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The Great Resignation: Why Millennials Are Quitting Their Six-Figure Jobs

There’s a new trend on the rise, and it goes by the name of “the great resignation.” What is this, you ask? It’s simply when millennials quit their six-figure jobs in droves. Why are they doing this? Many say they’re burnt out, exhausted from working long hours for little reward, and this is not exactly…

implementing change

Change Management: The Impact on Organizations

“The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow. “Rupert Murdoch, Change Management Review. Life is a series of changes. It can be exciting, new, and full of possibilities—or it can be scary, uncomfortable, and unknown. Change can have both good and bad consequences…

Employee Onboarding Best Practices

Employee Onboarding Best Practices: The Ultimate Guide

Employee onboarding is the process of integrating new employees into an organization. In spite of how sometimes onboarding can be a long and daunting process, with the right employee onboarding best practices and strategies in place, it can be a smooth and effective experience for both the employee and the company! A high employee turnover…

Try New Feature – Display Options Filter

We continue to improve the features of Monitask for you and in one of the latest updates, we have implemented a new and useful feature – filter display options in the Time entry details report. Now you have 5 additional filters for displaying information in the daily report.

Monitask Dashboard Has a New Look

Starting February 8th, 2021, we are rolling out an updated Monitask dashboard. We have a lot of new features coming up in the upcoming months but we’ve decided to kick things off with a refreshed dashboard. Please note that most of the functionality is identical to the old view. We’ve tried to only make cosmetic…

Monitask is Now Compatible with Jira

We are glad to inform you about our innovation, which we have made thanks to you and for you. Monitask is now compatible with Jira. We have implemented the ability to connect your favorite time tracker to your project management system by adding a special plugin to Atlassian Marketplace – now you can add it…

Zapier Integrations

Connect Monitask to Your Favorite Tools with Zapier

In recent years, businesses rely more and more on software services. According to devsquad, On average, companies use 34 SaaS services. That is why we’ve released a new Zapier integration that allows our customers to integrate with 1000+ online services. A full list of tools that can be integrated with Monitask can be seen here….

Monitask is a part of ProfitWell’s Stimulus Package

Times have been extremely trying, but we’re in it together.  And together, with @ProfitWell, we’ve launched the Subscription Stimulus Package to help fuel your company’s growth. Here’s everything you need to know: The stimulus package includes great offers from companies, such as Drift, Zenefits, Wootric, Dan Martell, FYI, Chargify, Keen, Chargebee, Appcues, Teachable, Bigfoot Capital,…

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