Frequently Asked Questions for Stealth Mode

Monitask is a cost-effective and simple solution for tracking employee performance. Competitively-priced with unique functionality.


Can I use Stealth and time tracking mode at the same time?

Yes, you can. In this case, you will need to separate the users: one part should be using Stealth and the other part should be using time tracking mode.

Is Stealth mode available on all platforms?

At this moment stealth mode is available only for Windows 7+. We are working hard to deliver stealth on other platforms as well. Stay tuned.

Is an internet connection necessary to use Stealth?

Yes. Stealth mode will not work without internet.

How can I install Stealth mode on employees’ computers?

You can install Stealth only if the company owns employees’ computers. Here is the installation guide for Monitask Stealth Mode.

First, make sure you have administrator rights.

I have downloaded it, but I cannot find it on the computer. What should i do?

Enter “Deskcap” to search. It installs in a folder named %Program Files (x86)%\Deskcap and stores data and logs in a folder named %ProgramData%\Deskcap.

What needs to be done to start monitoring?

Tracking starts automatically after installation and reboot. Ask your employees to reload their computers. After that  go to your admin dashboard, there you will be able to  see the monitoring data.

How do I recodinze employees’ accounts?

During installation, pay attention to the key in the name of install of each computer. That will be the name of your employees’ accounts. You can always rename them on the Users page.

How can I change users’ names in the admin panel?

Browse the Users page in your admin panel. Select the necessary user and click edit. Change the name and submit.

How can I uninstall stealth mode on employees’ computers?

Here is a guide on how to uninstall Monitask Stealth Mode.

Once deleted, this user and all of their unsynced data will be permanently deleted. And if you reinstall Stealth on the same computer, it will create a new user.

Can I turn on/turn off screenshots and other features?

Yes, you can customize Monitask in your company’s settings.

Does it track time even if an employee is offline?

Yes it does. But this time is removed automatically and is not considered working time.

Does it send notifications to employees about being tracked?

No, stealth mode means your employees do not receive any notifications.

Have more questions?

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