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What is an Activity Log?

In business, most management decisions are influenced by the scarcity of resources. Two of the most essential of these scarce resources are time and money. However, while money lost or wasted can be recovered, it is not the same for time. Once time is wasted, it’s lost forever. This makes time management a crucial aspect of productivity in business.

A daily activity log is a day-to-day report of how an employee spends their time. It shows what, where and how time is spent. Just like money, if time never seems to be enough, you need to find out the source of wastage.

How can I keep track of daily activities of my employees?

To keep an accurate and precise daily log, you must promptly record their activities as soon as they occur. If you wait till the close of the day’s work before recording, you will certainly miss some essential details.

Also, remember that the goal of having an activity log is to improve productivity. So, you must also record idle and unproductive time. Each employee must account for the time at work and the time doing other activities, provided the time frame is within the agreed work hours.

For a thorough appraisal, keep the daily activity logs for a week. Doing this will enable you to discover unproductive trends with certain employees. If a team member has an unproductive day, how will you know if it’s a trend, or if it’s just a one-off? Keeping the logs for at least a week gives you the answer you need. Also, this visible report will be a reference and proof when you need to take further action.

Monitask gives you a detailed daily activity log that is readily available anytime you need it. It records all team members’ activity logs without taking a chunk of their work time.

Daily activities and team productivity

To bring massive positive change to our lives, we adjust our daily habits. The same goes for work productivity. If you want to see a massive upgrade in your team’s output, you must ensure daily improvements in the work process.

Having said that, you should also know that it is not enough to keep daily activity logs. These reports are essentially data, so what matters most is not the collection, but what you eventually do with it. You must analyse activity logs to determine how you can improve your team.

A quality daily activity log should show you the most productive periods of the day for each employee. Usually, in an employee’s high output periods, they complete tasks faster, and generally have more work activity.

While some employees are more active in the mornings, others exert more energy towards the close of work. When you know how each team member works, you can assign tasks to them based on that information. This means that you give the most important tasks during the periods when they do their best work.

Monitask’s employee monitoring system clearly shows you each employee’s level of activity at any time of the day, giving you enough information to make the best use of their abilities.

Monitask features

Monitask gives you the most effective and efficient daily activity logging process. Here are the premium features that Monitask uses to boost your team productivity:

Automated time tracking

Using spreadsheets or any other manual activity logging method can be time-sapping. Ironically, you will eventually end up wasting time while trying to save time.  Monitask automated time tracking apps bring ease to the whole activity logging process.

It takes away the rigor of manual entries and the inaccuracy of human error, giving you precise measurements. Additionally, you can easily access the weekly report for each employee.

Internet and App monitoring

How can you be sure that all team members spend their recorded time productively? Monitask has the answer. The internet and app monitoring gives you a report of all websites and applications used by each employee, and how much time they spent on each website or application.

With this feature, it’s easy to know how much time is spent on distractions and act accordingly.

What happens if an employee momentarily goes offline?

With Monitask, this is not a problem. Time tracking continues even when the employee goes offline. As soon as an internet connection is restored, all current time data is uploaded. This is especially useful if you have team members working in areas with slow or unreliable internet connections.

Benefits of using the activity log

Using the activity log has a number of advantages for you and your team. Here are some benefits of using a daily activity log.

Valuable Business Insight

The goal of every business is to make more profits while using less resources. One of those resources is time. Data that shows you how you’re spending your time is almost as important as information about how you spend your money.

An activity log gives you all the information you need concerning time as a resource in your company. Analyzing this information and taking action will increase employee productivity and ultimately influence better business performance.

Objective Measurement of Productivity

Addressing unproductivity among employees is a steep undertaking. There are so many grey areas that may make it challenging to prove anything beyond a reasonable doubt. However, with a detailed activity log, there is a lot of clarity. The reports bring objectivity and precision to the measurement of productivity. With such a precise definition, it becomes instantly clear to all parties when anyone falls short.

How Can I Start Time Tracking?

Step 1

Create a Monitask account

Sign up for a free 10-day trial

Step 2

Invite employees and remote workers

Click "Invite your team" from the dashboard and add your team members’ email addresses. You can add an unlimited number of employees to your account.

Step 3

Ask employees to start tracking time using Monitask

Your team members will need to download the time-tracking app and start using it to track the time spent on work items. Company owners, administrators, and managers do not need to install Monitask, as data is accessible via the web-based real-time dashboard.

Step 4

Assign projects and tasks

Project management features allow you to assign projects to team members and review work hours associated with each project and task.

Step 5

Review work hours and proof of work

Use Live Dashboard to review online employees, their time entries, screenshots, activity levels, and internet usage.

Step 6

Continue using Monitask to get in-depth insights

Monitask analyzes time and data across your company. After you use the software for several weeks, it generates comprehensive reports so that you can analyze and identify bottlenecks, employee productivity, and processes.

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