Employee Attendance Software

Track time and attendance of your employees, review their work, and see when they clock in and clock out. Employee attendance tracking software helps you determine how efficient your employees are and if they are working when they are supposed to be.

What is an Online Attendance System?

An online attendance system removes the need for managing manual timesheets. With the easy-to-use application, your team members clock in and clock out when they start and end their day. To ensure that they are staying on task, the application will:

  • Take screenshots. Screenshots show you what your employees are doing during work hours.
  • Track websites and apps used. An efficient employee will avoid spending time on social media or other apps that are not associated to their job. A comprehensive list of all websites and apps used will show you how your employees spend their time outside of screen snapshots.
  • Grade productivity. Monitask puts productivity in one, simple-to-read measurement so you can get the big picture when it comes to employee efficiency.

How Does a Business Benefit from Tracking Employees’ Attendance?

An employee’s attendance provides insight regarding their work ethic. Most businesses can benefit from tracking their staff’s attendance because:

  • Employees that clock in and out on time deserve recognition. Employees with good attendance may not know how much you appreciate them unless you tell them.
  • Employees with poor attendance may need individual attention. If an employee is not working as often as they should be, something may be going on in their personal life and they may need some time off. Take a moment to discuss their situation with them to see why they are not attending as much as they should.
  • Attendance can play a role when deciding who is eligible for promotions and raises. When new positions open up, those with good attendance may be more reliable to take on those roles.

Employee attendance software can help your business better understand your employees, and with that information, you can make educated decisions when it comes to promotions, performance reviews, and raises.

Time and Attendance tracking software

Step 1

Create a Monitask account

Step 2

Invite employees and remote workers

Click "Invite your team" from the dashboard and add your team members’ email addresses. You can add an unlimited number of employees to your account.

Step 3

Ask employees to start tracking time using Monitask

Your team members will need to download the time-tracking app and start using it to track the time spent on work items. Company owners, administrators, and managers do not need to install Monitask, as data is accessible via the web-based real-time dashboard.

Step 4

Review their work using the web-based dashboard

See hours worked, screenshots, and websites visited in the web-based dashboard. The dashboard updates in real time, so you know that the data is always accurate.

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