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Time tracking with Monitask

Are you a business owner, a project manager, an employee, or maybe a client? No matter what position you have in the company, using time tracking software is important. 

Using a time monitoring tool, you can enjoy a myriad of benefits, such as improved team productivity, increased business revenue, and money-saving. Being a project manager, you can track your employees and avoid issues like time theft and intentionally delayed task deliveries. Being a business owner, you can produce accurate time and price quotes to get off on your clients’ right foot. 

If you are a client, you can get accurate time and price quotes to get off on the right foot with your service provider. Also, a good time tracking tool makes invoices painless and easy. 

And, if you are looking for one of the best time trackers, don’t go further than Monitask. 

Monitask is a powerful and simple-to-use time tracker and timesheet app. Using this software program, you and your team can track work hours spent on various projects or individual tasks. 

In addition to simple time tracking, the tool has several useful features like productivity tracking, attendance monitoring, and tracking billable hours with timesheets.

In this post, we will explore the unique and useful features of the app in detail. We will also learn how the app fits different industries and how it helps optimize your business. 

Optimize Time on Projects

Monitask provides useful and valuable insights into how long each individual spends on the project on a micro-level. You can identify how much time each project and associated activities take. This time tracker helps develop better time management skills, become highly productive, and make more profits on a macro scale.

Monitask time tracker provides an accurate and thorough overview of time usage by a project or an individual task. It does not let team members “fly under the radar” when they spend time on irrelevant activities, like using social media. 

At the end of the day, you get a detailed report of working hours and even minutes, arranged by categories and projects. Based on that, you can identify things like:

  • Productive and unproductive employees/hours.
  • Which tasks are taking more and/or less time.

Accordingly, you can manage your project schedule for the best results in an optimal timeframe. And, schedules serve as a roadmap to projects, from where you can check and how much you have deviated from the original plan. 

In this way, the Monitask time monitoring tool can bring your project back on track, helping you avoid loss or failure. This further reduces your stress and helps you stick with your project scheduling. 

More Than Just Time Tracking

Monitask solves a lot of time tracking problems. But, it’s just one thing! Monitask does a lot more for users. Some of its other functions include the following:

Computer Monitoring for Teams

In addition to time tracking, Monitask also provides proof of work as well as saves money to businesses and clients. 

Simply invite remote workers and employees. Ask them to start using Monitask. Assign projects and monitor work hours and proof of work. The tool can monitor each activity performed on the computer so that you can check what employees are doing. 

Automatic Timesheets

With this tool, you don’t have to worry about manual time entries or struggle with maintaining MS-Excel templates. With this automated time tracking app, you can benefit from automatic timesheets in a hassle-free manner. On top of that, this lightweight program is compatible with multiple operating systems, including Windows, Linux, etc. 

You can generate automated timesheets that are synchronized to the web-based live dashboard in real-time.

Remote Employee Monitoring

Remote employee monitoring refers to an entire set of activities that are performed by the employer. The primary purpose of remote employee monitoring is to enhance transparency, engagement, and security within the company. 

Within the past five years, the remote workforce has seen an increase of 44%. The industry expects it to grow by up to 150% by the end of this decade. The growing trend of remote hiring has many of its own unique challenges. And, the biggest challenge of these is: Without having proper processes and tools at disposal, companies find it pretty difficult to keep companies productive and profitable as expected. 

According to Buffer, the majority of remote workers prefer to work from home that can affect their motivation and performance.

Below is the list of Monitask’s features help with remote employee monitoring:

  • Screenshot monitoring: The tool automatically captures the screenshots of the computer at random intervals.
  • Live dashboard – You can check when your team members are online. You can also check what they are working on. 
  • Idle time removal – Monitask remote employee monitoring tool removes unproductive hours automatically.

In addition, other features include app monitoring, project management, internet monitoring, and activity monitoring, to name a few. 

Internet and App Monitoring

Using Monitask, you can review apps and websites that your team visits. You can recognize unproductive sites/apps and time invested in repetitive tasks.

Project Management

Create and assign activities or projects to responsible employees. In addition, you can review detailed project reports generated by the software program and track how much money goes into each of your projects.

Employee Productivity Software

Are you running a small startup or a large established company? Regardless of the size of your business, everyone wants to ensure that everyone in the team is working, and this helps ensure productivity. 

Employee tracking has been in use for a long time. The main goal of this business practice is to increase the overall productivity of your team while increasing the company’s performance. Some major issues that this practice solves include the following:

  • Proper allocation of budget
  • Accurate team and project management 
  • Measurement and reporting of productivity 
  • Transparency as well as accountability

Using Monitask employee productivity tracking, employees are motivated to work in a highly efficient and productive manner. You develop a mutual understanding of the present workload and identify the improvements needed.

These valuable insights also help when it comes to employee reviews. With high productivity levels, employees often receive a reward to meet their set goals. They stay motivated to do good work. On the other hand, if reports show a lack of the desired level of productivity, you can pinpoint these areas and make all necessary improvements.

How to use Employee time tracking software in your company

The primary purpose of a time tracker is to monitor the time spent by each employee on a project or a particular task/activity.

For instance, when a user turns off or on the tracker, it creates an automatic timesheet. The timesheet keeps records of things like total work hours, wages, breaks, etc.

In addition, you can use employee time tracking app for many other purposes as well. Some of these are explained below:

Optimize Project Management

Time is the key to the success of every project. Project managers need to schedule the project accomplishment carefully. And, this is where an efficient time tracking tool helps.

The software allows employees or workers to add time entries for each and every activity easily. After recording the time, it enables managers to view and print timing reports for each project and even each associated activity.

With these insights, you can easily track the work pressure on your workers and print comprehensive reports for your clients and other stakeholders.

