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Why time tracking is important for nonprofit employees and volunteers

Running a nonprofit business is not an easy task. Continually searching for funding, trying to recruit the best talent, complying with the regulations and laws can be overwhelming.

Time tracking and reporting are neglected by most nonprofit organizations, but, in reality, investing in a robust time tracking solution always results in positive ROI and increased operational efficiency.

Top Reasons
to use time tracking for nonprofits and volunteer tracking
Organize your paperwork and comply with legal requirements

Even though nonprofits do not have to pay taxes, they still need to submit paperwork. Using IRS 990 reporting can be beneficial for your organization.

Showcasing total hours spent each year helps in supporting your cause and improves transparency with the public.

Save on payroll and identify bottlenecks

Review daily timesheets and productivity scores to identify bottlenecks and ways to improve your operations quickly.

Implementing the correct time-tracking solution always results in reduced payroll costs for part-time and full-time employees, and companies can get more things done for each dollar they invest in their recruitment efforts.

Receive more grants and funding

Funding is the #1 that charities need to think about daily. According to the 2020 Independent Sector membership organization report, one hour of volunteer time is worth $25.43.

Proper time calculations will ensure that you will have supporting paperwork and data to showcase when applying for grants. Many government organizations now require nonprofits to provide estimated time reports to qualify for awards.

Improve staffing and scheduling

Volunteer scheduling for nonprofits takes the guesswork out of the recruitment efforts.

By reviewing scheduling reports, managers can quickly identify efforts and estimated workforce needed to complete the projects on time.

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Automatic Time Tracking
No need for manual timesheets! View actual time spent on tasks by your team with an automatic time mapping feature. Time tracking reports provide detailed project breakdown by an employee and by date
Remote Team Monitoring
The live dashboard shows a real-time report of online employees. Quickly get insights into their work schedule, current project, and productivity
Productivity Analytics
Review productive and unproductive websites visited by your team, review activity levels, and productivity scores
Billing and payouts
Automatically calculate payment amounts for your team based on their hourly rate. Monitask supports multiple currencies and shows payment breakdown by projects
Project Management
Assign tasks and projects to team members directly in Monitask or by integrating with 100+ project management tools via Zapier
Benefits for your organization
Monitask is the easiest way to track time for your organization. Automatic cloud-based timesheets and instant reporting make it easy for teams of all sizes to increase productivity
Employee engagement
Improve employee engagement and accountability in work activities by utilizing Monitask desktop time tracking app. Monitask allows employees to review their work performance and only track time spent on work-related projects
Data insights
Instant reporting capabilities allow stakeholders to slice and dice data the way that fits their organization and complex scenarios. Easily export data to your preferred format for further processing by BI or accounting tools
Cost reduction
Monitask automatically detects and removes idle and non-productive time from your timesheets. On average, this results in a 24% payroll amount reduction and savings for hourly employees.
Compare Monitask to other time tracking alternatives for nonprofits
The market is abundant with time tracking apps for nonprofits. We know that it can be hard to select the right solution
Here's how Monitask stacks up against similar products
You can try Monitask for free with 10-day trial
Is it difficult to set up and start tracking?
The time tracking setup is instant. Create an account, invite your team, and start tracking! Analytics and productivity reports will be available instantly. Still, we suggest recording time for at least a week to see the benefits and detailed breakdown of productivity and time spent on tasks.
Does Monitask offer discounts for nonprofit organizations?
Yes, Monitask offers 30% off for eligible nonprofits. Contact us at [email protected] to claim your discount.
What people think about us?
Mannylyn C.
Social Media Manager

The features and functionality of Monitask is superb! I've used a lot of time trackers in the past but this one is what I loved the most.

It has a clean and friendly interface so you won't have trouble using it if you're not to computer savvy. Keep it up, Monitask!

Joy H.

Once I started using Monitask, everything became objective and my time has started to become more valuable.

This objective feedback on how I'm spending my time has given me so much encouragement and motivation.

Dubravka V.
Senior Manager

I tried a couple of different time tracking softwares and they all missed some of the features that I liked, Monitask has them all.

I really like all the different personalizations you can do, it's cool that you can have different settings for different team members.

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