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Main features:

  1. Time trackingAutomated time tracking available on all platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Chrome
  2. Activity trackingIdentify unproductive team members and generate activity reports
  3. ScreenshotsRandom automated screenshots of all employee monitors (0-120 per hour)
Basic productivity and time tracking system for small businesses


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Main features:

  1. Time trackingAutomated time tracking available on all platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Chrome
  2. Activity monitoringIdentify unproductive team members and generate activity reports
  3. Computer screenshotsRandom automated screenshots of all employee monitors (0-120 per hour)
  4. Task managementAssign tasks to your team members or import tasks from your existing project management software
  5. Team analyticsCreate your organizational structure in Monitask and generate reports for each team
  • Idle time detectionAutomatically identify and remove idle time from your team members’ timesheets
  • Stealth version available24/7 discrete monitoring (company provided devices only)
  • One month screenshot storageView and export screenshots for the last 30 days
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Maximize company efficiency with a complete productivity toolkit


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Everything in Pro, plus:

  1. Internet monitoringMonitor time spent on social media, news, and other uproductive websites
  2. Application monitoringMonitor which apps your team uses and discourage usage of unproductive applications
  3. Email reportsReceive reports with analytics data to your email
  4. Weekly limitsWeekly hourly limits for part-time employees and contractors
  5. Advanced reportingDive deep in company performance data with advanced reports
  • Unlimited integrationsIntegrate monitask with your existing stack.
  • Complimentary onboardingFree onboarding when you purchase Monitask for a team of 10+
  • Two months screenshot storageView and export screenshots for the last 60 days
The most versatile solution for large enterprises with flexible plan customization

Everything from Pro & Business, plus:

  1. Higher API LimitsCustom integration with your internal tools with high throughput
  2. VIP SupportExpedited technical support and one-on-one calls
  3. Audit LogsAccess logs and data changes in your organization
  • 100+ employees onlyAvailable for medium and large organizations
  • Security assessmentsRequest security assessment to comply with your organization’s security policies
  • Manual procurementManual onboarding and PO process
  • Custom screenshot storage
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screenshots per hour
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screenshots per hour
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The screenshot storage time matches with the monthly / yearly plan purchased

Monitask Key Features


Accurate employee time tracking and timesheets. Available on all platforms.


Measure employee productivity with internet and idle time monitoring.

Detailed Screenshots

Detailed screenshots of employee screens. Support for multiple monitors.

Team management

Review team productivity at a glance with powerful reports and analytics.

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Activity Monitoring
Multiple Screenshots
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Project Management
Task Management
Team Management
Team Analytics
Monthly Stats
Accounting Summary
Time Entry Details
VIP Support ?
Two-factor Authentication
Advanced Reporting ?
Public API Access
Higher API Limits
Screenshot Storage
Project Budgeting
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Real-time Events
Audit Logs
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Monitask?

Easy to use time-tracking software designed for businesses with remote teams of employees that includes automatic timesheets and screenshots of employees’ workstations as proof of work done. Screenshot monitoring is completely transparent to the employees and they control when the monitoring starts and when it stops.

Who is Monitask for?

Monitask is designed for companies of all sizes that have remote team members, such as freelancers, contractors, remote employees, and employees that work from home occasionally. Monitask is also useful for freelancers who would like to show their clients proof of work being done and the amount of time it took to complete.

How does Monitask cost?

We have 3 plans. Pro plan is $5.99 a month per user, Business plan is $8.99 a month per user, and Enterprise is $19.99 a month per user. We also offer annual billing which saves companies 20% from the plans’ monthly price.

Where is my data stored and is it secure?

We respect your companies’ privacy and security. All of the time-tracking and screenshot data is securely stored and encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption.

Do remote team members see when screenshots are taken?

We believe in transparency and value our customer’s trust. After your remote team members install our desktop application, they will have full control of when the time tracking begins (along with screenshot taking) and when it stops. They can see the last screenshot taken, so they will be fully aware of what’s being uploaded for managerial  review.

Can I see which applications my team members use?

Yes, you will be able to see which windows applications your remote team members are using and the percentage of time they are using them.


For an employee:

Navigate to:

In the “Applications” section of the page, you will see all of the applications you’ve been using and the percentage of time using them.


For a manager/employer:

In the main menu, select the employee in the Timeline tab. In the “Applications” section of the page, you will see all of the applications they’ve been using and the percentage of time using them.

You can also watch the list of programs used for your entire team. To do this, open the main menu and navigate to Reports – Applications Used . This report allows you to review which applications are used most frequently by the members of your team.

Can Monitask help me find freelancers?

We do not offer help with finding contractors and freelancers at this time.

Can I pay my freelancers through Monitask?

Currently we do not offer a direct payment option for paying your remote team members. However, we do synchronize with various payment apps such as Paypal and create payrolls for the team members based on their payment rate settings.

Does Monitask provide timesheets and other reports?

Monitask allows you to effortlesly generate detailed timesheets for each of the remote team members as well as many other reports including basic accounting reports.

What is an activity level and how is it calculated?

Activity level tracking is a feature designed to keep track of user activity based on the keyboard usage and mouse movements. Monitask is not a spying tool, so it does not record the actual keys that were pressed. Instead, Monitask collects activity of a user and how active they were working within each 10 minute period. If there was no mouse our keyboard usage – the time will not be counted as working. A good activity level to is anything over 50%.

Can you auto-start screenshot monitoring?

In order to protect our users and their privacy Monitask starts monitoring only when employees manually clock in and stops as soon as they clock out.

What if I work with confidential information?

Monitask does not keep track of sensitive information – no passwords or documents are stored on Monitask’s servers. At the same time, passwords or private information themselves do not fall under the radar of Monitask either – the service is careful about private data.

Can the app be hidden on employees’ computers?

Monitask is an employee productivity tool, not a spying tool. You cannot run Monitask or auto-start screenshot monitoring without the users permission. The user needs to press the start button in order to start time tracking.

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