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Monitask is a powerful tracking tool that enables companies to monitor their employees’ performance and increase productivity. Get comprehensive insight into how your employees spend their time, measure their efficiency and stay informed about their daily activities.

Why Employee Productivity Tracking is Important?

Whether you are running a large organization or a small startup, employee productivity tracking is essential to ensure the success of your business. Employee productivity tracking software aims to promote a highly efficient and productive work environment by encouraging a mutual understanding of workload among team members. This knowledge can increase the likelihood of achieving the desired results.

This information is also helpful for employee reviews. When the productivity level is high, an employee may receive a reward for meeting the set goals, keeping up the good work, and staying motivated. On the other hand, if activity reports show a drop in productivity, it can pinpoint areas where training is needed.

How Can a Company Benefit from Employee Tracking?

Employees are the main driving force behind any business. Therefore, managing employee productivity can have a huge impact on the success of the company. Tracking employee productivity provides important data that can be used to make decisions about how to improve the company’s workflow and reach its goals.

Proper budget allocation

Easily identify where resources are most efficiently spent 
and take corrective actions if necessary.

Accurate project and team management:

Monitor the progress of your projects, remote teams, and workers to ensure that they are on track.

Productivity measurements and reporting

Measure performance over a period of time to get an accurate record of your employee’s productivity.

Transparency and accountability

Make sure everyone is accountable for their performance and that no one is left out.

Productivity Tracking Software
Productivity Tracking Software

Ways to Integrate Employee Productivity Monitoring in Business Processes

There is a myriad of productivity monitoring tools available that can provide detailed data to enhance your business. By monitoring real time data, managers can comprehend how workers utilize their work hours, log in times, and identify productive hours. Additionally, employee productivity monitoring software can assist in monitoring attendance and overtime. Each is designed to fit specific industries.

Prepare Your Workflow for Monitoring

When introducing employee time monitoring to your workflow, it is important to make sure that team members understand why and how their data will be tracked. It is also important to set clear guidelines on how the data will be used, how it will be shared, and when it will be deleted. By doing so, you can ensure a successful transition to employee productivity tracking.

To efficiently integrate employee or team productivity monitoring into your business process, first, you will first need to divide your company into teams, projects, or individuals. Then, monitor their activity levels separately to increase engagement. 

Use Time Tracking Software

Implementing time tracking software is an effective way to monitor employee performance. This employee productivity tracking software can track employee hours, breaks, and time spent on specific tasks. It can also generate regular reports that help managers identify productivity trends and areas for improvement. Additionally, time tracking software can help with task management by providing real-time updates on progress and estimating completion times.

In a study done by Voucher Cloud in the UK with around 2000 pollers, workers are productive for 2 hours and 53 minutes each day. If you suspect that your staff is scrolling through social media or wasting time during work, this software can easily detect the reasons for the drop in activity and productivity, minimizes the risk of downloading or using malware, improves communication inside the company, and increases overall productivity.

Conduct Performance Reviews

Regular performance reviews are an important part of monitoring employee productivity. These reviews should be conducted periodically and should include feedback on specific behaviors, such as punctuality, communication skills, and task completion. Performance reviews should also include clear goals and expectations for the employee, as well as a plan for achieving those goals.

Use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

KPIs are measurable values that indicate how well an employee is performing in relation to a specific business objective. By setting KPIs, managers can track and monitor employee performance more effectively. KPIs can be used to measure productivity, sales performance, customer satisfaction, and other important metrics. Additionally, KPIs can be used to identify areas for improvement and to set goals for employee development.

Monitask, an employee productivity monitoring, will help increase your business revenue and achieve the desired level of productivity. With straightforward project and task management, employee productivity tracking, and in-depth activity reports, your processes will improve in no time.

Productivity Tracking Software

What Employee Productivity Reports are Available in Monitask?

Monitask provides multiple analytical reports that offer valuable insights into your employees’ productivity. Each report features useful filters like date ranges, productivity classification, users, and other criteria. Using these filters, you can learn about work patterns and perform comparison analysis more quickly and effectively. The reports you get include the following:

Discover Unbalanced Work Time Patterns

Gain clear insights into the work hours and patterns for both in-office employees and those working remotely. You can track first and last activities and productive and unproductive hours. Compare inactive time and work time by groups or individuals to discover productivity gaps. Identify overworked and underworked employees.

