Microsoft Teams integration with Monitask

Integration configuration

Browse the integrations page in Monitask admin dashboard: and click Add Microsoft Teams integration

2) On the opened page open link in Microsoft Teams

3) Add Monitask to your Microsoft Teams

4) Once application installed, you will receive the welcome message from our bot. Click on Connect Monitask account button:

5) This will open Monitask login page. Enter your account credentials and click LOG IN button

6)  Grant application permissions to access your Monitask data

7)  If you are administrator of company in Monitask – you can execute the subscribe dailyreport bot command:

Once this done, you will start receiving daily reports in the Microsoft Teams chat based on settings defined here:

8) The example of daily report you will receive:

If you would like to stop receiving daily report notifications, run unsubscribe dailyreport command

9) Administrators and employees can use Timesheet tab to view and update their tracked time without leaving Microsoft Teams

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