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Effortlessly keep tabs on your employees time and attendance no matter where you are. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual attendance tracking and hello to our efficient time recording solution!

Cloud Based Time Tracking

Monitask is a cloud-based solution for tracking time that enables businesses to record their staff’s time without any installation nuisance. With Monitask time tracker, you can get a hold of a cloud-based timesheet that makes tracking time a breeze.

This means that you can easily record your employee’s time and experience a significant boost in productivity without worrying about upkeep and updates. Monitask takes care of all the updates, troubleshooting, and software maintenance for you.

With our cloud-based solution, you can record time on unlimited tasks helping you with your project management, and it’s available on the go with the mobile app that can track GPS location. Whether you’re using our web, iOS, or Android app, tracking time is simple and easy. Monitask’s simple and intuitive interface is designed to integrate easily with any device either through the mobile app or the desktop app.

What Are Timesheets?

Timesheets, also known as work logs or timekeeping sheets, are record-keeping tools used by employers and staff to record the number of working hours spent on specific duties or assignments. Sheets to record time can come in various formats, including paper-based and digital formats. This document records the date and the amount of time worked on a task or assignment. 

As a company owner, it is essential to keep precise records of work logs to ensure that staff is paid correctly and that employers have a precise record of time. This time solution can also be used to record hours spent on specific assignments, allowing employers to analyze how staff are spending their time and make adjustments to improve efficiency.

The information included in this document can vary depending on the employer’s requirements. Some employers may require staff to record details such as:

Tasks or Projects Names

This is an important element of cloud timesheets because they provide a clear indication of what the employee was doing during a given period. This helps employers and staff to analyze their performance and optimize the workflow. 

By including assignment names in work logs, employers can accurately measure the amount of time taken for each one, enabling them to identify areas where productivity can be improved. It also helps them keep a record of how much progress has been made on certain assignments, allowing them to effectively allocate resources and manage workflows.

Start and End Time

In work logs, start and end times are used to indicate the time of day that work began and ended. This allows employers to keep a real record of how many hours their staff worked during each shift.

Start and end times also help prevent discrepancies in payroll if there is a conflict over how many hours were worked. Additionally, having start and end times recorded on work logs make it easier for employers to monitor employee attendance, as they can easily identify when an employee arrives late or leaves early from work.

Employee Timesheet Data

Tracking employee information allows employers to accurately record and identify employees. This can include employee names, ID numbers, departments, positions, and other relevant details. By including this information, employers can easily search for specific staff or compare the performance of different workers. 

Additionally, having employee information on timekeeping sheets can help employers identify any discrepancies in their payroll and prevent any potential issues arising from misidentification or incorrect payment. Lastly, having employee information on timekeeping sheets makes it easier for employers to analyze how effectively their staff is being used and make adjustments to improve productivity and efficiency.

Total Time Work

Total time work refers to the cumulative time an employee has worked on an assignment during the pay period. By including total time worked in timekeeping sheets, employers can accurately measure the amount of time taken for each one, allowing them to identify areas where productivity can be improved. 

This helps them keep a record of how much progress has been made on certain assignments, allowing them to effectively allocate resources and manage workflows. With Monitask, tracking the total time worked is easy and efficient.

Benefits of Cloud Timesheets

Cloud based timekeeping sheets provide users with a convenient and efficient way to record their employee’s time. This includes features such as automatic updates, real-time recording, and easy access from anywhere. 

Timekeeping sheets offer many benefits over traditional paper-based or desktop system solutions including:

Accurate Real Time Recording

With timekeeping sheets, employers can view the tracking information in real-time. This means that they can quickly identify any issues that arise during the day and take action accordingly. Employers can set automatic reminders for specific projects to ensure that they are completed on time.

Easy Access From Anywhere

A cloud based system is available on any device, making it easier for users to access the information when needed. They can also manage multiple projects and staff from any device with an internet connection, making it easier to stay organized.

Billing and Expenses Tracking

Timekeeping sheets provide companies with the ability to track expenses and billing information. This allows them to easily generate automated invoices and identify any discrepancies in their expenses and ensure that both staff and clients are billed correctly.

Customizable Time Reports

Timesheets solutions allow employers to create custom comprehensive reports, giving them an overview of their employee’s performance and enabling them to analyze the data more effectively.

Automatic Updates

Timekeeping sheets can be automatically updated with the latest information, ensuring that employers and your team members always have access to real and up-to-date information.

