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5 Most Common Myths Regarding Employee Monitoring

Ruslan Askarov

When it comes to employee monitoring, most of the employees do not favor it. The main reason behind it is that they do not like someone monitoring them all day long. It feels more like spying rather than observing. 

In fact, many employees believe that organizations are doubting their loyalty through this software. Thus, keeping such factors in mind, today, we will talk about five common myths about employee monitoring software.


Is it ethical to use employee monitoring software?

Employee Monitoring Software is a fully ethical approach to a workplace. Monitask is one of the best and most preferred employee monitoring tools for this purpose. The main aim of this software is to maintain dedication and focus among employees. In addition, it is efficient for time and productivity management to meet business goals. 

Even the employee benefits from the same. That’s because, in case of blunders, their lead can quickly check the issues and assist them with relevant actions. 

Having said that, employers should inform the employees about the same. They should be familiar with the features and working principles of the employee productivity software. Also, they should not invade their privacy by any means.


Myth 1 – Employee monitoring software is a total control system.

Not really. This software is specially designed to comprehend the productivity of the employee when working remotely. It helps in increasing work transparency and employee performance. In fact, it retains micromanaging and constant supervision.

Without the software, managers can bug the employees more often and ask them about their work progress. Having said that, with this software, the tasks are already visible to the manager. 

The technology is efficient for monitoring things related to the objectives of the organization. It also offers a time tracking service in the form of time tracking software. 

For example, employers can know about time spent on the task, check-in/check-out timings, future projects, etc. But, apart from that, they do not have control of anything.


Myth 2 – The employer will know everything.

Employee monitoring software is used for work purposes only. Therefore, the employer can only access things that concern the office schedule. Period. 

Apart from that, they are not allowed to check anything as per most of the company policies. Also, this software has a function where an employee can stop sharing information with the employer. Thus, if anyone feels something strange, they can immediately use the feature to control the access. 


Myth 3 – It doesn’t help to become more productive.

That’s false. For freshers or young workers, this software can be a motivating validation tool to give better performance. In addition, most of these technologies can help an employee to know their dedication and proficiency towards work. 

If someone scrolls on a social feed instead of working, this tool can help them to be more attentive. When employees see their work progress and performance, they get motivated to be more productive. The outstanding features conjugated with this software encourage the employees to be serious and committed in the workplace.  


Myth 4 – Private information is secretly collected.

A common misconception among most employees is that this software invades their privacy. That’s because most of this software is designed to monitor the work task only. 

When an employee does anything that concerns their private life, they can press the pause button. In doing so, the software will stop monitoring their system. 

Meanwhile, they can complete their tasks. Having said that, most of the organization restricts an employee from doing any personal tasks during office hours. 

At times, it’s OK, as one cannot expect 100% productivity. However, some employees do not work at all. Thus, this software can identify such individuals quickly.


Myth 5 – Only a low-tech company uses it.

With remote work being the new normal, the above statement is one of the biggest myths of all. The coronavirus pandemic has made work-from-home a new normal. So, be it a low-tech or high-tech company, employee monitoring software is used by all. 

In fact, it has made the entire situation more manageable. Employers can monitor the work progress and productivity of their respective households. Today, even the most prominent IT companies are using it for better work management. 


Wrapping up

To wrap up, employee monitoring is an effortless way to understand the performance, dedication, and productivity of an employee. It only concerns the things that are related to work. Besides that, it has nothing to do with anyone’s privacy. 

But if an employee feels threatened, they can use the function that restricts the monitoring. They can reach a senior and discuss the concerns precisely.

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