps in remote work

For the last two years, the work culture has changed globally. Now more and more companies are allowing remote work and work-from-home options to their employees. Further, the rise of remote work brings the need for employee monitoring and time tracking tools too. These types of tools boost productivity and help in real-time tracking of…

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How to manage a team of remote software developers

When you work with a term of remote software developers, there are many common challenges that managers face. One of the biggest hardships for them is to change their mindset. They need to accept that developers will not be in his/her plain sight.  This all-new work paradigm demands businesses to come up with new, effective…

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What to do if a remote developer keeps missing deadlines

In the computer programming world, missing deadlines may seem fine sometimes. But if it happens frequently, you may lose some valuable clients easily. However, managing and encouraging teams to stay within deadlines can be quite challenging. This is true, especially when your developers are working remotely.  In this article, we’ll guide you about what to…

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How to build trust in your remote team

Despite having its numerous benefits, one major hurdle that comes with working with a Remote/Virtual Team is having to make them feel welcomed, building trust in them, and earning theirs as well. All of these are geared towards Work Health and Well-being, Team Performance, and Team Productivity.

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How to maximize cybersecurity when working remotely

As entire groups move from offices to remote workstations in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, maintaining continuity in best security practices cannot be overlooked. Protecting sensitive data when you and your colleagues no longer use the same network to access it requires vigilance and teamwork. But home network protection – which can be implemented…

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How to build relationships with employees and team members?

The relationship you create with individual subordinates determines your ability to fulfill three key managerial responsibilities: creating a feedback-based culture, building a cohesive team, and achieving results together. But these relationships do not follow the rules that establish different relationships in our lives; they remind you of balancing on the rope. You must take personal…

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People and gears

How to Build a Resilient Remote Working Team

The strain on people’s resilience is beginning to show as we are nearing ten months into the pandemic. It’s been difficult to stay motivated when each day brings depressing news, on top of the everyday challenges due to working remotely. Managers should learn to recognize these challenges early on, so they can act upon them…

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How to Manage Remote Teams

As a direct result of the pandemic and all the uncertainty brought upon us during this last few months most of the Companies have fully migrated to a remote workforce; some of them for the very first time which has created unexpected challenges that nobody anticipated prior to this fully remote landscape.

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