Employee Hours Tracking Software

An all-in-one solution for tracking time on projects, productivity, and effectiveness, no matter which industry you belong to.


Where does the time go? Are your team members utilizing their working hours?

Find out using our employee hours tracker. Record the time your team spends on the timesheet, figure out work hours, send invoices, and much more.

Monitask is a powerful time tracking tool for businesses of all sizes – small, medium, and large.

Using this software, you can monitor work hours invested in every individual task and the whole project. It makes monitoring work time transparent, accurate, and unbiased as much as possible.
In addition to tracking your employees’ working hours, you can also capture activities on their computers in real-time and record any violations of work schedules.

Get insights on your operations, such as which tasks take the most of your staff’s time, allowing you to plan project budgets accordingly.

How can you track employees’ hours?

Using Monitask, you can track all activities of your employees, get detailed reports, and measure the overall productivity of your team. On top of that, the tool prompts effective communication.

You can start the timer when beginning with an assignment or a project for an employer.

The software solution captures screenshots as assigned by the team manager or the employer. With this tool, you can check the programs your employees use when tracking time.

Note that it’s not intrusive to the privacy of your employees. Monitask is meant to monitor work hours and improve the productivity of your team.

Try Monitask for employee monitoring if you manage a team that uses a computer.

Do you want to improve the efficiency of your team? Try Monitask that helps to isolate causes of low efficiency. By collecting valuable insights using this tool, you can approach each team member with data rather than conjecture.

Track progress done on your tasks

Using Monitask, managers can responsibly track different activities of their team. These activities include the following:

  • Onscreen tasks: Through screenshots, you can view web pages, software, or any app employees open.
  • Amount of activity: Mouse clicks, keystrokes, scrolling.
  • An intuitive real-time dashboard lets you monitor when employees are clocked in.
  • Check the screenshots of what team members browse during working hours.

With better data about employees’ working habits, you can improve your business processes and give them realistic goals.

Discuss habits with your employees and improve their overall performance level.

When you can track all activities of your employees during working hours, you can make them more productive. With better data, you can cut costs and reduce overstaffing. You can improve the overall efficiency of your team and stay within your budget.

Monitask features

Monitask is a web-based time tracker that is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Some of its top employee-monitoring features are:

  • Online Timesheets: A powerful automatic timesheet software that syncs employee timesheets to the web-based live dashboard in real-time.
  • Remote Employee Monitoring: Employers can perform many activities to improve company transparency, engagement, and security.
  • Employee Productivity: Track and increase the overall performance and productivity of employees. Get insights on how employees use their time and stay updated with their daily activities.

You can benefit from other features like internet and app monitoring, project management, track activity levels, idle time detection, and much more.

Best work tracking methods

Be in the loop with optional screenshots: With Monitask’s employee monitoring tool, you can see the whole work in progress. You can customize random screen capture for each member of the team.

You can set screen captures to once, twice, or three times per ten minutes without interrupting your team for the project’s status. If you want, you can even turn off the screenshot capture feature.

You can see when your employees or team members are clocked in. Using the real-time dashboard, you can see when your employees are clocked in and when they are online.

Desktop monitoring for teams: With this easy-to-use desktop monitoring app, you can choose the desired task and start the timer to track work hours.

Teams using Monitask see a 10% – 80% increase in productivity.
Once your team commits to healthy work habits, you will see a significant increase in performance and productivity. This directly affects overall costs because, with increased output of employees, costs decrease.

Work Tracking Made Simple

Tracking hours can be a challenge if you try to do it manually. Fortunately, Monitask if there so you don’t have to. With the help of our work tracking app, your remote team can log their hours and provide proof of work all at the same time.

Managing your employees is already difficult. Why make it harder when you can just use Monitask?

How Will My Business Benefit from the Work Tracking App?

Most businesses need to track their team’s work hours. Monitask makes it easier by:

  • Automating hourly tracking. No longer do you need to track manually.
  • Providing screenshots. When screenshots are enabled, they will be taken in an interval of your choice. This shows you exactly what is on an employee’s screen during work hours.
  • Tracking websites visited and apps used. If screenshots do not provide enough data regarding your team’s activity, the comprehensive list of apps and websites they use on the clock will.
  • Offering project management tools. Managing projects is much easier when you can assign and monitor progress all in one place.
  • Simplifying reporting. Gone are the days of manual reporting. Monitask makes it easier than ever to run and analyze reports.

