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Payroll Time Tracking Made Easy with Monitask

Monitask is an employee time recording software that simplifies and automates accurate payroll management. With advanced features like accurate time recording, employee scheduling, and detailed reporting, you can easily set hourly rates, monitor billable work hours, generate reports, and streamline the payroll process.

Accurate Time Tracker

Our tracking app is a tool designed to measure time with precision, eliminating errors and data mistakes. It uses advanced technology to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the employee productivity rate. With this tool, unlimited users can track billable hours, manage project timelines, or monitor employee productivity. The time tracker is easy to use and can be customized to meet any individual or team needs.

Employee Scheduling

Employee scheduling is a key feature for the success of any business. With Monitask, you can easily manage and track hours of employees’ shifts with our shift policy scheduler tool. Our scheduling feature is designed to help managers quickly create and manage employee schedules taking into account availability, recurring sifts, skill level, overtime rules, and workload. Automating the scheduling process can reduce labor costs and save time, freeing up managers to focus on other tasks.

No More Manual Time Entry

Gone are the days of manually entering timesheet data. Monitask employee time tracking software provides a modern solution to the outdated process of manual entry. With real-time recording, employees can clock in and out online, while managers can effortlessly monitor employees using facial recognition and log in to a mobile device or laptop. This eliminates manual data entry, saving time and preventing errors. All data is logged and stored securely, making it easy to access at any time.

Detailed Reports

Monitask’s detailed reporting feature makes it easy to generate an in-depth view of employee productivity. Reports can be quickly generated for an individual employee or a group of employees, providing managers with invaluable insight into their team’s performance. Reports can also be used to identify potential areas of improvement and take corrective action. With just a few clicks, you can easily track time and payroll, review time off requests, or analyze shift patterns.


Monitask integrates with popular tools like Asana, Slack, Trello, and more. This makes it easy to run payroll in one place without having to switch between multiple applications. With seamless integrations, your team can work smarter and faster, streamlining operations and improving productivity. With our integrations, you can manage multiple projects from one centralized dashboard. Set up unlimited users, generate reports, and pay employees from one convenient place.

How Payroll Time Tracking Software Works?

Your Teams Install Monitask

The first step is to install the Monitask time tracking app on all devices that employees will use to track their time. This includes computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Managers Set Up Projects and Tasks

The next step is to set up projects and tasks. Managers create tasks or projects and assign them to employees who will be responsible for completing them.

Your Employees’ Time Clock In/Out

When employees know which tasks were assigned, they can time clock in and out of our time tracker. Once clocked in, employees can start to track payroll hours and managers can easily monitor hours worked from any location with the GPS tracking feature.

Payroll Calculations Based On Your Rates

Once the time has been tracked, the payroll calculation is done automatically. Monitask lets you customize and set your hourly rates, so you can accurately calculate employee salaries and wages.

Customers Trust Our Top-Rated Employee Solution

Very Good and straightforward product

What do you like best about Monitask?

— Easy-to-use and with lots of functionality
— Great admin dashboard
— Easy to learn and setup the desktop tool
— Good pricing for what it offers
— Easy to have an overview

Versa Projects endorses monitask for transparent time tracking

What do you like best about Monitask?

Versa Projects endorses monitask for transparent time tracking. Monitask ensures out clients get exactly what they are paying for and assists with keeping open lines of communication

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Payroll Tracker?

A payroll tracker is a software application designed to help businesses, managers, and human resources personnel track their employee’s salary and wage payments. It typically includes pay periods, taxes, deductions, benefits management, and reporting options. A payroll solution can help employees keep exact records of their salary-related activities.

How Do I Track My Payroll Hours?

You can track your payroll using payroll timesheets systems or payroll software provided by your employer. You can also log your hours manually on a timesheet or through an online portal. Make sure to record your hours worked to ensure proper payment accurately.

What Software is Used to Keep Track of Employee Hours?

Tracking employee performance is possible with time and accounting software. This type of software typically includes features such as clock-in/clock-out functionality, shift scheduling, and leave management. It can be used by businesses of all sizes to monitor employee productivity and ensure accurate payroll processing.

How Do I Get My Employees to Track Their Time?

Encourage your employees to track their time by using time and attendance software that offers clock-in/clock-out functionality, shift scheduling, and leave management. Implement regular reminders for them to log their actual time worked to ensure proper payment. Additionally, provide clear guidelines on when tracking should start and end each day.

Is Timekeeping a HR Function?

Yes, timekeeping is a Human Resources function. Tracking employee worked time is a crucial part of the payroll process and HR personnel are typically responsible for ensuring accurate records are maintained. HR is also involved in setting up reminders and providing clear guidelines to ensure employees track their hours accurately.

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