Download Monitask Employee App

Download Monitask App

The Monitask application is for employees including contractors and freelancers to track their work hours for projects assigned to them in Monitask.

Download For Windows
Compatible with Windows 7 or newer

Windows MSI Installer
Compatible with Windows 7 or newer

Download for macOS
Compatible with OS X Yosemite or newer

Download for Linux
Alpha version

What Happens After the Start Tracking Button is Pressed?

After choosing a project, the employee clicks the Start Tracking button, and the application will start recording the time worked and taking screenshots at random time intervals, which can be viewed by both the manager and employee. This continues until the employee presses the Stop Tracking button.

Where Can an Employee View their Work Activity?

Employees can check their tracked work time, activity, and screenshots on Monitask website after logging in to their personal account.

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