Automatically Monitor Employee Internet Usage at work

Our employee monitoring software helps accurately measure time and score productivity. Manage teams on-the-go, track time for remote employees, and unlock powerful reporting features with Monitask.


Why is it important to monitor internet usage at work?

Employee productivity tracker helps measure time and daily productivity scores more accurately. Manage teams with Monitask time tracker. Simple to use with powerful reports and screenshots.

  • Spend too much time on social media. Your employees may not even know if they are spending too much time on social media. Time flies quickly when you’re scrolling, and this is the kind of activity Monitask tracks so you can put such things into perspective for your team.
  • Use apps not related to work. Apps not related to your team’s daily tasks may be wasting a lot of work hours. Gain insight into the apps they’re using and how often they’re using them while they’re on the clock.
  • Do their personal shopping during work hours. Online shopping reigns supreme in the modern world. A lot of people even buy their groceries online! These virtual shopping trips can take a long while, so you will want to be your employees aren’t shopping on the clock.

What Kind of Software Do Companies Use to Monitor Employees?

Employee monitoring software comes in many forms, including:

  • Computer monitoring. Computer monitoring tracks programs used and what employees are doing throughout the day.
  • Web monitoring. Web monitoring measures activity on the web. This may include app tracking and time spent on specific websites.
  • Time tracking. Tracking time is important for many companies, especially if they have remote employees or teams.

Unlike other types of employee monitoring software, Monitask tracks all of the above. With Monitask, you will gain insight into your team focus and overall efficiency.

How to Introduce Your Team to Employee Monitoring

New standards, especially ones that entail a lot of change, will always be a contentious subject with your employees. For your employees to accept the implementation of employee monitoring software, it is best to prepare them ahead of time. Here’s how.

  • Meet as a team. Meeting as a team will ensure that nobody feels singled out. Plus, everyone will have it explained to them the same way so any oversights are either universal or nonexistent.
  • Explain that this is not just meant to help the company. Employee monitoring helps your team by giving them proof of work and guaranteed hours.
  • Be ready for questions. Your team is likely to have questions, and some of them may be difficult to answer. Be prepared to offer in-depth explanations.

Pros and Cons of Monitoring Employee Internet Usage

Before you commit to monitoring your team’s internet usage, let’s look at some pros and cons.


  • Gain insight into your team’s work habits.
  • Pinpoint areas in need of improvement.
  • Defeat social media addiction during work hours. 


  • Monitoring more than necessary can become bad for overall productivity.
  • Some employees may feel that monitoring software breeds mistrust.

When properlu utilized, monitoring internet activity can be incredibly beneficial for businesses. Want to unlock these perks? Get started with Monitask today.

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