Weekly Timesheet Templates for Freelancers, Designers, and Contractors

As a freelancer, designer, remote worker, or contractor, weekly timesheets are undoubtedly the best choice to ensure that you are getting paid for the hours spent on a project. By using a weekly timesheet template, you can easily keep track of your hours worked, tasks completed, and billable amounts your client owes you.

What is a Weekly Timesheet Template?

A weekly timesheet with tasks is simply a document outlining the hours you worked each week along with any tasks or activities completed during that time. It is called “weekly” because it records the number of hours worked over a specified period, usually 7 days, and helps to ensure that you are getting paid for the work you have done.

Weekly timesheet template are used to track the number of hours worked each week

For example, if you had worked only four hours on Monday and then skipped Tuesday, your timesheet would show four hours total instead of two days’ worth. This makes it easier for you to accurately report the hours worked and also helps your client understand exactly how much time was spent on their project.

Which Free Weekly Timesheet Template Do You Need?

When deciding whether to use bi weekly timesheet templates, consider the size of your business and the scope of the projects you manage. If you manage multiple teams in different locations or time zones, then a bi weekly timesheet template for multiple employees can help you stay organized and ensure that your teams are on track.

It is also helpful for businesses with employees who have fluctuating work hours or who need to track multiple tasks and projects over a two-week period and need to accurately track those hours for payroll. You can find bi weekly work schedule templates free in multiple formats, such as bi weekly timesheet PDF or bi weekly timesheet template Word.

When to Use a Weekly Timesheet Template Free?

A free weekly timesheet template can be a useful tool for any business, especially if weekly information must be tracked. The template is simple to use and provides an easy way to track weekly working hours and pay rates.

The weekly employee timesheet template in Excel is especially helpful, as it allows the user to quickly update the weekly hours while keeping a history of changes and adjustments. This makes it ideal for businesses that need to keep track of weekly work hours, overtime calculations, sick days, or holidays when payments must be made.

Use a free weekly timesheet template if you:

Manage several teams – Use a multiple employee weekly timesheet template Excel.
Need to track all the hours worked by each of your teams – Get a weekly timesheet template printable.
Are a freelancer or contractor – Use an individual weekly timesheet template word to easily track all your hours and tasks.
Need to reduce costs – Use a weekly timesheet template free to help keep your costs down.

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Monitask offers a number of bi weekly timesheet templates to help you get started. These bi weekly timesheet template free download are designed to provide an easy and efficient way for you to manage your remote workforce. You don’t have to worry anymore about how to create a bi weekly timesheet in Excel, Monitask has you covered.

Overall, bi weekly timesheet templates are an invaluable tool for businesses that need to accurately track employee time to stay compliant and manage multiple projects. With bi weekly tracking, you can easily monitor employee attendance and hours from anywhere in real-time. Furthermore, with a bi weekly template PDF, you can keep uneditable records for your payroll and reports. Try out Monitask’s bi weekly timesheet template Google sheets now to get started!

Stay ahead and start using a bi weekly timesheet template Excel today!

Is There a Timesheet Template in Excel?

Monitask’s weekly timesheet template printable, weekly timesheet template word or another electronic format help your work processes go even smoother. By entering your hours, tasks, and billable amounts into an easy-to-use online spreadsheet, you can quickly generate invoices for your clients on time and ensure that you are getting paid for all of the time and effort put into your projects.

How to use timesheet template

Select the tracking period you need in timesheet

Check for the format for further work

Download the template to your device

Enjoy working process with templates