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Why is it Important to Keep Track of Project Time

Ruslan Askarov

It is essential to track project time because it helps business owners to reflect on how they utilize their time in business and even personally. Time tracking is a crucial ingredient for a healthy workflow, insight, and productivity.

Furthermore, time-consuming projects may not necessarily require the best effort to complete. On the contrary, it may need just a little effort to bring the best value.

In this article, we will discuss the following:

  1. Why is it important to keep track of project time
  2. Why can projects take more time than planned?
  3. How to organize a team and monitor its productivity
  4. How to organize a team and monitor its productivity
  5. How to influence the productivity of workers on the project.


Why Is It Important To Keep Track Of Project Time

Time is a valuable resource that money cannot buy, and it is vital to everyone. Top business executives use appropriate time tracking apps to work efficiently on tasks and increase their team productivity. Below are the reasons why it is essential to keep track of project time:


  • Set Goals

Time tracking helps to improve business team efficiency and measure their return on investment (ROI). Also, time tracking enables most established CEOs to set personal/team goals. Also, they utilize productivity tools to attain their business goals and determine how clients perceive their work.


  • Work Smarter, Not Harder

As a business owner, tracking time allows you to manage your business effectively. Hence you work smarter instead of harder. That’s to say, you are not only just more efficient, but you also get more done within the shortest possible time. Hence you have extra time to focus on other projects or other interests outside your business.


  • Higher Quality Work

Time management is crucial for prioritizing jobs without compromising the quality of the tasks. Time tracking helps business leaders attend to the most demanding project and focus on each job to finish it with better quality.


  • Deliver Projects On Deadlines

Time tracking enables your boss to manage the business workload to complete projects with more efficiency and just in time. If you assign a specific time to complete a particular job and focus on that job only, your mind will adjust to complete the job within the allotted period. Thus you tend always to complete all your tasks by their deadline.


Why Can Projects Take More Time Than Planned?

Take, for instance; you are executing a construction project; expect such projects to delay more than necessary. With so many jobs, contractors, professionals, and communication methods, the projects can take more time to complete.

Below are some reasons why your project will last a bit longer than initially planned:


  • Lack Of Communication

Delays in the project can often be due to a breakdown in the communication scheme, especially if many parties are involved in a large project. So it is crucial to establish a communication protocol among the team as part of the initial plan. All stakeholders should know whom they should contact about minor issues before it becomes a bigger one.


  • Poor Planning And Tracking

Poor planning or ineffective tracking can lead to an unnecessary delay concerning business activities and team management. However, you can counter this challenge with the use of a time tracking tool like Monitask. This time tracking tool will not only save time but it will also help to boost team productivity.


  • Inaccurate Time Estimates

You should start a project with a realistic timeline, keeping in mind that the industry’s best professionals usually have wait times just to put together the first meeting. Use a carefully drawn up plan to coordinate well in advance with all other subcontractors, architects, and other consultants to set up a realistic time estimate. This plan should include all project details, such as contingencies for possible delays.


  • Lack Of Adequate Funding

Inadequate funding for an entire project may result in the business plan not being implemented on time. So ensure to source money upfront to finance your project. Although the delay could be inevitable for many reasons like a sudden illness or unexpected changes in circumstances. Nevertheless, with accurate planning estimates and solid project management, expect your business to perform better.


How To Organize A Team And Monitor Its Productivity

It is a well-known fact that productivity increases with employee efficiency. Therefore, you should assist team members in planning and organizing business activities to establish routines and provide guidance on prioritizing daily tasks and handling possible obstacles.

When employees organize their schedule, they spend less time trying to figure out what to do next. The result is better efficiency and higher productivity. Also, research shows that most failed businesses do not organize their team and monitor their productivity. So it is important to manage your team to get maximum efficiency.

Here are a few tips for organizing a team:

  • Set realistic goals
  • Delegate responsibility
  • Communicate effectively
  • Identify your team’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Give them rewards
  • Allow employees to work from home
  • Set a good example
  • Hold stand-up meetings

Additionally, monitor your team productivity by taking advantage of reliable and useful tools like Monitask, Trello, and Slack. Furthermore, these tools allow you to time various jobs based on measured productivity, thereby boosting employee satisfaction, efficiency, and overall organization.

How To Influence The Productivity Of Work On The Project

Here are steps to influence the productivity of work on any project:

  1. Define Appropriate Variables: Be sure to identify the parameters that allow you to measure the productivity and chargeable utilization that apply to your business.
  2. Encourage Collaboration: Improve your team productivity by putting in place where team members can easily share ideas, knowledge, experiences, and lessons learned. The collaboration will promote service delivery and project standards.
  3. Manage Customer Expectations: Explain to your business team why they need to manage the client’s expectations from the first inquiry to job delivery. You will have better-satisfied clients in the long run, making your employees perform less unproductive jobs.
  4. Improve planning: strategic planning helps to improve productivity and utilization of future resources. It also provides you with a more realistic picture of your organization’s health by comparing the “planned versus actual.”

Wrapping Up

It would be best if you tracked project time to work more productively. Besides, time tracking helps improve any project’s quality, deliver tasks on deadline, and reduce stress. Tracking time also allows you to take charge of your life and manage it well.

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