Increased Productivity

With a cloud based timesheet solution, employers can record employee time more accurately and efficiently. This helps them identify areas where productivity can be improved and make adjustments accordingly.

Key Features

Monitask is a powerful cloud-based time recording solution that provides businesses, clients, and remote teams with a range of features to help manage employee productivity and improve workflow. Here are five of the key features of Monitask and how they can benefit your organization:
Time Tracking Software for Business
Our time recording solution allows staff to record their time invested in specific assignments, making it easy to monitor productivity and identify areas that need improvement. This feature provides detailed reports of the time invested in each one, tracking billable hours, and non billable hours, as well as helping with resource allocation.
Screenshots for Employee Productivity
With Monitask, you can take screenshots at regular intervals to monitor employee activity and ensure they are working on their assignment. This feature helps prevent time theft and provides a clear record of employee activity throughout the workday. Screenshots are also available with a smart blur feature, ensuring employee privacy.
Overview Reports for Time Management
Monitask also offers a bird’s eye view of the staff performance through overview reports that provide a clear insight into the assignments completed, upcoming assignments, and time taken on each one. This report includes the total time logged, as well as the percentage of time spent on productive tasks compared to unproductive ones.
Employees Activity Levels
Our software provides an activity level report that shows how active each employee is during the workday. This feature is useful for identifying staff that are not working at their full potential and may need additional support or training.
App and URL Tracking
Monitask time tracker can record the apps and websites that your staff use during the workday, providing insight into how they spend their time. This feature is particularly useful for identifying non-work-related activities that may be impacting productivity.
Automatic Payroll
Our platform allows for automatic payroll processing based on the employee’s time tracked, smoothing the billing process. This feature eliminates the need for manual time recording and ensures precise and timely payroll processing.

How Do I Keep Track of My Time
with a Cloud Based App?

Keeping track of your time with a cloud based system is simple and straightforward. All you need to do is log in to the app, select the assignment you’re working on, and start tracking time. With Monitask, you can review detailed information on employee activity levels, total time worked, and more—all in real-time.

Time Recording as an Employer

Cloud time tracking software is an invaluable tool for employers, providing them with a reliable and precise way to record the time of their staff. With Monitask, you can monitor employee attendance and productivity levels with ease, ensuring that your organization is running efficiently. 

You can also use the automated payroll feature to streamline the billing approval process and stay up-to-date with payroll costs. This powerful reporting and cost-effective solution provides businesses with an easy way to manage their employee time recording. With Monitask, you can take advantage of all the features mentioned above and more, giving your organization the tools it needs to succeed.

Track Time as Employee

Cloud-based timesheets also offer a convenient way for staff to record their own time. With Monitask, even remote employees can easily log their time and review reports on their activity levels without the need to manually enter data every day. 

This makes it easier for staff to stay organized and accurately record their time, helping them maximize their productivity. Additionally, Monitask’s timesheets are always available on any device, allowing them to review their time recording data, billing, and performance anytime, anywhere.

How Can You Make
Your Own Timesheet?

Creating your own timekeeping sheet using Monitask is a simple process! All you need to do is create a project, assign tasks and deadlines, then enter the time your staff has worked on each assignment.

Here are the detailed steps:

Step 1

To start, you need to create a Monitask account. You can sign up for a free 10-day trial to familiarize yourself with the app’s features. You can invite unlimited users to join. The app is cloud-based and offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate.

Step 2

Once you have your account, you can invite team members by clicking on “Invite your team” from the dashboard. You can add the email addresses of your staff and remote workers. Monitask allows you to add any number of users to your account.

Step 3

Next, ask your colleagues to download the tracker and start tracking their time. They simply need to click on the “Start” button to begin. Managers, owners, and administrators do not have to install the app. Users can access data via the web-based real-time dashboard.

Step 4

On the live dashboard, you can review online staff, their time entries, internet usage, screenshots, and activity levels. You can generate timekeeping sheets in less than 30 seconds using the reporting tool. Each timekeeping sheet includes time worked for a selected date range and can optionally include pay rates for each employee.

After you approve timesheets, you can generate and export them in PDF and CSV formats. Monitask tracking system makes it easy to create your own timesheet and keep a record of your staff’s worked time!

With Monitask’s cloud based system, businesses can experience a significant boost in productivity and efficiency while saving time on tracking and managing staff’s attendance. Our simple and intuitive interface integrates easily with any device of your preference. Use our mobile app or web app and take advantage of the powerful timesheeting features to make your workday easier.

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