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How to Succeed with the New Remote Work Standard

Thomas Simon

Since the advent of digital marketing, there has not been such a significant event as COVID-19. Not only has the pandemic dramatically affected countless lives around the world, but it has also caused a shockwave in the global economy that will continue to affect for some time to come.

Since most customers work remotely, and the new norm has led to significant reductions in store purchases, companies of all shapes and sizes need to adjust their digital marketing strategy to reflect these broad social changes. While modern technology has improved to the point where many everyday tasks have been performed relatively continuously, companies seeking to attract potential customers cannot rely on the old way of doing things.

By changing your approach to reach and attract potential customers, you can ensure that your business will safely overcome these uncertain times and grow into the future. Here we’ll delve into some areas that can bring excellent results for your business.

Activate your blog and social networking presence

As more and more people spend time both at home and on their devices, there has never been a better time to activate their blog and social networking presence than during the pandemic. Many companies have already paid attention to this: marketers in social networks Socialbakers report that global spending on social advertising increased by 26.2% in the second quarter of 2020.

However, you have to be very careful with messaging, because trying to make money from the crisis will undoubtedly be a bad prospect for your business. According to the latest research, about 50% of consumers approve of advertising that is not related to COVID-19.

Although this picture does not imply an end to your advertising efforts, it emphasizes how carefully you should think about creating content. In this sense, always send messages that express sympathy and understanding of the current global situation. Clients will quickly leave negative feedback if you misunderstand the tone, so be sure to keep an eye on your social media presence during campaigns.

If you do not want to directly advertise your products in these difficult times, you can still use your blog and social media pages to attract potential customers. For example, you can create content that gives useful tips for overcoming the crisis. This approach is especially supported by consumers: 89% approve of brands that publish practical information about the coronavirus.

Another approach that many companies have found successful is to promote important public initiatives. It’s a smart way to increase your brand awareness and reputation, and to benefit the wider community. In fact, since the beginning of the pandemic, the number of targeted marketing campaigns has increased by 42%.

Update your marketing strategy In the coming days, with your blog and social media profiles, your business should guide its marketing strategy in areas that make sense to consumers. For example, in most countries of the world now it is simply impossible to hold exciting seminars or network events. But this does not mean that everything is lost.

You can maintain the interest of your target market by inventing some creative changes in your current marketing strategy. By making the most of streaming, video conferencing and instant messaging, you can even benefit your business in the long term.

In the above example, webinars are an ideal substitute for face-to-face events. By developing an intriguing format that encourages people to participate and interact with each other online, you can create a special community and increase the number of subscribers. Webinars are also a great opportunity to inform consumers about your company through regular email campaigns.

Creative companies also create e-books, educational courses and detailed manuals to make customers think about their brands. These relatively inexpensive forms of content marketing encourage customers to learn more about your business and improve name recognition.

While many consumers are still concerned about their future, making the transition to your sector available has also proved successful. By offering a glimpse behind the scenes of your industry, your business is demonstrating a transparent and friendly attitude.

Focus on SEO

SEO has long been one of the basic principles of digital marketing. But the advent of COVID-19 has made this strategy even more effective for enterprises seeking to attract new customers. As conventional stores around the world remain closed or severely reduce attendance, customers have quickly turned their attention to online shopping.

While some people used to order one-off items online, consumers now actively use e-commerce to avoid crowds and purchase everything from leisure goods to basic necessities. This huge shift is reflected in the data: almost every second customer increases online shopping during a pandemic.

These market changes mean that it is more important than ever to get to the search engine results page. But to differentiate yourself from competitors on the Internet, your business will likely need a holistic SEO plan backed by strong content marketing, website performance and in-depth customer analytics.

However, there are some easy to implement changes that can immediately improve your digital presence. If you do business with normal business hours, place that time prominently on your website and social media profiles to keep your customers informed. Remember also to update your Google My Business page with the latest information.

During a pandemic, consumers will sincerely worry about how your business works. Create a comprehensive FAQ to get rid of common concerns about delivery, stock levels and other difficulties. Customers will appreciate the clarity, and you will not ask the same questions over and over again.

Implementation of a reliable international SEO strategy is a great way to attract customers through an appropriate marketing campaign. Meanwhile, Google has also provided companies with new ways to inform their customers in search results, including special ads on COVID-19 and more information on cancelled, delayed or virtual events.

Since most employees will be working remotely in the foreseeable future, ensuring maximum performance of your SEO strategy will give your business an advantage. Choose a first-class team that will lead your campaign and attract potential clients.

Adaptive paid media campaigns

In the current uncertain circumstances, many companies have already reduced or are considering reducing their investments in paid media. But if your business still generates revenue, there are many ways to make your marketing even more effective.

Since the rules of COVID-19 change depending on where your target market is located, you must ensure that your paid media outlets are appropriate for the specific situation of your target market. Since some countries reopen offices and regular stores, people from other regions may stay home for several months. Keep this in mind when targeting a new campaign.

It also became an extremely important moment to think about your strategy and decide whether it makes sense to accept clients. Thoroughly check the copy of your ad and make sure the message and tone fit. Sending a poorly formulated ad at such a time can ruin your reputation.

You’ll also want to see your analytics about how customers use their devices. It’s no secret that mobile searches have been ahead of desktop searches for several years. But if your customers don’t go to work and now take lunch breaks at home, do they use their smartphones for searching and shopping? Evaluate your analytics and decide if you need to change tactics.

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