Monitor Employee Productivity

Measure the quality and quantity of your company and use this data to update your operational baseline. Compare the total time and resources spent on each productive/unproductive activity. Uncover inefficient workflow by highlighting recurring inactive time periods. You can track work hours and activities logged for remote workers. In addition, using the Monitask employee productivity tracker, you can weigh the effectiveness and track productivity of new operational procedures.

View Productivity Summaries

Add website and app data category-wise to identify frequent activities. Using these productivity insights, you can understand if any employee or group is spending more time emailing or messaging than high-value activities. Use these productivity reports to see all sites and apps accessed over a particular time period.

Gamify the Productivity of Your Team

Start to comprehensively understand how your employees use their time. You can filter productivity reports by criteria like productive time, unproductive time, undefined activity, passive time, users, total usage, etc. Use data charts to identify the best performers and tweak your procedures accordingly. Create groups and encourage competition among individuals and teams.

How Can Reports in Monitask be Useful 
in Calculating Productivity?

Monitask employee productivity tracker features a dashboard that showcases a quick overview of team productivity. You can track and measure real-time productivity metrics across groups and individuals throughout the day, weeks, months, or even years. The tool helps calculate productivity as follows:
Monitor Employee Activities in Real-Time
Using the Monitask productivity monitor, you can check the activities performed by your team members in real-time. It enables you to view their availability status multiple times a day to ensure that workers are available throughout working hours. You can customize details, such as username, URL, application, and duration of use.
Integration with Project Management Systems
Monitask allows you to integrate with popular project management systems for greater control and workflow management. You can configure automated features such as screenshot captures, and email notifications and send notifications to the different integrations such as Trello, Asana, Basecamp, ClickUp, etc.
Screenshots for Remote Employee Monitoring
This task management software provides visual proof of the past and/or present history of employees actions with high-resolution screenshots. With all these insights, you can calculate the whole team or an individual’s productivity more accurately. You can protect valuable data and keep employee privacy with the help of smart blur screenshots. Using this employee productivity tracker, you can flag screen content to catch compliance vulnerabilities.

10 Best

Employee productivity tracking software allows businesses to track and manage their remote team with ease. Such software solutions provide effective insight into employee engagement and performance. Here are our top 10 picks of the best productivity software that can help you monitor your employee’s productivity: 


Monitask is an all-in-one employee monitoring software that offers a wide range of features, including screenshots, activity tracking, and productivity reports. You can install Monitask as a desktop app, or you can opt for the mobile app that includes GPS tracking, so you can monitor employee activity from anywhere.

One of the great things about Monitask is that employees, field contractors, and independent contractors can manually clock in when they start working on a project, in this way, you can monitor your workers because the application will randomly or routinely take screenshots.


  • It helps team members manage tasks and improve performance without compromising their managers’ trust.  
  • The dashboard is mobile-friendly, and UI is user-friendly and easy to understand 
  • Improves project tracking and time management 
  • The pricing is simple and affordable 
  • Customer support is available via email, phone, and other online means. 
  • Compatible with Linux, macOS, Windows, and other operating systems (OS). 
  • It works well with all of the most popular work management tools 
  • Excellent analytical tool that allows business managers to make the right decisions about bonuses 
  • Easy to add a team to the system 
  • It offers a limited free plan


  • It may take time for users to master the system’s many features initially. 
  • A mobile app is not available for employees. 

Start your free 10-day trial with Monitask here, no credit card required!

Productivity Tracking Software
Productivity Tracking Software


Timely comes with easy-to-use software tools that allow business owners to manage their remote team, anytime, anywhere. This software gives you control over every detail without compromising the privacy of your business and data.  

Timely platform securely stores clients’ details, sales, emails, bookings, and other details. It also provides automated email reminders and SMS. With its intuitive control, elegant design, and data privacy protection, Timely is a productivity software that your team members will enjoy using. 


  • Compatible with third-party applications like Xero, MailChimp, PayPal, and many others 
  • Excellent customer support service 
  • Free 14 days trial, no credit card required 
  • Shows a complete overview of team performance and time 


  • It’s sometimes a bit challenging to find old events 
  • This tool is not suitable for managing employees in different time zones 
  • It’s a bit expensive 
  • The mobile version lacks upgrades and functionality  


This time clock app comes with essential time tracker functions, which is a good fit for users who don’t want advanced features. This tool enables your team members to switch between their tasks quickly and allows you to manage projects and task lists by color-coding them. 