Project Profitability is a priority

When you can track how long a project takes, this information helps create new projects efficiently. This analysis of your time and cost enables you to make necessary improvements accordingly for maximum profitability. These insights also make you aware of necessary improvements to boost your profit and efficiency. 

Using this tool, you can understand what is working and what is not, how to plan your future projects, and how to streamline your time and money.

You can understand and cut down unnecessary expenses. The tool provides accurate billing so that you get paid for every minute of work you do. In addition, if you know how much time you spend on each task, you can easily calculate wages, salaries, bonuses, and deductions. Automated timesheets make the entire process straightforward while saving you time.

Client management and accountability

With time trackers, your employees or team members are held accountable for the work hour they spend on a project or an associated activity.

Furthermore, you have complete data, and based on that, you can manage your clients effectively and efficiently. You are backed by evidence and proper reports of work hours for which you bill your clients. 

Thus, there are so many ways to use a time tracking and employee monitoring tool to improve the overall performance of your business. So, it makes sense to use a reputed and legal time tracking tool within your organization. Use a reliable tool like Monitask that offers multiple functionalities for monitoring your employees, attendance management, and project management.

Cross platform time tracking

Monitask is a powerful and useful cross-platform time tracking software. It is suitable for agencies, teams, individuals, and small businesses of all sizes using any device. Its powerful reporting capabilities, combined with its advanced features and cross-platform compatibility, make it stand out.

Monitask works well with the following operating systems:

Windows time tracking

Are you a Windows user and are concerned about your team’s productivity? Don’t worry! Monitask will do this for you. To start monitoring, you have to ask your employees to download the app for Windows. 

Follow these steps to download the app on Windows:

Step 1: Create your Monitask account.

Step 2: Invite remote workers and employees.

Tap on the “Invite your team” button on the app’s dashboard. Next, add the email IDs of your team members. The best part is you can add any number of employees to the account.

Time Tracking Software

Step 3: Ask workers to begin tracking time using the tool.

Employees have to download the time-tracking app and start tracking their time. Company owners and managers do not need to install the app. They can access the data directly via the web-based real-time dashboard.

Step 4: Assign projects.

Use Monitask’s project management features to assign projects to team members. This feature also enables you to review work hours for each project and task.

Time Tracking Software

Using the Live Dashboard, you can review online employees, time entries for them, screenshots, internet usage, etc.

Time Tracking Software

Monitask analyzes data and time across your organization. After using it for several weeks, the program generates detailed reports for analyzing and identifying bottlenecks and processes.

MacOS time tracking

Are you a MAC user? Using the Monitask time tracker, you can easily log the hours your team members work and how they utilize their time.

The process to download and use Monitask for MacOS is the same as that for Windows. So, follow the steps as explained above. 

Linux time tracking

Monitask has been successfully tested on Ubuntu 16.04-18.04, Debian 9.9, Mint 19.1.

The simplest method to install the software program for Debian/Ubuntu based distributions is downloading and then installing the .deb package. You can do so through the graphical interface. When you install the .deb package, it automatically installs the apt repository as well as the signing key. This further enables auto-updating with the use of the system’s package manager.

Time Tracking Software

Monitask has also been tested on Fedora 28-30, CentOS 7, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. Use the graphical interface to download and install the .rpm package This automatically installs the yum repository as well as signing key and enables updating using the package manager of the system.

Time Tracking Software

History of time tracking

Time is money! Losing time means losing money. That’s why every company – small or large – wants to track time. Time tracking for employees may appear like a concept of the modern era. But, it has been around for millennia.

Right from the advent of billable hours, people have been tracking time for payment purposes. Using employee time monitoring tools allows businesses and project managers to run comprehensive reports, determine profitability, set goals, and make projections. 

While in the beginning, paper timesheets were used, in today’s digital era, it has been replaced by automated time tracking tools like Monitask. Optimized with features, the tool helps prevent time theft and syncs up with payroll software systems, saving time and reducing errors.

Let’s explore the origin of time tracking – from paper templates to web-based software. We will see what changes this discipline has undergone and where we have arrived with it.

Templates for time tracking

Since the origin of time management, companies have been using paper timesheet templates for tracking their employees’ time. Though this has become an old-school way of attendance monitoring, many companies still use it solely or albeit with modern technologies. 

Paper sheets are known for being very easy to use and portable, both as templates or scrap papers with notes on it. While these have been around for a long time and many companies still use them, this form of time tracking has its own set of drawbacks. 

Using paper templates for attendance monitoring is a time-consuming process. It needs you to input the number and name of employees manually for payroll processing. In addition, there are issues with handwritten paper timesheets because they are hard to decipher. What’s more, the paper may easily get lost, destroyed, damaged, and even fabricated.

Spreadsheet time tracking

Excel timesheets took the process of time monitoring to a whole new level. It allows every user of the computer to access easy-to-use MS-Excel spreadsheets, which serve as timesheets. 

There are many businesses that began to use spreadsheets to track the attendance of their employees. It’s true that this form of time tracking is an easily accessible choice, this method also has some flaws. 

You still need to enter the data into the payroll processing system. And, all this consumes so much time, while also increasing your chances of error. In addition, the program itself has some issues. While you can easily learn Excel, in order to leverage its potential, you have to learn some advanced reporting functionalities. Many of these options might be very difficult aspects of this Microsoft product. 

Apps for time tracking

Then came desktop apps for time tracking. Using these apps, employers can track the time of their employees using a computer-based software program. It’s simpler and more efficient than Excel. 

While it is a significant improvement over excel, it still has some drawbacks. When you use desktop-based apps, you cannot sync the data from one device to another. The program is installed on one device. This means if you don’t have your own computer, you might find yourself using the old-fashioned pen and notepad style. 

Then came web-based time tracking apps with the advent of the internet. Today, due to their highly beneficial and useful features, these tools have exploded in popularity. This has become a choice for go-to-tracking for many companies looking for advancements. 