The Best Ways to Use Work Tracking for Your Business

To get the most out of work tracking, be sure to:

  • Discuss work habits. Your team may have work habits that do not align with your business’s mission statement. Discuss these habits with them so they can improve, but do so kindly. They may not realize how much time they are idle or on social media.
  • Set new standards. Using the new data, you can determine what your team’s standards should be.
  • Reanalyze deadlines. Determine whether your deadlines are reasonable now that you understand how much time your employees spend working on projects.
  • Stay productive. Only take as much time monitoring as necessary. Spending too much time watching the live dashboard can lower your productivity levels.

Why do employers monitor workers?

Manual monitoring is nearly impossible and it wastes time. With an online work monitoring system, managing a team can be easier than you ever imagined. Try Monitask today and reap benefits like:

  • Increased productivity. Teams that use Monitask have seen up to an 80% increase in productivity.
  • Better communication. Unlock lines of communication with improved insights into your team’s workday.
  • Teamwide efficiency. Finishing projects faster means money saved for your business.

How Do You Lead a Team Remotely?

Leading a remote team is difficult, but with an online work monitoring system like Monitask, your remote team will stay focused, motivated, and open. When using Monitask, simply use these tips and tricks and you will see the difference.

  • Approach your employees with respect. If you pinpoint an opportunity for coaching, be respectful when you approach the team member in need of help. This will yield better results and a better overall attitude.
  • Monitor responsibly. You expect your team to use their team wisely, so you need to do the same! View screenshots and analyze web and app activity, but don’t let it turn into your entire day.
  • Don’t micromanage. Giving guidance doesn’t mean that you need to micromanage. Everyone works differently and learns differently, so remember that as you offer to coach.

How Do You Engage Employees in Multiple Locations?

Engaging with remote employees can be handled in a few different ways, but it mostly depends on if you are engaging on an individual basis or as a group.

As a Group

  • Consider their timezone. If their usual work hours are at a certain time, change your schedule so you can accommodate them. If you have multiple remote teams, you may have to host multiple meetings.
  • Give them plenty of notice.
  • Don’t use localized slang that may be confusing, especially if your language is their second or third language.
  • If you are teaching them something, use a lot of examples. 

As an Individual

  • Arrange a meeting ahead of time. Assure that it is during their usual work hours.
  • Approach them with respect and kindness, even if you are coaching them.
  • Ensure that they understand you are available to help them if they have any questions.
  • Make sure you keep their situation in mind. Do they have a family? Do they have a chronic illness? This may play into how they handle their workload.

Monitask gives you insight into your team’s work habits that you need to properly assess work style and pinpoint areas in need of improvement. Here are just a few helpful features:

  • Screenshots. Incremental screenshots give you a look into what your employees do during work hours.
  • Website and app logs. Always wondered how much time your employees spent on social media? Monitask helps you see this type of information.
  • Productivity percentages. Monitask creates productivity percentages based on the information the software collects.

How Can I Start Time Tracking?

Step 1

Create a Monitask account

Sign up for a free 10-day trial

Step 2

Invite employees and remote workers

Click "Invite your team" from the dashboard and add your team members’ email addresses. You can add an unlimited number of employees to your account.

Step 3

Ask employees to start tracking time using Monitask

Your team members will need to download the time-tracking app and start using it to track the time spent on work items. Company owners, administrators, and managers do not need to install Monitask, as data is accessible via the web-based real-time dashboard.

Step 4

Assign projects and tasks

Project management features allow you to assign projects to team members and review work hours associated with each project and task.

Step 5

Review work hours and proof of work

Use Live Dashboard to review online employees, their time entries, screenshots, activity levels, and internet usage.

Step 6

Continue using Monitask to get in-depth insights

Monitask analyzes time and data across your company. After you use the software for several weeks, it generates comprehensive reports so that you can analyze and identify bottlenecks, employee productivity, and processes.

All Monitask Features

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