This system allows to you apply a particular color for a project or task to help you differentiate them with ease. As a productivity tool, Hours is available in the mobile app, and it can allow you to effect changes in your recorded timestamps at any point in time. 


  • This tool works well with Apple Watch 
  • It has remainders which start time tracking timers 
  • It’s available in the mobile version 


  • Hours is designed mainly as a work time tracker tool and has no additional productivity tracker. 
  • It has no Mac or Windows version. 
Productivity Tracking Software
Productivity Tracking Software


TimeCamp is a time tracking solution that automatically tracks time and allows users to add the entries to timesheets based on their preferences manually. In addition, it comes with features that organize time management processes and automate employees’ presence and absence.  TimeCamp is compatible with accounting, sales, collaboration CRM, marketing, and other project management and productivity tools. 


  • It has an advanced time tracker allowing users to manage rules and keywords to track time automatically. 
  • It automatically enables users to generate invoices by tracking billable and non-billable project hours. 
  • It features a real-time dashboard that helps give accurate visibility over project information. 
  • It can easily be integrated with other apps like Evernote, WordPress, and Quickbooks, simplifying workflow and increasing productivity. 
  • The software is flexible and easy to use 
  • It’s available as a mobile app  


  • The interface could sometimes be clumsy and slow. 
  • It can be challenging to log time sometimes. 
  • It is time-consuming to set up automatic time tracking.  
  • It does not capture details sometimes. The mobile version lacks upgrades and functionality  

Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a cloud-based management and time tracking tool companies utilize to monitor employee productivity. It features web activity monitoring, time tracking, reporting, and payroll management.  

Time Doctor allows managers to enter the time employees spend on each project and calculate their billable and non-billable hours worked. It can also help team managers track the time spent on calls, meetings, chats, and other activities.  The tool offers multilingual customer support via live chat, phone, email, and online helpdesk.


  • It features a reliable payroll function that enables managers to record employee working hours and generate weekly and monthly payrolls. 
  • The mobile app is available for both Android and iOS devices. 
  • It integrates well with various project management tools and accounting software, including Slack, Salesforce, JIRA, and Basecamp.  


  • Time Doctor does not generate night differential hours taken by team members. 
  • Syncing of time may be wrong when switching between various computers. This can lead to a loss of working time. 
Productivity Tracking Software
Productivity Tracking Software


ProofHub is a cloud-based solution for teams across multiple industries. It offers project collaboration, task management, resource management, task management, and more applications. ProofHub key features include timesheets, milestones, to-do lists, calendaring, milestones, Gantt charts, and more.  

This tool also comes with a robust reporting engine that allows project managers to create custom reports and track their project progress and utilization of resources. Subscription to ProofHub is every month, and it includes support through the online knowledgebase, FAQs, and emails.


  • ProofHub can also serve content over HTTPS with custom domain names and certificates.  
  • Mobile apps are also available for Android and iOS devices.  
  • It comes with an API feature compatible with Dropbox and Google Docs.  
  • It includes both one-on-one and group chat features and an editing tool that allows users to comment on designs and documents shared on the platform.   


  • It’s challenging to manage notifications, and this can cause distraction 
  • Although UI is fast, it’s a bit erratic   


Everhour is a cloud-based tool for project management targeting businesses of all sizes in various industries such as advertising, marketing, consulting firms, and more. The key features include resource planning, budgeting, time tracking, reporting, invoicing, and task management.  

This project management tool has a central dashboard that helps monitor budgets, track multiple projects, set alerts, share billing and non-billing hours for different employees. Services are provided with a yearly subscription that includes an online knowledge base and email support. 


  • It helps businesses manage project costs and provide mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.  
  • It integrates well with many third-party project management, time tracking, and accounting apps such as QuickBooks, Slack, Asana, Basecamp, Trello, and more.   


  • No direct integration with Data Studio. 
  • No option to import hours from an old tool into Everhour 
  • No feature to email reports to clients. 
Productivity Tracking Software
Productivity Tracking Software


TrackingTime is a time tracking tool suitable for all types of workgroups. The tool allows managers to track the progress of their projects and distinguish between billing and non-billing hours. It also helps managers streamline communication and assign tasks to team members and manage their access with user permissions.  