Web-based time trackers like Monitask offer unmatched flexibility. They allow you to process data regardless of your device while ensuring a high level of accuracy. Using their verified sign-in feature, these software programs help prevent time theft while preventing employees from exaggerating their number of working hours. 

The only disadvantage of web-based time trackers is that you may find it challenging to choose the best one due to a lot of options available. Tools like Monitask can be a great choice if you are looking for an all-in-one, feature-rich web-based time tracking software program. 

So, the history of time tracking is fascinating; how it has gone from paper-based templates to feature-rich web-based programs. The modern tools certainly are superior to the ones used in yesteryear, and they are undergoing constant improvements to deliver outstanding functionality. 

Businesses should look for a robust and up-to-date time tracking app that makes billing, invoicing, and payroll processing pretty simple, accurate, and efficient.

Time tracking for any industry

Time is a valuable asset to businesses operating in all industries. Every industry can gain significant productivity and efficiency benefits using a time monitoring tool. 

Though any industry can benefit from this technology, the following are the most popular candidates of it:

Time tracking software for employees

The productivity of your team leads to profit, and time management plays a critical role in making productivity. How do you know that your employees are utilizing every minute of their work hours for the company’s welfare?

That’s when a reliable time tracking software for employees enters! Using this tool, you can monitor your team for how they spend their work hours. Based on these insights, you can make all necessary improvements, identify goods from poor-performers, and eventually, earn the deserving profit for your business. 

Whether you run a small company or a large establishment, or whether you have a remote team or on-site employees, using a time tracker is a great decision. 

Time tracking software for consultants

Learning to monitor your consulting hours efficiently and accurately is key for any consultant who wants to succeed. Whether you’re getting paid by the hour or the project, if you’re not tracking time properly, you might miss a significant amount of money. 

On the other hand, when you start using a smart and reputed time tracking system, you can have peace of mind. This is because you know that your and your team’s work hours are properly tracked. 

You know that no one in your consulting firm is wasting time and energy. It helps ensure that you get adequately compensated for all your work. Fortunately, there are many time tracking tools for consultants, which are easy to use and easy to implement. 

Time tracking software for freelancers

Freelancing appears like a very lucrative and appealing job. In today’s growing urbanization and technological progress of the world, people can work from anywhere at any time. 

However, freelancing also has its own set of unique challenges. It demands self-discipline, good time management, and healthy communication with clients. 

But, achieving proper cooperation and collaboration is pretty much challenging. It’s actually an ongoing process that involves the exchange of information, like – how many hours you spent working on a project, expected budget needed, project, metrics, etc.

Here, a time tracking app lets freelancers track time and get paid for their work hours. In addition, tools like Monitask time tracker, also let you manage projects, handle accounting for freelancers, and store all relevant data in one place. With a good time tracker, freelancers can automatically track time, add and edit time entries, monitor billable hours, and integrate the app with other software tools.

Time tracking software for small business

Time is critical to all businesses, but for small businesses, it’s even more important. Are your employees truthful, and are not involved in time theft? Are they productive as per their real potential? Are you tracking everything accurately? Are you able to properly catch overtime or misuse of working hours?

Time tracker tools are an answer to all these questions. This one tool solves countless problems you might be dealing with. 

Tracking time as you and your team works lead to more accurate invoices than guesswork. A high level of accuracy results in trust establishment between you and your clients. It also lets you make informed business decisions for overall efficiency and productivity improvements.

Time tracking software for lawyers

The majority of lawyers who bill their clients by the hour still reconstruct their time logs on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Even if you don’t share your time records with clients, keeping a time log is important. 

Using modern time tracking software for lawyers provides access to industry-related features. Using these features, you can automate most of your daily errands. This also helps improve your productivity and develop a sense of trust and loyalty with customers.

Today, using legal billing software with in-built time monitoring features, lawyers can log their work hours right on their mobile devices. These tools make it easy to monitor and enter timing properly, ensuring that you capture and get paid for all billable hours. 

Time tracking software for remote employees

Remote work culture is becoming mainstream these days. If you are also embracing this culture, how would you know that your remote employees are actually working. How long they usually spend on each project. 

The answer is: by using the right time tracking software solution. With such a program, your employees are held accountable for their daily output and stay motivated to be productive. You get concrete proof of hours spent when billing clients. 

Clients know what work they are being charged for. In addition, an employee monitoring tool also reduces the need for office spaces because employees stay productive remotely. You don’t need to worry much when hiring remote employees. 

Time tracking software for contractors

Contractors have very little to deal with areas including architecture, construction, design, banking, IT, etc. 

But, they have to deal with many difficult work areas that include a wide variety of tasks. These tasks often include consulting, complying with local or federal permits, and accounting. Like other professionals, they also have to ensure they’re getting paid for the work done.

That’s why using time tracking software for contractors is critical. Choose the right tool for the purpose. For instance, Monitask is an all-in-one time tracker and employee monitoring tool that can be used by contractors and other professionals.

What types of Companies Track Their Time

All the organizations that want to stay in touch with their team and offer them the support they need uses time tracking software. It measures the productivity of the workers, which is required by organizations for the overall growth and development of their business. 

When you adopt time tracking tools for your company, it will flourish to its best and gives better control on time management.

Let us check out which industries can use time tracking devices the most and why. 


Contractors who are regularly working on several projects can use and take benefit from the time tracking tool. With so many tasks going at the same time, it is vital to track employee’s hours to ensure accuracy when billing.

Legal firms

Using tracking software helps legal organizations to evaluate the accurate reports of their employee’s total time spent on a particular work or case. In addition, it will help to track billable as well as non-billable time to have accurate invoicing for their clients.


As an accountant, maintaining your book accurately is the foremost part of the job. When your organization is busy with the audit, fixed-fee projects, or bill-per-hour, you have to track all the time you spend with clients during working hours.

