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Military Time Converter

Thomas Simon

A military time converter easily and accurately transforms standard time into a 24-hour format.

What is a Military Time?

Military time, also known as the 24-hour clock, is a timekeeping method that runs from midnight to midnight, divided into 24 hours. This system is used by militaries and in various professional and scientific fields to avoid ambiguity arising from the 12-hour clock system. This timekeeping method is commonly used by the U.S., Canada, and Australia. 

A military time to regular time converter simplifies the process of converting these times to standard AM/PM format, which is commonly used in civilian life. These standard time to military time converters often allow for input in hours and minutes, facilitating a quick and easy conversion from standard time to military time and vice versa.

How to Convert to Military Time

You can use a 24 hour to military time converter to change standard time to military time. This tool requires you to input the standard time in hours and minutes and, through a straightforward conversion process, converts it into the 24-hour format commonly referred to as military time. The conversion is simple: for AM hours, military time is the same as standard time, but for PM hours, you add 12 to the standard time hours. Therefore, a military time converter hours and minutes enables you to effortlessly convert times, ensuring clarity and precision in scheduling and communication contexts.


Enter military time:

Enter standard time:


Military Time Chart

Military TimeStandard Time
01001:00 AM
02002:00 AM
03003:00 AM
04004:00 AM
05005:00 AM
06006:00 AM
07007:00 AM
08008:00 AM
09009:00 AM
100010:00 AM
110011:00 AM
13001:00 PM
14002:00 PM
15003:00 PM
16004:00 PM
17005:00 PM
18006:00 PM
19007:00 PM
20008:00 PM
21009:00 PM
220010:00 PM
230011:00 PM

How to Manually Convert Military Time

You can follow these step-by-step instructions to manually convert military time to regular time without relying on a 24 hour to military time converter. By understanding the principles behind military time and its conversion, you can effortlessly convert it to regular time notation.

Take the military time and remove the colon (:) separator.
Example: 12:56 AM > 1256 AM
If the military time has four digits, keep the first two digits as they are and add “00” as the last two digits.
Example: 1256 AM > 0056 AM
If the military time has three digits, add a leading zero before the last two digits.
Example: 956 AM > 0956 AM
If the military time ranges from 0000 to 1159, it corresponds directly to AM hours.
Example: 0056 AM
If the military time ranges from 1200 to 2359, subtract 12 from the first two digits to revert to standard PM times.
Example: 1356 PM > 01 (13-12)56 PM

Note: Ensure you correctly distinguish between AM and PM times based on the original military time.

Doing these calculations by hand can be manageable, but for convenience and to avoid errors, a military time to regular time converter is a much more efficient tool. It simplifies the process and ensures that hours and minutes are accurately translated, making the 24-hour to military time converter an indispensable utility for those who regularly engage in tasks that require precise time conversions.

Choose your Timekeeping Format and Track Time with Monitask 

Monitask is an innovative software solution designed for accurate and versatile time tracking in any time-keeping format- the standard 12-hour clock or the 24-hour military time system. With its intuitive interface, Monitask allows users to effortlessly switch between time formats to accommodate their preferences or the requirements of their professional context. 

The platform is more than just a static time converter; it actively records time spent on tasks, projects, and activities, automatically converting logged hours into the desired format for easy understanding and reporting. This feature is invaluable for teams working across different time zones or industries that mandate the use of military time for precision and clarity.

With Monitask, teams and companies can:

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  • Maintain precise and efficient timekeeping practices

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Military Time FAQ

Why is it called military time?

The term “military time” originated from its initial use by the military to prevent any ambiguity between AM and PM in time-critical operations. This system ensured precise and efficient communication without any room for confusion.

What is the format for the 24-hour clock?

The 24-hour clock format consists of four digits without a colon, displaying time from 0000 to 2359. The first two digits indicate the hour, while the last two signify the minutes.

How do I convert military time?

To convert military time, simply distinguish between hours and minutes. If it’s before noon (0000 to 1159), keep the time as is. For afternoon and evening (1200 to 2359), subtract 12 from the hours component to determine the PM equivalent. Use a 24 hour to military time converter for accuracy.

What is 7 pm in military time?

In military time, 7 pm is represented as 1900 hours. To convert, you take the PM hour (7), add 12 to it, and append the minutes, resulting in a four-digit number – 1900.

What is military time 12 or 24?

Military time uses a 24-hour clock format. Therefore, there is no military time for 12. It starts at 0000 and goes to 2359, with 1200 representing noon and 2400 or 0000 signifying midnight.


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