Monday Integration with Monitask

This Integration allows synchronizing tasks and users from Monday to Monitask.

  1. Browse the Integrations page on the Monitask admin panel. Find Monday and click to Add.
  1. Agree with the permissions.
  1. To start the connection you have to install it first.
  1. Agree with the permissions and click the “Install” button.
  1. The installed app will be available in your Monday account. Profile > Admin > Apps
  1. After the installation go to the previous browser tab and click the “Add integration” button.
  1. Agree with the permissions and authorize.
  1. Now you should configure the integration. First, connect projects.
  1. Then connect employees.
  1. And confirm the configuration.
  1. Congratulations! Everything is connected. Apps are integrated. You can close the tab.
  1. Your tasks from Monday will be available in the Monitask tasks page.
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