Get started with Monitask API

Important: Before attempting to access Monitask API, please request API access via [email protected] with the subject “API Access.” API access must be requested by company administrators and can be assigned to any user within the organization.

Steps to get started with Monitask API:

  1. Navigate to the developers page and click “Add new app” button.

2. You will see a popup where you’ll need to specify basic details for your app:

3. Then click on the Add app button and it will be displayed in the list of apps. Click on the edit button:

4. You’ll find the client id and secret for your app on this page. Also you’ll need to add scopes

For example, add the following list of scopes:

5. Then, click on “get secret”. You’ll get a popup with the client secret which you should save in a safe place:

Then, you can build an oauth URL with the following structure:<yourclientid>&scope=<your_scopes> &response_type=code&redirect_uri=<your_redirect_uri>

URL example:

6. When you open it you will see a permission page for your app:

7. When you click on the “Yes, allow” you are redirected to the specified redirect_url with oauth code:


You can make an http request to the with the following data:

Basic Auth. Username is your client_id, Password is your client_secret

Body is form-urlencoded with grant_type=authorization_code, redirect_uri is your redirect_uri and code is the code you obtained in oauth dance

You will receive a token as response:

You can now use this token with our external api:

Since access token expires after 1 hour, you need to refresh it using the refresh token. To do so, you can use the refresh_token you obtained in the previous “token” request:

You’ll need to make a request to

With the same basic auth but with the following body:


Redirect_uri is your redirect uri

Refresh_token is refresh token you received before

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