With this information, you can optimize your processes to adapt them to your clients. Every client is different and has distinctive requests; therefore, now you can provide them with the right solution that they need.


Time tracking is enormously important for architects who bill their customers, especially on an hourly basis. You cannot progress your estimations or get more quality from your time in the absence of this tool.

Monitoring tools record every second and every detail of the day. With this, you get a complete description of how your resources are utilized.


Consultants use their vast knowledge to resolve the issues of their clients. But, apart from getting the problem solved, what most they want is a quick solution. 

This is why a time tracker is a go-to tool for consultants. By tracking your actions and how much time you spend on each project, it helps you to finish your job as early as possible.

When your customers are completely satisfied with your job, you have more chances to work with them again in the future.


When it comes to freelancers, you might be aware of the fact that how really important it is to track time. When you work on so many projects with different clients, you may lose track of work hours. 

So, the time tracking tool allows you to focus on the work that needs to be done at that particular time. You can manage the time accordingly for every client and on specific activities. 

It is an enormous tool to maintain an equal amount of work for everyone.

Staffing and Recruiting Industry 

Time tracking plays a vital part in the staffing and recruiting industry. Most of the time, they deal with the problems in tracking their team’s work. 

Having appropriate software that can monitor employees in the companies will help the managers to track their accurate working time and manage projects in a better way.

If you want to be at the top of your game, invest in such software, as it will pay off in no time.

Signs to follow if you need time tracking

Do you notice any sign of time theft or slow down in the performance level of employees in your organization? 

If yes, then it is time to adopt time tracking tools to cope up with these problems. 

Well, here are some signs that this software can help you resolve.

Improper Attendance Recording

When there is an inefficient leave management system in your organization, it is really infuriating as projects may suffer due to a shortage of workers. 

With time tracking tools, it is easy to know well in advance who is available and who is not. 

Accordingly, you can tailor different leave policies for every employee individually. Moreover, you can also approve or reject a leave request instantly.

Projects Take Unreasonably too Long

Completing any task within the timeline can be a little difficult when your team members slack off. But at the same time, it’s not easy to keep an eye on every employee.

That’s where time tracking software comes in handy. All you have to do, set up a timesheet and tell them the minimum and maximum working hours per day.

These entries will help you to figure out how much time it takes exactly to complete a certain task. Further, using this data, you can estimate how long a project will take to conclude. 

Time tracking tools keep you updated on the responsibilities that you assign to each employee. And it allows you to deal with your employees smoothly. 

Difficulty with Tracking Productivity Rate

Employee productivity plays a crucial role in the success of any organization. A time tracker can help you gain valuable insights about the contribution of every staff member towards the company or project.

For example – it will automatically evaluate the productivity of employees’ work by dividing all resources into neutral, productive, and unproductive categories.

You can figure out which staff needs more attention and who is contributing more than the allocation.

Customer Requirements And Delivery Do not Match

When the final outcome or product is not up to the mark, it means there is some gap in between. One of the reasons can be employees are not working efficiently. 

Here, you need a system that allows you to have a constant check over your staff regarding the project. A time tracking tool will help you to know the accurate working hours as well as steps to adopt to cope up with these problems.

The Takeaway 

If you notice any of the above signs, then it is the right time to get time tracking tools for your organization.

Is that a right step for your company

One common concern associated with time tracking is, “Is not it like spying on my team,” “Is my boss spying on me?” Many project managers or businesses avoid time tracking as an unnecessary expense.

So, they doubt if they should or need to use a time tracker. Read on to find the answer.

Time tracking does not mean spying

To employees, time tracking is not meant to spy on you or breach your privacy.  If you are honest with your job, it actually saves you. The tool records your productivity level and demonstrates your dedication to the company. Since every minute is logged, you have proof of all your activities during work hours.

Employers or your clients use these records to accurately pay you for work hours. In addition, the tool also helps maintain proper attendance and with payroll processing.

Employers should also be aware of the real purpose of time trackers. They should not try to use these solutions to spy on their team because this could drop their morale and discourage their productivity.

The ethics of time tracking

Over-zealous time tracking often results in panic and anxiety across the company. People don’t like when they come to know that they are being spied on by their project manager or their boss. 

When it comes to the worst-case scenarios, spy turns out to be detrimental to productivity. This is because staff becomes so self-conscious, making them struggle to concentrate on necessary things. In addition, the feeling of being spied on may generate a sense of bitterness and resentment towards management.

When it comes to using a time tracker, there are some ethical boundaries as well. Some people think that privacy is the basic right of every human being. Some believe that employees should be allowed to do personal things as long as they are doing their best to reach business goals.

While all of these concerns are legitimate, the majority of businesses will still prefer to implement time tracking. When done in the right and legitimate manner, using a time tracker turns out to be a huge asset to any organization.

However, make sure you use this tool quite reasonably. Otherwise, this may impose the risk of demoralizing and alienating your team, which can be harmful to your business’s success.

But, how do you select and implement a time tracking tool responsibly? Here are some tips for you:

  • Use only a reputable and well-reviewed software program.
  • Be transparent. Before implementing the program within your organization, convey the real purpose of doing so to your employees.
  • Avoid favoritism. It cannot be a justification for loosening their timesheet requirements for someone particular. Treat every employee, at the same level, equally.
  • Be sensitive to the information you gather via this tool. In case you capture something personal for someone, do not share it with third parties.
  • Make it easy, fast and simple for your employees to mark their attendance or work hours.

Finally, do not forget to gather feedback on the time tracker from your employees. 

Productivity tracking and time tracking – Similar or Not?

Most of the time, you often talk about how to improve productivity in a business. But what does it actually mean?

How do you determine the productivity of your employees? Understanding and measuring the productivity of your team member is one of the most important facets of the growth of your organization.

Everyone wants accurate and on-time reports to find how much time they take to finish each project.  With the help of time as well as productivity tracking tools, employers can easily monitor the efficiency and outcomes of their team members.