Furthermore, with TrackingTime, online timesheets can be created for any business process and exported into professional reports to share with clients. So whether you work from any device or directly to your preferred project management tool and over 30 online services, it will track the time effectively.


  • It’s easy to track and adjust time per task. 
  • The interface is relatively simple and easy to use    


  • It’s sometimes a bit difficult to reopen archived projects 
  • It does not work offline 
  • It may be a challenge for beginners to use 
  • It is difficult to edit the dates of tasks 


Whether companies are creating a new team or looking for a better way to lead employees, Hubstaff has everything needed to run remote teams with confidence. Hubstaff allows team leaders to view detailed reports, send customer invoices, and even pay employees directly on their working hours and customizable pay rates.  

This tool seamlessly fits various businesses with several application integrations such as Trello, Basecamp, Asana, PayPal, and Github. That way, employees can work without any distractions or interference in their daily operations. 


  • Hubstaff has reliable productivity tracking features for remote work, making it easy to schedule shifts for employees. 
  • It’s compatible with desktop, web, Android, and iOS apps. 
  • It can track employees’ time with an in-depth schedule.    


  • It does not feature advanced tracking. 
  • It’s a bit pricey 
  • It may freeze after updates. 
  • It lacks customization with specific functionalities. 
Productivity Tracking Software
Productivity Tracking Software


ActivTrak is an effective tool to increase productivity. This productivity management software empowers employees, optimizes processes, and maximizes productivity.  ActivTrak is an affordable and intuitive employee monitoring tool that suits small and medium businesses (SMEs), especially in the current remote work climate. It focuses on employee time monitoring and productivity simplifies and transforms many of the complexities of employee productivity monitoring under the banner of keeping groups, projects, and employees on track. 


  • ActivTrak has an intuitive and quick user interface. 
  • It can help determine the leading websites and apps used. 
  • It allows tracking of productivity on a per-project level.     


  • Dashboard widgets are not customizable 
  • Absence of keystroke logging  

Using employee productivity tracking software can increase your team’s productivity by helping them to stay focused on important tasks and avoid wasting time on trivial ones. With productivity software, completing work and other business-related task lists becomes easier and more efficient. Additionally, the right software can help your remote team meet deadlines and achieve their goals.

After reading about the top ten employee productivity tracking software options, you have the information needed to choose the best one for your business needs. Selecting the appropriate software can enhance your team’s productivity and profit! It’s highly recommended to get a free trial before you finally pay for productivity software services to explore its features and see how it suits your needs.

Productivity Tracking Software

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Track My Employees Productivity?

Use software tools that specialized in employee productivity tracking. These can help track tasks, time spent on projects, and productivity levels.  You may also set clear goals and provide regular feedback. Consider implementing performance metrics and conducting regular performance reviews. Encourage open communication and address any issues promptly.

What Is a Productivity Tracker?

It’s a software tool that allows employers to track and measure their employee’s productivity. It can provide insights into how long activities are taking and help identify areas of improvement. The advanced data collected can be used to set goals, develop team strategies, and make informed decisions about employee performance.

What is Employee Productivity Software?

A specialized employee productivity tracking software is designed to help employers track their employees’ performance and productivity. It can provide workforce analytics to help managers make data-driven decisions. It can also help measure the effectiveness of employee training programs and identify areas where further investment is needed.

What is Employee Productivity Report?

It’s a document that outlines an employee’s performance and productivity. It includes data such as hours worked, tasks completed, and goals achieved. Reports are typically generated by employee productivity software or tracking tools, which provide employers with the information they need to make informed decisions about employee performance.

What Should be Included in a Productivity Report?

A productivity report should include data such as hours worked, tasks completed, goals achieved, and any feedback from managers or colleagues. It should also provide analysis of the data, such as trends over time, and suggestions for improvement. The report should be tailored to fit the needs of the organization.

What Do Productivity Reports Show?

Productivity reports display data on how efficiently tasks are being completed within a given time frame. This data can include metrics such as output volume, time management, and resource utilization. The purpose of these reports is to identify areas for improvement and increase overall productivity.

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