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9 Honest Facts About Finding a Job

Thomas Simon

The truth should not be hidden, and nowhere else, when each of us at least once in our lives faced with the realities of finding a job. It is difficult, everything does not always go smoothly. Let’s just talk honestly. You are not the only one facing the stupid truth. Or maybe it isn’t. stupid?

1. Your resume will not be read in full

Remember the 6 second rule? There is even a game where everyone can feel like a recruiter.

Viewing a resume really takes very little time. Simply because a good HR already has an eye, it highlights only the information that is really important. Experience, achievements, professional skills. And more often it’s even about the keywords: positions held by the person, where the work, what he owns. Still want your resume to be two pages long?

Therefore, we advise you to give up all (all) not too important words: which are in your resume. Yes, everyone is sociable and responsible.

2. Cover letter will not be read out either.

The pace and rhythm of the modern man’s working day does not need to be described to anyone. No matter how important and subtle your job seems to you, it is someone’s job. It is nervous, with a bunch of cases and deadlines. And this person received 100 letters, which need to be ironed out. And to answer. And also not to make a mistake with the right choice. Of course, you just need a huge portfolio of professionalism to see the right candidate in the flow. And you need to gather wisdom and write a cover letter that will show the recruiter that he needs you.

It has to be brief and clear. What I can, what I can give, why this company. Of course, it should not affect how carefully you write it, but just save your time and the HR manager’s time. Read the letter out loud to yourself. If something cuts your ears, throw it away immediately.

We advise you to give up lyrics. And use our tips. Here, for example, we have collected a whole letter from just 10 sentences, and here we told you how to enjoy writing a cover letter. And we gave examples of mating letters.

3. Errors are always visible.

If you think that you won’t see any joints when you look through your HR resume, you are very much mistaken. All flaws always come right to the fore. We tell you this because we’ve seen a lot of resumes. And if you see a spelling mistake in it, you want to close it right away. Everyone has the right to make mistakes. But they are always visible in your resume, because that’s what you are. Send it to a friend again, let him take a look.

It is not foolish to lose your chances to get a job. Check everything. Microsoft Word, for example.

4. You must be able to tell about yourself in two sentences

No matter how beautiful and versatile a person you are. No, seriously, learn to highlight the main thing. Learn to sell yourself. There are some simple exercises that will help you.

Hold your breath

You should tell us all about yourself until your lungs run out of air. This is 10-12 seconds. Try it.

Explain to the “eight-year-old”.

Yes, tell a child about your prospects, your ambitions, who you are. If he understands – it’s a success.


It has already been told many times about the power of Storytelling. Let’s do it again. Remember the story that characterizes you, which can make your image the way you want it to be. Don’t just make it up.

Intrigue .

But not to much. This is 80 lvl of job search and interviews. When you do not have a lot of time, you should intrigue the recruiter or HR so that they want to hear more.


They are in everything. In clothes, speeches, stories. Let you be remembered as “the guy who once at work managed to sell a cow to a vegetarian” or “girl with a brooch in the form of a huge fly” be remembered.

5. You should not hide your age

Girls, throw away superstitions! It just makes no sense anymore. We do not live in the Middle Ages, information about you, your age, are there to find, social networks plus simple math.

6. There are questions that you do not like to answer

And you do not have to do it. Age is a separate story.

So, you may not have to answer questions about children, religion, personal life, whether you smoke, drink alcohol, how much you weigh, and your financial situation.

Just be vigilant, do not close-up, but also do not allow to be asked incorrect questions. Everything within reason.

7. Your pages on social networks reveal the truth about you (and sometimes it’s funny).

Photos, music, subscriptions, evil comments, black humor – HR will study it more carefully than a polished resume. 90% of HR managers will look at all your social media profiles when they receive your resume. They even have special tools to find you there.

So, if you decided to look for a job, then try to maintain your image, take care to create the right image in social networks. This does not mean that you need to restrict yourself in something strongly and put serious photos everywhere as on your passport (yes, this is also funny). Just know that the boundaries between personal and professional in the field of job search are pretty much blurred.

8. There is little room for emotion (and time) in finding a job.

Noone is heartless, just everyone has a lot of work and everyone wants to do it quickly and with high quality. A modern candidate should feel it directly with his fingertips and try to adjust to the pace and rhythm of life. You just need to be in a trend in all senses. And be prepared for the fact that everything will not go as easy as it seemed. Especially when you just start looking for a job, when you have no experience, when everything seems terrible. Nobody wants to hurt you. HR really wants to find the right candidate. And at the interview, he is also overwhelmed by thoughts about how to cook dinner or when to pick up the child from kindergarten. And he may forget to answer your resume (although it is very unpleasant when you are on the other side of the barricades).

You are afraid , everybody is. How do you live with fear of defeat?

In general, few people warn young people today that it will not be easy. Searching for a job is also a concern, but it just means testing your ability to adjust to the demands of time. Be brief. Try to be as specific as possible about your goals and objectives. Be decisive. And most importantly be ready to work, to work and to look forward, even if things have not gone so smoothly.

9. No perfect place to work

Companies, team, duties, lunch everything matters. And this is also normal. you can keep looking for it, but stop playing the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland – you are not late for anything, give yourself the opportunity to gain experience in communication, experience in solving complex problems. In general, do not put an end to the first job, do not give up your profession, if something did not go right away.

You will be surprised at the details that can sometimes make you love the job with all your heart. Maybe you will help people, or maybe you will make friends with colleagues, maybe you will have a great opportunity to develop, or maybe you will find in this workplace another position that will also seem interesting – it is always more interesting to look for than to find.

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