Trello integration with Monitask

1) Browse the integrations page in Monitask admin dashboard: and click Add Trello integration

2) Log in to Monitask account and agree to the permissions

3) On the opened page click Add integration

4)  If you are not logged in Trello you will be redirected to the login page

5)  Authorize Monitask access to your Trello data

6)  Map Trello projects to projects in Monitask and click Next

7)  Map Trello users to users in Monitask and click Next

8)  Review your settings and submit integration configuration. Wait a little while all tasks are transferred.

Congratulations, your Trello integration with Monitask is ready!

Now, you can browse tasks page and see tasks imported from Trello to selected Monitask projects

Configuration requirements

your users in Monitask must be assigned to the corresponding projects so that they can see the integrated tasks assigned to them. You can view assignees in Monitask on the projects page by clicking ‘Edit’ on particular project

Sync Trello to Monitask

How it works

We will transfer all created tasks and subtasks from Trello to Monitask, as if they are assigned to a user, they will be assigned to the corresponding user in Monitask.


  1. If you create a new task or subtask in Trello, it will automatically be created in Monitask in the web app and in the desktop application
  2. Tasks with the same names will not be created, however, if you create a task with the same name but with new assignees, the system will link new users to the existing task in Monitask
  3. If you delete a task or subtask in Trello, the task from Monitask will not be deleted, the system only adds new tasks
  4. If you add a new assignee in Trello, the corresponding assignee will be added in Monitask
  5. If you delete assignee in Trello, assignee in Monitask will not be deleted, the system only adds new assignees

Browse Trello project and click Add a card

Specify task details

Set task name, Set assignee for that task (Assignee should be a one of usersselected during integration configuration), Optionally specify task description

Browse tasks page in Monitask and check if the task is synchronized to selected Project

Now assigned to that task person should be able to see it in the desktop application:

On windows:

On Mac:

On Linux:

That person should be able to see task details using desktop application interface

On Windows and Linux:

User can click on the ‘Details’ button to view task details

On Mac:

Mac user can view task details by clicking on the ‘View’ button

There he will be able to see that task source is Trello and task description

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