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Monitask is a powerful automatic timesheet software for your team. No need to fill out and manage timesheets manually — employee timesheets sync to the web-based live dashboard in real-time. Plus, they’re 100% automated

Is Using Timesheets Still a Viable Option?

Timesheets is a great way to track time, calculate payments, and bill your clients, but time management can be tricky.

Companies around the world try to tackle this issue in a variety of ways. The traditional method is to use an Excel timesheet template that each employee fills out, resulting in errors, lost productivity, and missed deadlines

Monitask’s automatic time tracking tool eliminates the need for manual timesheets, saving both time and money. The lightweight employee time tracking app is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux

Company owners then can check timesheets with proof of work in a simple, real-time interface.

Will Your Employee Timesheet Software Work With My Current HR and Payroll Solution

The Monitask Employee Timesheet Software will work perfectly well with your current HR and Payroll Solution. The timesheet software is easy to read and understand, enabling you to view live interactive details on your employee’s activity.

Whatever your HR and Payroll Solution, it will definitely integrate well with the Employee Timesheet Software. The Timesheet Software keeps a detailed record of time your employee spent working on a task, the time the employee stopped working, the specific task that was worked on and the task that is yet to be concluded.

With all of this information and much more, you can effectively monitor the tasks to pay for and the task left undone. Also, you can assess your employees and know what decision to take or steps to be made as regards your workforce, either to employ a new set of persons or not.  The timesheet software yields productivity and profitability, allowing your HR to visualize the productivity and efficiency of employees.

Therefore, there is no cause for alarm. The Employee Timesheet Software will work very much fine with your HR and Payroll, and its automation will ease you a lot of stress of having to manually do some oversight functions.

Online time-sheets
Online time-sheets

We Use A Lot Of Business Specific Software, Will It Work With Timesheet Software?

The timesheet software will work for your business, regardless of your business Specific Software. Timesheet software has been carefully designed to work with any software and can be easily accessed from any mobile device or desktop.

More so, it can also integrate with a payroll system and automate wage calculation, or an invoicing app meant for billing. The timesheet centralizes all billable hours that have been recorded. It also functions as an attendance report, tracking hours of time spent, time wasted, absences, time offs, and holidays. It also allows users to create reports and summaries deduced from the available that has been recorded. All of these functions can go with any business software, because they are just simple and basic duties, and not very complex.

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Online time-sheets

How Much Control Do I Have Over How My Employees Track Their Work Hours?

Though it might seem as though you do not have absolute control over how your employees track their work hours, but the truth remains that you have absolute control over them, as long as it is concerning their work hours which is a contractual agreement between both of you.

Regardless of whether they work remotely or at the conventional office space, it is implied that they owe you every bit of accountability and work commensurately to their pay. Therefore, in an instance whereby an employee is unaccountable of their work time or makes it quite hard for you to keep track of their work hours, they are indirectly vitiating the terms of employment.

The best way to have control over how your employees keep track of their work hours is to ensure they are accountable to their time tracking software. From the time tracking software, you can then deduce the necessary information you need about how diligent and committed your employee is to the task at hand. The time tracking app promotes workplace transparency, improves the accuracy of deadlines, and also helps empower your employees.

Online time-sheets
Online time-sheets

Our Staff Is Not Very Tech Savvy, Will They Be Able To Operate Your Timesheet Software

The Timesheet Software does not require any prior technical experience or expertise before you can put it to use, effectively manage your team’s task, and monitor their time.  In actual fact, you need little or no knowledge about technology before you can use and utilize the Timesheet Software.

Time Sheet Software is all about time tracking, team collaboration, and reports of the team. It is also a time and business management solution allowing you to manage projects, finances, and teamwork.

The functions of the timesheet software are one that an ordinary person can relate to. It has real-time dashboards, tracks and bills time, give reports on projects, performance, and time spent or time wasted. All of the functions are things that someone would have done while manually managing their team and keeping track of time. The only difference now is just that all of these functions are now automated, or better put, technology has come up with an easier and faster way to get things done.

That being said, anybody can operate the Timesheet Software, you only need to be taught basic steps within a very short time on how to use it.

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Online time-sheets
Online time-sheets
Online time-sheets
Online time-sheets
Online time-sheets
Online time-sheets

Web Timesheets For Employees

It is common for various companies to work with many clients and employees and on multiple projects. Web timesheets can showcase a detailed record of a company’s time on each client or project, alongside the billable hours.