But if you want to know more about how productivity tracking and time tracking tools are similar, go through the given below points.

Time tracking allows measuring Key Performance Indicator

With the help of time tracking tools, you can measure the efficiency of your team, which directly relates to productivity. It gives you an idea about average task length, billable as well as non-billable hours, how many resources you have utilized, and the capacity of every team member towards the tasks.

Further, you can also calculate how much each member contributes towards the profitability of the organization. All these factors have a direct impact on productivity.

To save you time, productivity, and time tracking tools, visualize all your tracked activity so that you can recognize your team’s own efforts and achievements.

Helps to Identify Time Drains

Both time monitoring, and productivity tracking tools, highlight productive obstacles, so you get aware of what tasks, processes, workflows, tools, and behaviors to address.

It makes you visible to all the unproductive patterns, bloated processes, as well as low-value tasks. Hence, you can take measurable steps at the right time to avoid these problems and can reach the actual efficiency of your employees.

Revealing Distractions

Controlling daily disruptions is really important to become more productive. So, these monitoring tools allow you to map out daily interruptions by tracing the “quick requests” for meetings and email queries that have an impact on the productive focus of your team.

With these tools, you can also identify all the unplanned tasks that distract you from your priority work and creep into your workload.

Improves Employee Engagement

Employee engagement can extensively impact the productivity and the reputation of your business. That is the reason why managers develop engagement strategies to make sure that they have committed staff.

So productivity, as well as time tracking software’s measures the effectiveness of profound techniques and this is possible only with these tracking tools. Also, when your team members know that their productivity is measured, they will become more accountable.

As a result, their level of engagement over every task or project also increases.

Accomplish Business Goals

This tracking software helps businesses to achieve their long-term goals smoothly. When monitoring goals, as well as productivity expectations, are defined clearly, your team can understand what areas they need to have more focus on.

In addition, the reports generated by these tools also allow employers to analyze the actual productivity and take essential steps to improve their engagement on every project.

So, in short, we can say that both productivity and time tracking tools are similar to some extent. 

How Time Tracking Transforms the Way You Do Business

Like planning and teamwork, time tracking also affects the bottom line of projects or businesses, especially those who bill their clients hourly. 

 When you can record how your team members spend their workday on a project, you gather useful insights for improved processes and productivity. 

 By using a time tracking tool, you get answers to questions, like:

  • Are you spending time on the right things?
  • Does the project or an individual task need less or more time?
  • Do I need to revise deadlines and/or cost?

 These insights, paired with other success metrics, drive you towards growth. 

 Check out more reasons what time tracking can do to your business:

1.   Better Budgets Save You Money

Time tracking software helps to save you a lot of money. It allows you to incorporate your payroll system for correct billings.

You can also prepare an analytical report like overtime hours, work estimates, average project timeline, deadlines, and more. 

This information is crucial to building accurate budgets as well as schedules for the future. 

2. Understand Capacity of Your Team 

Using a time tracker, you can understand the actual capacity of your employees. In this way, you can assign them a healthy and ethical workload.

Moreover, you also come to know where your employee is lagging behind and needs attention. 

So, you can motivate them to be more productive, which ultimately affects your business’s overall performance. 

3. Accurate Project Management

Whenever you start a new project, time tracking allows you to have an on-demand overview of it. Further, it makes you more flexible for allocating people as well as resources.

You can streamline the projects by:

  • Setting priorities for the assigned tasks.
  • Easily identify all the productivity blockers like inefficiency or overload. 
  • It gives you daily updates on the status of every task.

4.   Monitor Invisible Tasks

Time trackers allow you to remark on all the tasks that often go unreported, like project communication, task management, client calls, and meetings.

If you are aware of all these tasks, you can make out the actual efficiency of your employees.

5. Helps Calculate the Costs to the Company 

Business owners pay salaries, perks, taxes, benefits, additional training opportunities, and more to be competitive with employee satisfaction. 

All these expenses will add up, rising higher than your profits if gone overlooked. 

So, it is really important to calculate all costs, and the best time trackers help with the same. 

6.  Identify the Areas for Improvement

You can look for the areas, tasks, or projects that take more time as compared to the other ones. 

Accordingly, it becomes easy to identify the reasons for the delay. And, you can figure out measures required to improve the performance of your employees.

7.  Set Measurable Goals

If your employees are overshooting deadlines frequently, it’s a sign that they are working on unrealistic or unmeasurable goals. 

Using a time tracking app, you can monitor deadlines easily and change your strategies accordingly. 

As you see, a time monitor app can uncover loopholes in your process and drive your business on the right track.

What do you really need to track?

Time tracking tool helps track the following:

  • Employee attendance
  • Screen monitoring
  • Activity monitoring
  • Project tracking 
  • Billed hours
  • Remote employee monitoring 
  • Employee productivity tracking

Time tracking features that are essentials for efficiency?

When you exchange hours for money, it is crucial to keep a record of the time that you have worked for specific clients carefully. Guesswork is not at all a great option.

When you forget to record some important things, it may result in a loss of revenues. For this reason, effective and competent time tracking is essential.

In this article, we will talk about the features that you can look for to set up a well-functioning time tracking routine effectively for your business.

Time Tracking

This is one of the core features of any time tracking tool. This feature allows you to monitor the actual work hours in a precise way accurately.

This helps you to examine the project workflow along with employee’s productivity as well as performance.  Further, you can also analyze the data from the previous projects to set the expected delivery deadlines for your upcoming projects.

Analytics as well as Reporting

All the accumulated data that you gather from time monitoring applications is only useful if it is presented in an evident and understandable way.

The information needs to be comprehensive and easy to understand by everybody. Further, it will help make decisions that are effective and ensure better growth of the organization.

