Software Usage Monitor And Tracking

Monitask is used to track software usage. Employee's computer monitoring with privacy in mind.


Easy-to-Use Software Usage Monitoring and Time Tracking

Software usage monitoring is a powerful tool for businesses that would like to see increased efficiency. By tracking software used, websites visited, and hours worked, Monitask enables you to gain insight that helps you effectively manage your team.

Plus, with our browser-based live dashboard, monitoring is easy! Track from any operating system, anytime, anywhere.

What Type of Software is Used to Track Software Usage

Tracking software usage is not as complicated as you may think. To begin tracking, your employee must first install Monitask’s time tracking app onto their Windows, Mac, or Linux device. Once they do, they can begin logging their hours.

When they are clocked in, the app will automatically track the software and websites that they have used. This information is then uploaded directly to the live dashboard, which you can analyze via your web browser. Tracking always stops once employees clock out, so your team can stop working and know you will not view their personal activity.

How to Track Software Usage

If you are a manager, you do not have to download anything to keep track of your employees’ computer activity. Instead, use Monitask’s online live dashboard. Here, you will be able to see:

  • Apps and websites they have been visiting. Social media, online shopping, and surfing the web can take up a lot of time. See how often your team members are on these types of websites while they’re on the clock.
  • Hours worked. Your employees should be working the number of hours that you expect them to. If they aren’t, they may need coaching.
  • Screenshots of their computer activity. Keeping track of apps and websites is helpful, but screenshots of computer activity can be telling as well.

With the help of Monitask, you can finally track the data you wish you could track manually—and it’s all automated.

How Your Business Can Benefit from Monitoring Software Usage

Monitoring software usage benefits both you and your team. Time spent scrolling through social media is time wasted, and when you pinpoint these types of weak spots, you have data that helps you start conversations that you may not have been able to have before. You also assure that:

  • Work is evenly distributed. If someone is not doing their fair share, that means another team member is likely picking up the slack. By addressing areas in need of improvement, you help the team members doing the most work.
  • Employees are aware of how they spend their time. Not all employees realize how much time they spend on social media or browsing the web. By putting this in perspective for them, they can get a better grasp of their work habits and how they can improve.
  • You do not overstaff. If your employees are not being as efficient as they could be, this can easily lead to overstaffing. With better insight into your team and their work habits, you can help your current staff improve rather than hire more hands than needed.
  • You stay within budget. If you have a set budget for a project, hours spent off-task can lead to overspending. Eliminating idle time can keep your budget in the black.

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