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Monitor User Screen Activity

Time is money, and you want to make sure you and your team best utilize this valuable asset. But studies show that nearly one-third of staff time is spent on social media and entertainment websites. 

Fortunately, Monitask screen monitoring software solves such issues by allowing you to view the employee’s screen. With this tool, you can see what they are doing at the moment. 

Monitor User Screen Activity

Monitask real-time screen capture tool is a powerful program that lets you capture real-time screenshots and remotely monitor your team or an individual. Besides, it can also record and save screenshots for further tracking.

Who Needs Screen Monitoring Software?

Monitask screen monitoring software is highly flexible and allows teams working in every industry to use this to conduct employee productivity monitoring. 

  • The software is ideal for agencies who want to bill their clients accurately and at profitable rates. 
  • BPOs that want to make sure that their agents deliver only the best quality of service can also use this tool. 
  • This screen monitor also fits the needs of entrepreneurs who want to ensure that they are receiving the value what they pay for. 
  • What’s more, freelancers who want to avoid any kind of payment disputes with their clients can also rely on this software program.

All in all, this tool is suitable for every office worker, lawyer, startup, and small/middle business that want to track employees’ or their own productivity can use this screen monitor. 

Monitor User Screen Activity

Monitoring Features

Use this screen monitoring software to limit useless data access, organize your teams, and make them productive. 

Check out the following features to make the most of the Monitask screen monitor:

  • Captures real-time screenshots: This real-time screen capture tool frees you from monitoring the screens all the time. It can automatically capture and record real-time screenshots. On top of that, you can save screenshots for future uses. In case of data leaks, these screenshots can serve as evidence for the lawsuit. 
  • Allows Multi-screen monitoring: This useful feature lets you monitor multiple computers simultaneously. You can divide your team into groups, such as marketing, sales, etc. Then, you can monitor the multiple computers in the same group. 
  • Flexible Screen Snapshot Policy: You can create a personalized screen monitoring policy for capturing screenshots. You can replay these videos later. Fortunately, you can choose a default interval or set to capture screenshots more or less frequently.
  • Intuitive Dashboard: The one dashboard shows easy-to-read summary reports of time spent on each task, client, and project. You can access reports on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis to analyze behavior patterns. 

Monitask screen monitor is a versatile tool that also supports email tracking, network monitoring, file and document tracking, etc. 

In this way, the tool protects valuable business information and improves the overall efficiency and productivity of your team.

How Does Monitoring Software Help Performance and Costs?

Managing your workforce, especially remote teams, has its fair share of challenges. 

It becomes really difficult to know when employees start working and what they are working on. It is hard to verify the amount of time they spend on each task assigned to them. All of these things jeopardize the team’s productivity.

Monitask real-time screen capture tool helps address all of these concerns. It provides a record of the following:

  • When team members clocked in.
  • What they are working on. 
  • How much time an individual task or a project takes. 
  • What websites and apps employees use while working on their task or projects.

You can use all of these insights to identify loopholes in productivity and accordingly work on required improvements.

In addition to this, these tools provide employees with self-help tools. By reading their productivity stats, they can quickly correct their time-wasting behavior. The tool also prevents companies from threats like malware attacks and potential conflicts. 

By doing all this, Monitask real-time screen capture tool helps identify time wastes, increase productivity across the team, and cut unnecessary costs. 

Fortunately, under most conditions, screen monitoring is legal. So, put aside your legal concerns because you can legally monitor your employees with Monitask Real-time Screen Monitor.

Still not convinced? Take the FREE trial now and explore its unique features yourself. 

How to Track Employee Computer Activity?

Step 1

Create a Monitask account

Sign up for a free 10-day trial

Step 2

Invite employees and remote workers

Click "Invite your team" from the dashboard and add your team members’ email addresses. You can add an unlimited number of employees to your account.

Step 3

Ask employees to start tracking time using Monitask

Your team members will need to download the time-tracking app and start using it to track the time spent on work items. Company owners, administrators, and managers do not need to install Monitask, as data is accessible via the web-based real-time dashboard.

Step 4

Assign projects and tasks

Project management features allow you to assign projects to team members and review work hours associated with each project and task.

Step 5

Review work hours and proof of work

Use Live Dashboard to review online employees, their time entries, screenshots, activity levels, and internet usage.

Step 6

Continue using Monitask to get in-depth insights

Monitask analyzes time and data across your company. After you use the software for several weeks, it generates comprehensive reports so that you can analyze and identify bottlenecks, employee productivity, and processes.

Explore Monitask Features

Understand settings and monitor responsibly

Monitask comes with a variety of settings, which are customizable for the whole organization or a single employee. Set an appropriate number of screenshots per hour, set who has access to view employee data, and turn on/turn off internet usage for employee.

It is crucial to only track what’s needed. If your employees work on sensitive data, you can always turn off screenshots or blur individual screenshots.

Unlike many other tools, Monitask is not spy software. This means that it can only be installed with the user’s permission. Internet, screenshots, time, and activity tracking is only available when an employee is using the desktop application and it is turned off outside of work hours.

We encourage all of our users not to use spy software and hidden tools. Instead, focus on productivity and responsible monitoring.

Use reports as a helpful guide

A variety of reporting features in Monitask can help with your day-to-day operations. Our favorite reports to use are:

Daily email report – This report sends summary email reports about the previous workday. They can be sent in the morning or at night, so you have peace of mind and know that all employees spent their day productively.

Time entry report – This is a great report if you want to slice and dice the data on tasks and time entries. Pro tip: Export to CSV to analyze even further and import it into your accounting software.

Apps and internet usage – Use this report to review websites visited by your team and view charts of time spent on different applications.

Communicate with your team

Be upfront with your team and explain how you will be utilizing Monitask. Make sure your team understands that Monitask doesn’t record keystrokes or sensitive data and only works when they start tracking time. As soon as time tracking is stopped, Monitask doesn’t transmit any data. Plus, all collected data is securely stored in enterprise-grade encrypted storage.

If you have any particular use cases or questions about implementing Monitask in your organization, you can always contact us so that we can share our best practices.

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