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Monitask’s time tracker makes your employee monitoring easy and accurate. Record your team’s work hours, save time, and improve organizational efficiency even on the go!


Employee monitoring consists of keeping track of employees’ activities in the workplace. It can involve various methods, such as an app to record hours worked, monitor internet usage, and track location through GPS. Employee monitoring is important for ensuring productivity, detecting and preventing fraud, and securing compliance with company policies and regulations.
A free app to record work hours can be implemented to track work hours and employee activities. Time tracking apps are useful for businesses, especially those that allow you to include unlimited users. Such apps can help businesses save time and money while ensuring that their employees are performing their duties efficiently and effectively.

App to Record Work Hours to Keep Your Team Productive

On this time tracker app, you can create projects and set individual goals and deadlines, assign tasks to unlimited users, and ensure that each task is completed on time. You can also configure custom permissions to ensure that your team members can access only the information they need.

On this time tracker app, you can create projects and set individual goals and deadlines, assign tasks to unlimited users, and ensure that each task is completed on time. You can also configure custom permissions to ensure that your team members can access only the information they need.

Here Are a Few Questions to Ask Yourself When Using Monitask:

How Many Hours Have the Team Members Worked?

It’s important to make sure they are working the expected number of hours. If they are finishing tasks early, they may need additional tasks to fill their time.

What is Their Productivity Score?

The productivity score given by Monitask considers the number of mouse clicks, keystrokes, and the amount of time spent on non-work activities such as social media of unlimited users. This score provides a summary of their performance efficiency.

What Websites Have They Been Visiting? What Other Apps Have They Been Using?

It’s important for team members to prioritize work-related tasks and not spend too much time on social media or browsing the web. If there’s evidence of them frequently visiting websites unrelated to their job, it could be affecting their productivity.

What Kind of Content Appears In Their Screenshots?

If a team member’s screen is often on apps, webpages, or unchanging, perhaps they are not being productive—or they may be stuck!

Keep Track of Hours Worked with Monitask
Keep Track of Hours Worked with Monitask

How Can I Record Hours Worked?

Tracking work hours is as easy as downloading the desktop app and pressing the play button. To start tracking your hours, press the play button to start tracking billable hours. When you need to stop tracking, press the now-turned pause button for you to stop recording on the time tracking app. Once you are ready to resume, press the button again to continue tracking. 

As a manager, you can track time by accessing the online dashboard through the web app. The dashboard is user-friendly and updates in real time, ensuring that the time tracking data is always accurate. This allows you to keep track of your team’s productivity and ensure that everyone is meeting their work requirements. With this time tracker, you can easily manage your team’s workload and schedule.

How Do Calculate Work Hours and Measure Work Performance?

Monitask has powerful tools that can help you measure and track time and work performance of unlimited projects. The productivity score is a great way to get a general overview of how they are doing. Additionally, you can use the metrics to generate timesheets and create invoices accurately. The reporting feature allows you to generate comprehensive reports on the performance of each team member. 

The time tracking software can help you accurately track time and prevent any kind of fraud or abuse. With Monitask’s time tracking app, you can keep record of your team’s hours worked and ensure that they are meeting their performance goals. This will help you maintain the productivity of your team and keep an accurate record of their work. We can help you with:

  • Time tracking app. Stop wasting time managing manual timesheets.
  • Measuring productivity. Monitask provides productivity scores using data that cannot be obtained manually. It tracks movements such as mouse clicks and visited websites, providing insights that were previously unavailable.
  • Reporting. Monitask provides user-friendly reporting features that can assist in simplifying reporting tasks.

Monitask’s time tracker is one of the best apps for tracking time and employee monitoring. It provides powerful tools to help keep your team productive and efficient. Get started today and take control of your team’s performance!

Keep Track of Hours Worked with Monitask

Monitask time tracking app can do most of the work for you, giving you more time to focus on your project management. Stay on track of:

  • Reviewing work. For you to know that your team members are working to the expected mile. If not, you can offer additional training for improvement.
  • Connecting with your team. Building a strong relationship with your team is crucial. By making yourself more accessible, you can enhance teamwork and productivity.
  • Strategizing. Having accurate data will help you plan your strategy more effectively. You can learn about your team’s distinct attributes, how to collaborate with them, and how to get ready for present and future business requirements.

How Do You Improve Productivity in Remote Teams?

Using Monitask’s time tracking software, businesses can see an improvement in productivity by 10% to 80%. This time tracker helps organizations identify time-wasting activities and increase focus on productive tasks. Besides using an app that calculates work hours, you can implement a few strategies to maximize remote team productivity.

  • Encourage collaboration: Maintaining an open and collaborative environment is essential for good communication and successful teamwork.
  • Set measurable goals: Setting and tracking tasks will help you measure team performance and ensure the deadlines are met in an efficient manner.
  • Foster a healthy work-life balance: It’s important to provide flexibility for your team members and encourage them to take breaks when needed.
  • Provide the right tools: Make sure your team has access to the resources and tools needed for their tasks.
  • Monitor progress. Monitoring progress gives you the ability to reward good behavior, modify bad habits, and offer further training when needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Keep Track of My Work Hours?

Use time tracking software. Set it up to match your schedule. Start and stop the timer when you begin and finish work. This helps you to accurately track time. Review and export your timesheet for payroll or invoicing. Find yours by typing “record my work hours app” on the web.

Should I Keep Track of the Hours I Work?

Yes, it is essential to record hours worked for several reasons. It helps you determine your pay accurately, ensures that you are being paid for all the hours worked, and helps you manage your time effectively. Keeping track of your work hours can also be helpful for tracking your productivity.

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