Online Invoicing

The process of online invoicing becomes very easy with timesheets that are available in the time tracing applications. The timesheets make you free from the fear of any errors and mismatches in the data that you track.

It automates the job of time tracking and bill generation, which can otherwise take many human hours. Moreover, it also prevents a lot of clashes in a discrepancy of the employee as well as billed hours.

Ability to Integrate

A time tracking tool must integrate with existing systems to have a seamless workflow in the organization. You can have access to multiple insights regarding the overall workforce and get a grasp of the performance and productivity.

These reports make it easy for any organization to unify payments, accounting, employee performance, and projects altogether.


This feature is a great savior when it comes to time monitoring tools. You can set an automated notification that will notify your staff when they miss their clock in and out time.

You can also use this to send regular notifications about the task deadlines and project delivery. This allows you to keep your team on track and prevent them from any procrastinating tasks, which are one of the major challenges that almost every organization faces these days.

In this manner, employees will perform well and aim to complete their projects on time.

These are some of the essential features that one would expect from time tracking software. Compare features of diverse time tracking software and choose the best one for your business.

Do you have to be technical savvy? And how it all works

As you all know, time monitoring software is a virtual tool that helps to supervise your time efficiently to stay on track for achieving the organization’s goal. But you might wonder if you are not a technical person, so whether you can use this software or not.

Well, in this guide, we will learn about how time tracking tools make it happen to you by everybody irrespective of the fact whether you are technically savvy or not.

User-friendly Interface

All the time tracking tools are made with a motive to have a good user interface. It provides a “user-friendly” experience that allows you to deal with the hardware or software in a natural as well as intuitive way.

It provides you with straightforward and quick access to all its features or commands. Further, all its programs are well-organized, which makes it easy for you to locate different options.

The best part is that it automates tedious routine tasks and facilitates easy access to all business information that you need to have for making important decisions.

No Additional Formal Training

When you want to introduce this tool to your team members, do not worry about extra training. Even your remote workers can easily take the benefit of this software because of its intuitive nature.

This tool will encourage you to find innovative solutions to achieve business goals without any additional training and cost.

How Time Tracking Tool Works

Based on different aspects of projects and work, businesses track their employee’s time. Every time tracking tool works in a very simple way and there is nothing complicated at all.

Let’s check out how to use it appropriately to get the best out of it!

  • Create your project and task

First of all, you have to create a project or task on which to want to work on. The power of time monitoring tool enables you to check what happens exactly within the project.

  • Track Time

Timesheet is the place where you can create, edit, and delete time entries that are assigned to tasks. This is a great feature that really enhances work. All tracked time is put together in one place as extensive reports.

  • Integrate

When you integrate with time tracking tools, you not only make sure that all your tasks on which you and your team are working, going smoothly. But you also have more productive outcomes for your business.

  • Invoicing

Use time entries to bill your customers and to measure the profits on various projects. Employees can easily log their working hours, which facilitates paying them for the hours they have worked at the end of the month.

If you want to make full utilization of your human resource to boost your productivity, make sure to try time tracking tools that are user-friendly and simple to use.

How to be proactive in introducing innovation to the team

Human resources are one of the most productive assets in every organization. It does not matter in which industry you work; the ability to be innovative and creative is something that every team must have.

If they want to survive in the competitive edge team, innovation plays a vital role and acts as a backbone of every successful organization. Further, frequent changes in technology, customers, markets, and government regulations give rise to turbulence as well as unpredictability. 

So, how should your team deal with such pressures? 

Let us check out how you can proactively introduce innovation to your team!

Tell About Importance of Proactive Innovation 

One thing that you must take care of is that innovation must be proactive rather than reactive. It is because; only proactive innovation can get the maximum outcome from your team.

You can organize different programs that help your team members to identify the changes as early as possible before they become major problems. With a proactive approach, you can plan and anticipate all the possible interferences that allow better execution of the assigned tasks. 

In addition, it will also encourage your staff to leave their comfort zone and to think out of the box.  

Empower your Team to Make decisions 

When you make the decision-making process collaborative, your team can feel empowered from the start point of the project. And they will put their maximum effort and focus on meeting the demands of that particular project.

Your team members may have more creative ideas or suggestions to complete a task. So, as a team leader, you have to be open to new ways of doing things, as with this approach your team will grow. 

Also, note that you do not discourage the opinions or ideas of your team. In this way, they embrace themselves as an innovative team member.

Provide Opportunities for Ongoing Contributions 

When you organize proactive innovation workshops regularly, you can develop a habit of thinking that can transform the culture of your organization completely. In this way, you can create an environment where every member of your team feels that they are a part of the company’s long-term transformation.

Moreover, this will boost the morale of your team’s employees and ensure that innovation remains their top priority. Proactive innovation is smart, fast as well as and effective way to have a healthy growth of your business. 

Rewards to Employees

Even if the idea that your team member shares with you does not get implemented in the project, give them rewards as they will feel motivated. In this manner, other team members will also participate in the discussions and come with different ideas. 

The important thing is that here they will feel that you appreciate their efforts to improve the business. And it will ultimately result in the smooth and successful growth of your business.

To grab the business opportunities and flourish in today’s tough competition, you must motivate your team members to proactively participate and adapt all the innovative strategies successfully.

How to choose from the 15 Best time tracking software

Due to a lot of options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. To make things easier for you, we have rounded up the best time tracking software programs.

Read on carefully and choose the one that best suits you. Let’s get started:


Time Tracking Software

As discussed above, Monitask is a set of employee monitoring functionalities. It helps boost the overall productivity and accountability of your team or organization. It features advanced activity and screenshot monitor and exceptional time tracking capabilities to keep your team on the right track. 


  • Powerful yet lightweight and runs fast.
  • Compatible with all operating systems (OS) – MacOS, Windows, Linux, etc.
  • Accessible on any device through the cloud.
  • A go-to time tracker software for companies, teams, and remote workers.
  • Improves timekeeping as well as time management for certain projects.


