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10 Skills That Will Help Increase Your Salary in 2024

Thomas Simon

Ubiquitous automation inevitably leads to a reduction in the number of jobs. In this article, we will look at what skills are useful to start learning now, so that in the future you will not be left without a job.

Basics of Programming

Digitalization is gradually covering all spheres of our life, but it would be impossible without the hard work of programmers. A competent IT-specialist earns very decent money, and in general this area is a leader in terms of salary growth.

At the dawn of IT development, programmers were practically magicians who possessed some kind of special spells that made computers work, especially when compared to ordinary users of that time who had difficulty turning their computers on. Since then, the technology has moved far forward, so now even from an ordinary user requires at least basic computer skills.

No one requires you to have a thorough knowledge of programming languages to write complex websites or create applications. But at the same time you should not ignore programming, even basic knowledge can serve you well. Try to take a look at the “Atlas of new professions”, which contains all the specialties that in the future will be closely related to IT. You will see that there are a lot of professions, so take up learning programming languages right now.

Processing large data

Another skill that used to be also available to not everyone. The concept of “big data” means a large amount of chaotic information, which carries a lot of benefits. However, this requires the ability to structure and process data.

Such data sets help to better understand and predict some processes. You can find applications for this in the banking industry. The analysis of all clients who take loans, taking into account a set of parameters, will get the probability with which a new client will part with his money.

Of course, implementation of such projects will fall on the shoulders of highly specialized employees. But this does not mean that bank employees should not be aware of big data. Then, the work of such a system will be as efficient as possible, and an employee who has knowledge in the field of big data will not remain unclaimed.

Ability to work with automated systems

Science fiction works draw in our future the widespread use of robots similar to humans, and even with such a strong AI, which will allow them to identify themselves as individuals. Of course, such development of robotics is still far away, but automated assistants are already used quite successfully.

As an example of artificial intelligence can be given various voice assistants, recently popular in modern electronic gadgets. This is not the AI that is shown in fantastic movies, but still it makes our lives easier. Robots are also used quite often: the largest car factories have long automated many stages of assembly. Robots do not look like people, but they are effective at screwing nuts and welding parts, which reduces the number of people working at the factory.

Experts predict that robotics will continue its development and robots will displace more and more people from all areas of production. However, robots are unable to manage the process on their own; in addition, sophisticated technology has the property of breaking down and making mistakes. In order to manage the process, you need specialists who clearly know how smart mechanisms work and how to correct their actions.

In the future, such knowledge will clearly not go unnoticed by employers. It will allow those who fall into the “risk group”, i.e. people who can be replaced by robots and neural networks, to sleep quietly.

Accelerated learning

Just accept one fact: there is nothing permanent in this world. Changes have been, are and will always be. Rapid technological progress has raised the pace of change to heaven. Therefore, it is important to be able to adapt to an ever-changing environment.

As for career development, people who in emergency situations can quickly replenish the piggy bank of their knowledge with new ones and apply them in time will be able to achieve success. Fast learning is the same skill as described above, which means it can be developed to ensure a stable and calm future.

Skills and knowledge in related industries

This point flows smoothly from the previous one. Already now there is a decrease in the demand for highly specialized workers, who do something well, but still one thing. Of course, high-class specialists will never be left without a job, but still, if you know not only your industry, but also the related ones, it will add points in the eyes of a potential employer. In theory, you will even be able to change your profession, and thanks to knowledge from other industries, you will not have to start from scratch. As for your salary, it will also grow significantly once you show your skills.


In the last 5 years, the share of people employed in remote work has increased 8 times and the current reality suggests that this percentage will increase. This kind of activity is mutually beneficial for both employees and employers: the former can work without leaving home, right on their favorite sofa, the latter do not need to spend money on office space rental and various “buns” for employees.

But not every person can work remotely. Here the most valuable will be people with a good level of self-discipline and performance, who will not be distracted by external stimuli and will be able to work at home as effectively as in the office. Learn to properly allocate your time and work without management control ¬ so any remote location will be accessible to you.

Leadership qualities

But the ability to organize their work is not enough at the present time, it is necessary to be able to combine the management of both their own activities and those of others. In this case, you will need leadership skills. This skill will be useful for you to coordinate the same remote workers when working on a large and responsible project, and it is probably the best way to make yourself known, because hardworking and executive people often remain in the shadow of competent managers and coordinators.

In this regard, diplomatic skills will be important. The ability to negotiate will help you when communicating with your subordinate or superior staff. The ability to find an individual approach will have a positive impact on building relationships with clients and significantly expand your client base.

Such skills will be a great addition to your work skills, which will make you a desirable employee for any employer.

Non-standard approach to problems

In the future there will be no sphere where high technologies are not applied. But people have features that distinguish them from robots – the ability to find a non-standard approach to common problems, to solve problems in a nontrivial way, critical thinking. Yes, artificial intelligence solves problems much faster, but it can only think within strictly defined limits.

A person is able to see unobvious solutions to problems. However, to do this, he must be a top-class specialist in his field and constantly train his thinking, first of all, focusing on expanding his horizons. Even now, more than a third of employers want to see this skill in the potential employee, and in the future this figure is unlikely to become less. So, if you don’t know what you can offer something that robots can’t cope with, start to develop problem-solving skills.


Let’s analyze a typical situation when you call a support center and talk to an AI. Simple questions are usually solved quickly and easily, but if the problem is much wider, you will be guided through many scripts. If they can’t give you an answer, you will be connected to a real operator. However, you may be disappointed when you hear from a person the same phrases as the artificial intelligence told you a few minutes ago.

Working in call centers is not very popular now. At first glance, it looks simple, which even not the most advanced AI can cope with. That’s why in the future the services, where the interlocutor will really help, will be appreciated, instead of saying template phrases and instructions. In this case, the employee will be required to have a thorough knowledge of the company’s peculiarities or product properties. Equally important will be the skills of the psychologist, which will calm the client, irritated by the lack of a solution to the problem or too long waiting.

Communicability is needed not only in the sphere of technical support. In principle, this skill is necessary for those whose work is connected with interaction with a large number of people. Such people will not be left without work even in the era of artificial intelligence.


The neural networks even learned how to create music and paint. But then again, their work is based on masterpieces already created by man. It is simply impossible to create conceptually new works without human participation. Therefore develop creative abilities. Even if at work you do not have to write music or paintings, your undeniable advantage will be creativity. A passion for different kinds of creativity will help to develop it.

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