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The Best Work From Home Software in 2022

The work-from-home trend is on the rise. According to a study by Global Workplace Analytics, they are forecasting that 56% of Americans worked from home after the covid-19 pandemic. And that number is only going to continue to grow. There are many benefits to working from home, including flexibility, saving money on commuting costs, and…

Employee Time Management

The Importance of Employee Time Management for your Business in 2022

Employee productivity can be extremely high with employee time management. When employees have the tools and skills to do their job, they have everything they need to succeed. With employee time management, employees will know what is expected of them and how long each task should take them to complete.  Successful time management is crucial…

Choosing The Best Employee Scheduling Software

Employee scheduling is a big headache for many companies nowadays. However, utilizing scheduling tools takes care of such an issue.  We analyzed the best employee scheduling system in the market today. This article also provides relevant things to consider before choosing one. Let’s get started! The Hardships Of Employee Scheduling And Management Employee scheduling and…

Budgeting projects with remote employees

For successful projects, budgets are like a backbone. However, when it fails and exceeds the limit, things can take an unfortunate turn. That’s why it is always mandatory to stay in check with the investments.  While it’s pretty complex to execute everything within the budget, you can implement specific tactics that can encourage the same….

How to build effective cooperation in a remote development team?

Technology has broken the limitations of distance and barriers when it comes to assembling teams in the modern workplace. Thanks to technology, different people from different fields, races, disciplines, and works of life can come together to work on various parts of a project through a remote development team. Remote development teams have revolutionized the…

How Can You Evaluate A Developer’s Work?

The world is indeed a global hub, as different parts of it are closely knitted together. Regardless of your location, technology has helped bring the world closer together and forced us to interact despite our boundaries and differences. Through technology, our diversity has been harnessed to produce amazing results in various projects. One of the…

What Bossware is and how it helps in remote work

For the last two years, the work culture has changed globally. Now more and more companies are allowing remote work and work-from-home options to their employees. Further, the rise of remote work brings the need for employee monitoring and time tracking tools too. These types of tools boost productivity and help in real-time tracking of…

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5 most common myths regarding employee monitoring

When it comes to employee monitoring, most of the employees do not favor it. The main reason behind it is that they do not like someone monitoring them all day long. It feels more like spying rather than observing.  In fact, many employees believe that organizations are doubting their loyalty through this software. Thus, keeping…

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