  • Mastering a lot of features can be overwhelming in the beginning.

Time Doctor

Time Tracking Software

With Time Doctor, you can easily track your employees’ time so that you can check what your staff do throughout the day. It creates an abstract of the time that your employee spent on every project, task, and client. 

Daily, as well as weekly reports make it easy to examine the working pattern. With this software, you can also create payroll and timesheets.

This tool can make things easy through project management that helps you and your team focus on what matters the most. Further, when you evaluate the project reports, you know what takes the most time and improve your efficiency to increase productivity.


  • User-friendly
  • Automatic startup with windows
  • Easily integrates to your work environment


  • May pop up when not in use
  • Needs improvements with payroll reporting 
  • Updating the desktop software can be tricky.


Time Tracking Software

Harvest is an instinctive time tracking monitor that is easy to learn and use. It allows you to have an immediate as well as actionable approach towards every outcome. 

You can set start and stop timers whenever you start work. Mobile apps encourage you to track time at your fingertips. Further, automated reminders support you to monitor time if you find a shortfall in the productivity of a particular employee consistently.

So, manage your team’s bandwidth to visualize their ability to adjust workload accordingly. You can also speed up the time tracking process with integrations for Outlook and Google Calendar. 

Keep all your projects profitable by reviewing data of your past project to improve how you price and plan future projects.


  • Simple and flexible app
  • Great pricing
  • The mobile app makes work convenient.
  • Easy payment for clients


  • Lack of connection between the desktop app and the website.
  • Lack of sales tax integration
  • Minimal options to increase billing 
  • Poor customer support
  • Lack of notification in case the timer is left turned on


Time Tracking Software

Toggle helps you to track the time of your employees to have a better working environment and not to create pressure of overwork. This tool helps you to have better project planning so that you can keep all your projects on track by managing the team’s workload smoothly. 

Whether you are online or offline, toggle has apps that fulfill all your requirements accordingly. All your data syncs across all apps and devices instantly.

In addition, this tool also helps you to hire your staff in a smart manner without wasting hundreds of hours on scanning resumes. The smart screen skill tests assist you in hiring the best candidates for the respective posts. So, stop wasting time and start screening with toggle for the skills that really matter.


  • Easy to use
  • Ability to organize work by project/client
  • Easy to create teams
  • Time entries can be easily edited


  • Reporting function is a little confusing
  • Difficult to integrate with certain apps and programs
  • Less intuitive GUI
  • The desktop version has certain limitations


Time Tracking Software

Everhour offers you an all-in-one time management solution for your employees. It allows you to have accurate time tracking for client invoicing, budgeting, as well as to have easy payroll.

You can easily monitor the time of your team that they have to spend assigned tasks, hours of work as well as breaks for each employee. Further, you also get the benefit of simple and flexible project billing. 

Task management programs create tasks, organize them in different sections accordingly, and then add time estimates to finish the work. Reports are also prepared simultaneously to have more information about how your team spends time, money as well as resources to get that outcome.


  • Robust and affordable software
  • Ease of use
  • Great integrations


  • Not compatible with many browsers
  • Requires flat-rate and retainer pricing
  • No mobile app
  • Asana integration is difficult to keep updated


Time Tracking Software

Timely offers one intelligent space to manage all activities of the team that is from payroll to project management and employee performance to their wellbeing. It is one of the easy and simple ways to keep your workforce coordinated all the time.

This affordable, as well as mobile-friendly appointment scheduling software, is the ideal business system for any small business that schedules classes and appointments. With this tool by your side, you do not have to worry about data entry and manual timers.

It will monitor your time automatically and make timesheets for your team accordingly. Further, real-time dashboards, reports as well as notifications for critical activity allows you to save your time on daily admin.


  • Saves time with its intelligent “Memory Tracker” plugin
  • Fast and effective
  • Fantastic customer service
  • Powered by AI mechanism


  • Expensive
  • Mobile app lack functionality and upgrades
  • Freezes and lags are frequent


Time Tracking Software

FreshBooks is an online accounting and invoicing software which is specially designed for self-employed professionals, freelancers as well as small business owners. You can also use this tool for non-tech and non-accounting users.

This software streamlines all the cloud invoicing with an online payment gateway to offer an efficient tool that collects payments directly with a client. And there is no need to have any discussion for the same. 

You also have the option to automate the recurring billing process to save your precious time on that process.


  • Real-time invoice tracking
  • Cloud support
  • Easy to implement


  • Difficult onboarding process
  • Bit expensive if you have many clients
  • The accounting feature needs improvements
  • Frequent crashes


Time Tracking Software

Timing is a smart timeline software that allows you to know what your teams do exactly in the given time, including which document, app, or website they visit. When you do your work, just keep your focus on that only as this tool records your time automatically, and then you can review it whenever you feel convenient.  

Whether you are working in the office or from home, you can find out how you spent your time and how productive you are during the working hours. In addition, it also shows you that at what time you have worked on a particular task or project. 

Further, it assists you in making smart suggestions by recording hours of time within just one click.


  • Highly flexible
  • Immediate support


  • User-interface does not look professional and intuitive.
  • No reminders for the pending payments, receiving payments, and sending invoices.
  • The mobile app needs improvements.


Time Tracking Software

With RescueTime, you can automatically track the time that you and your workforces have spent on several apps, websites, and even specific documents. With this tool, there is no need to have any timers or manual entry. 

Find out the reality about your working habits, and set smart goals so that you can also monitor your progress as you become more focused and productive. Further, there is no need to be online all the time. 

It will automatically prompt you to one-click add offline time when you are away so that you have a complete picture of your work.

This tool also assists you to improve your productivity with the help of FocusTime sessions, set daily limits on sites or apps to schedule focus time directly in your calendar.


