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What Bossware is And How It Helps in Remote Work

Ruslan Askarov

For the last two years, the work culture has changed globally. Now more and more companies are allowing remote work and work-from-home options to their employees. Further, the rise of remote work brings the need for employee monitoring and time tracking tools too. These types of tools boost productivity and help in real-time tracking of employees’ work.

There are many digital tools that are gaining popularity among companies looking for new ways to track employee productivity. Applications such as Trello, Slack, Asana, Monitask, and more help people with real-time tracking, screen recording, and more.

Also, big firms are using bossware to monitor the whole day’s activity of workers. This is an amazing employee monitoring tool and is used by many big firms worldwide. 


What is bossware?

Bossware is actually software that can help you with the following things:

  • You can install it on the employee’s system like a laptop, PC, Smartphone, tablet, etc.
  • Collect any data regarding the running programs, keystrokes, activity in apps, etc. in the device.
  • Sends collected data to the boss or employer of the company.


Typical Features of bossware

Basically, bossware collects everything that happens on the device on which it is installed. The most common feature of bossware software is “activity monitoring,” such as a log of apps and websites that employees use.

Also, it may keep track of whom they (employee) contact via email and posts on social media. All in all, it tells you everything about the activity your employee will do on his or her system.


Is bossware ethical? What are the most ethical ways to use it? 

According to business owners, managers and bosses, bossware is ethical as it tracks employees’ activity. Before the pandemic employee monitoring software seemed to be excessive, intrusive, and non-ethical, but now this is not the case.

Many managers have realized the importance of time tracking and activity monitoring tools. Bossware tools allow companies to track the productivity of employees while working from home.

Now, the boss has every hour knowledge of its employee and can check who is working on which project and who is using the device for what purpose.

While monitoring employees, bossware may raise ethical concerns too. Some employees may not lie to get monitored all the time by their boss. But, since employees are working from home, monitoring is a must for the productivity and growth of the company. 


Ethical Ways To Use Bossware

If you want to use bossware ethically, think about how you would feel if someone tracks your daily activities. Additionally, make sure you follow the proper rules when tracking or monitoring employee’s systems as well as work.

Do not use their personal info, and tell them in advance that you are going to monitor their device for tasks. Also, do not monitor employee’s devices after office hours.  


How common is Bossware?

The employee monitoring tool is not new, and the only thing is that it was not so common earlier. But now, since the work from home culture has become a new norm, products of bossware are common.

Almost every company is using the time tracking and system monitoring tool to track the productivity of their employees.

Even the biggest companies in the world use bossware products. For example, the customers of the most popular employee monitoring software include Instacart, Groupon, Ring, Allstate, Ericsson, Verizon, and Re/Max.

Also, some unpopular monitoring software is used by more than 6,400 organizations. So, it is clear that bossware is very much common and has many users worldwide.


Must employees know about data collected, and what is data used for?

Some of the most common uses of bossware products are time tracking, employee productivity tracking, system monitoring, and compliance with data protection law.

Companies use it to track employees’ work, but firms can not leak the data. When companies deal with sensitive data, the tool makes sure data isn’t leaked or stolen from company systems.

For off-site workers or remote employees, this may necessitate a certain level of on-device monitoring. But a manager or employer should not undertake any device monitoring for security purposes unless it is necessary.

Employees should know that the employer is monitoring their devices. Therefore, they should try to avoid opening any personal info on the system during working hours. 


Wrapping up

Now you know a lot about bossware, and you can use it for employee monitoring. If you are looking for the best employee monitoring tool, then the Monitask tool is also a great option for you. With this tool, you are not only able to track employee productivity, but can also create professional invoices, send automatic payment reminders, and get paid for work faster online.

Also, for employers, Monitask serves as an excellent free time tracking invoicing tool that lets them track the working hours of their team or freelancers. Try it Now!

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