Web timesheets make it easier for project managers and business owners to track time and bill clients. Furthermore, Timesheets solutions are of great use to human resource departments in companies. This is because it helps analyze and review employees’ activities for the organization. This can also be essential for planning future projects and the client’s work in your business team.

Typically, your employees are expected to fill out the timesheets themselves, and after that, a designated manager can review them before payment is approved. However, depending on your company’s policy, the supervisor, manager, or owner could fill out the timesheets for employees.

Online time-sheets

Ways To Create a Robust Timesheet System

Mentioned below are three tips that can help you create an effective timesheet system within your organization:

Select the right level of detail

Tracking App
It would be best if you began tracking time at the “project level” to know the actual number of hours spent on the project without overloading the timesheet with all kinds of irrelevant information. It’s a good idea to start with this, even if it means you may have to break projects into deliverables to get more information in the future.

Identify activities you’re going to track

Tracking App
After choosing the right level of detail, you can now select the projects, activities, or deliverables you want to track time.

Explain the goal of the timesheet

After choosing the right level of detail, you can now select the projects, activities, or deliverables you want to track time.

Free vs. Paid Timesheet Solutions


Free timesheets solutions offer limited features to the user. For some timesheets tools that provide a free version, you may enjoy all the premium features but only for a limited period

  • No credit card is required
  • It’s budget-friendly since it’s available at no cost
  • No imposed upgrade
  • Features are limited
  • It’s not suitable for big teams
  • Employees access are could be restricte
  • Some free timesheets offer little or no customer service system


You can enjoy all the premium features available and get the most out of your timesheets software with paid timesheet solutions

  • Access to premium features
  • It’s ideal for big companies or organizations
  • Access to quality customer support system
  • Improved security solution is available
  • It can expensive to subscribe
  • It requires credit card
  • Some paid timesheet softwares may require you to provide your personal data before you subscribe.

We recommend Monitask because it offers free and paid timesheet solutions for businesses.

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Online time-sheets

Timesheet Management as an Integral Part of Your Business

When you use your time efficiently, your team can meet deadlines, accomplish its goals and achieve success. Furthermore, keeping accurate records help you optimize your time. Because of this, timesheets management is vital for any successful business.

The right timesheets management system helps you identify precisely what tasks or projects your team members are working on. In addition, it tracks employee efficiency by comparing the time they work to their output.

This tool also allows you to spot underperforming employees that cost your business money. Hence you know the productive employees and unproductive ones. That way, you can make good decisions that could help save a ton of money for your business.

Mentioned below are some benefits timesheets can bring to your business:

Less Time Consuming
A timesheet allows the collation of titles and the number of tasks with the exact hours. That way,business owners can identify which tasks are completed early or late and see the precise hoursspent on completed jobs. Furthermore, the timesheet gives an overview of your organization’s productivity regarding thenumber of tasks completed over time. Once you have gathered this knowledge, you can assess the current level of your teamperformance and evaluate your company’s progress towards your business goals. In addition,timesheets can help you address challenges that come with work output inefficiencies, which canhelp save your organization time and increase productivity.
Accurate Billing
Finding the right amount to charge a customer is vital to maintaining business integrity, but it can be frustrating and stressful. Managing your money and the money of others is no small task, but a severe business that touches a large part of people’s private lives. Timesheets help cut out the guesswork, reduce stress, and give you an accurate, professional pricing system for billing clients. This tool measures the exact number of hours your employees worked and multiplies it by their hourly wages. Therefore, it can automatically generate the total hours spent and total money earned, eliminating inaccurate client billing totals.
Enhanced Project Management
Timesheets help project managers to start, plan, execute and accomplish all project goals within the given constraints. Moreso, this tool can further help explore the causes behind specific outcomes in your business. In the business world, time is money, and tracking the projects your team members complete and the time spent on them can give you a measure of your team performance. With a timesheet, you can see the tasks performed by an employee and measure the hours spent during work. This shows the level of your team’s performance over time.
Saves A Lot Of Money
You can avoid project cost miscalculations and overspending more effectively using a timesheet than without one. Miscalculations here and there can mess up your budget records and spoil your chances of getting accurate results. Timesheets can help you identify what areas your budget covers. In addition, you can accurately assess your financial situation and allocate resources accordingly by tracking project costs. That way, you get to utilize your money prudently. The timesheets are structured to allow you to view posts related to specific tasks or projects while showing the time or units associated with total expenses. This shows individual unit costs or hourly wages multiplied to get the total cost.

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