  • Ease of use
  • Tracks time in apps and on sites
  • Excellent reports and customization


  • Expensive premium version
  • Difficult to configure sometimes


Time Tracking Software

You may find TMetric difficult to monitor hours of work by employees, calculate payrolls accurately, and distribute workloads.  But with TMetric, you can set rates of your employees by going through the data which is collected in transparent reports to calculate payrolls.

Moreover, with the help of this data, you can also allocate resources for better distribution of the work according to employee’s capacity. You can save a lot by preventing expenditure and analyzing the income of your organization.

With TMetric, avoid wasting your time on routine paperwork of attendance checks as well as time off calculations. Your staff can easily create time off, vacation requests, and sick leave on their own in a couple of clicks.


  • Track time for multiple clients with a few click
  • Free and convenient
  • Go-to time-tracking software


  • Occasional failures without warning
  • Adding time for a missing time slot can be confusing
  • Crashes, bugs, or breaks out frequently

Time Track

Time Tracking Software

Time Track software is perfect for teams and big organizations to track the time of their employees. Irrespective of time tracking, you can also do project planning, expense tracking, working time models, offline time recording, and more.

The freelancer version of TimeTrack is specially made for individuals who want to have an overview of their projects. Further, flexible project reports make real-time reports for all the customers, expenses projects, tasks, and employees.

In addition, it also makes it easy for you to manage the leave of your employees through its absence management process.


  • Has many useful features
  • Compatible with almost all hardware


  • Lack of professionalism
  • Lack of customizability
  • Bit expensive


Time Tracking Software

TimeCamp is your all-in-one tool for time tracking and to have a focus on the work that matters more to increase the efficiency of your employees. Start working smartly by utilizing the benefits of TimeCamp to become your own project manager. 

Further, you can easily access all of the necessary information about your projects in one place. Use this tool to have a precise report and to maintain your focus on the other important work. 

If you want to track the usage of certain apps by your team members, go for “stay on the same page” to be with your team without any further micromanagement.


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Professional functioning 
  • Compatible with different platforms: Windows, MacOS, iOs and Android


  • Slow
  • Failure to capture details sometimes 
  • Setting up the automatic time tracking is time-consuming


Time Tracking Software

When you and your team track time with Hubstaff, it will help you to know exactly how they are spending each and every minute of the day. This facilitates you to adopt policies that can help you to improve your focus and to keep your team on task. 

If your client is draining your profit margin, do not worry, as Hubstaff will let you know about that as well. It gives you complete information on where billable hours of your organization are going and how that impacts revenue generation.

So, control your company’s expenses with track expenses to set weekly budgets or time limits for the team members. 


  • Works even offline
  • Time tracking from different devices
  • Excellent customer support


  • May freeze after updates
  • More expensive than many competitors
  • Cannot set inactivity nag for user
  • Lack of customization with certain functionalities 


Time Tracking Software

Clockify is a trouble-free time tracker and timesheet app that allows you and your team to track work hours for every project.  Learn more about where you utilize your time exactly and make changes in your policies to increase the productivity of your workforce.

By tracking your time on different projects, you can check how much time you devote to a particular project and find out whether you are paid enough or not. With this tool, you can show your clients how many hours you have worked on their project.


  • Easy to use
  • Great options for time tracking
  • Highly flexible in time entry
  • Clean categorization


  • No dashboard in the mobile version
  • Mobile app is less easy to use
  • Lacks support for importing/exporting data from and out


Time Tracking Software

If you are reviewing your employees’ past performance, estimating project costs, or want to know who has not finished their timesheets, ClickTime gives answers to all these questions.

With this tool, you can have a depth cost analysis of the projects that allow your team to predict and manage profits. This tool will help you to empower your organizations to work in a smart manner. 

In addition, you can use the employee capacity reports that let you know exactly which personnel is available to take on new projects. Also, manage to increase the productivity of your remote employees with built-in tools of ClickTime.


  • Easy to implement and use
  • Customizable
  • User friendly
  • Options available to get details or analyze time categories


  • Tricky and inconsistent reporting
  • No option to explain categories in the interface


Time Tracking Software

TrakingTime is one of the most flexible reporting engines that help you in client billing, payroll, project budgeting, productivity analysis, and more.  Irrespective of the fact that where your employees work and what kind of reports you need, it has got you covered.

You can check every work that is in progress and determine the productivity of your team by monitoring their real-time.  Further, with online timesheets, you can also get an actionable insight that helps to enhance the productivity of your team. 

In addition, now, you can also generate all types of business reports in just a few clicks. Define your own rules with flexible permissions as well as roles with TrakingTime.


  • Easy and simple to use
  • Perfect budgeting options
  • Integrates with a lot of apps
  • Can clock in and clock out from anywhere


  • Does not work offline
  • Editing dates of tasks is difficult
  • Difficult for beginners 


Hopefully, now you must be able to find the best time tracking software solution that best fits your needs. By using the right tool, you can improve the overall productivity and profits to your business. 

Take free trials before finally purchasing a time monitor to explore its features and see if it’s what you need.

How Can I Start Time Tracking?

Step 1

Create a Monitask account

Step 2

Invite employees and remote workers

Click "Invite your team" from the dashboard and add your team members’ email addresses. You can add an unlimited number of employees to your account.

Step 3

Ask employees to start tracking time using Monitask

Your team members will need to download the time-tracking app and start using it to track the time spent on work items. Company owners, administrators, and managers do not need to install Monitask, as data is accessible via the web-based real-time dashboard.

Step 4

Review work hours and proof of work

Use Live Dashboard to review online employees, their time entries, screenshots, activity levels, and internet usage.

All Monitask Features

Time and resource tracking
Employee scheduling system
Employee attendance software
Time tracking and invoicing
Employee hour tracker
Cloud attendance system
Timesheet cloud solution
Daily activity log with screenshots