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Top 12 Clockify Alternatives 2024

Thomas Simon

Time tracking is essential for any business that seeks to maximize productivity and measure team performance. It’s a game-changer, allowing businesses to keep up with unlimited projects concurrently, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. One tool that has gained traction in this industry is Clockify. 

However, every business has unique needs, and what works for one may not work for the other. Small business owners may need a more affordable option, while large enterprises require more features. But is Clockify the only option out there? Certainly not! This article aims to take you through the best Clockify alternatives available.

Benefits of Using Time Tracking Apps

Implementing online time tracking tools can be life-changing for any business, no matter the size. For a project manager, time tracking automation can provide essential data and insights to better manage the team’s workflow. For a business owner, it allows for more accurate billing and revenue forecasting. Here are some benefits of using a time tracking app:

Improved Productivity:
With time tracking, employees are more aware of their working hours and how much time is spent on each task. These accurate time reports can be used to identify areas for improvement, increase productivity, and optimize time management. With these powerful tools, organizations can make data-driven decisions, streamline workflows, and achieve better project outcomes.
Accurate Project Billing:
No more manual time tracking or guesswork! When you accurately track time you have data on the time spent on each project. This eliminates any potential discrepancies with clients when it comes to billing, ensuring transparency and client satisfaction. Time tracking apps also allow for easy integration with invoicing software, making the client billing process seamless.
Team Performance Evaluation:
Time tracking apps provide detailed reports on individual and team performance, making it easier to track progress and identify areas for improvement. By measuring team performance, companies can set goals, evaluate employee efficiency, and ultimately improve team productivity.
Enhanced Job Satisfaction:
When employees feel valued and their time is well managed, job satisfaction increases. Time tracking apps play a crucial role in achieving this by providing team members with a sense of accountability and ownership of their work. By accurately tracking their time and progress, employees are able to identify areas for improvement, set realistic goals, and effectively manage their workload.
Better Resource Management:
The best time tracking tools provide detailed insights into how much time is allocated to different tasks and projects, allowing for better resource management and planning in future projects. By analyzing time spent on specific activities, teams can identify areas for improvement, optimize productivity, and enhance overall project efficiency.

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Monitask – The Best Time Tracking Software

Monitask is standout time tracking software that serves as an all-in-one hub for employee monitoring and project management. Its state-of-the-art features are designed to boost productivity and efficiency, making it an ideal tool for both small business owners and large companies. Monitask offers a unified platform for tracking time, managing tasks, and supervising employees. Providing real-time insights into your team’s time and activities, allows you to optimize your workflows and ensure that every minute is spent productively.

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Live Dashboard

This Monitask feature offers real-time oversight of your entire team. It helps you visualize the time spent by each team member on various tasks, giving you a detailed understanding of how work hours are utilized. This feature provides a graphical representation of project timelines and time distribution, making it easy to gauge work progress at a glance. It promotes transparency and assists in better project planning and time management.

Time Tracking Tool

Monitask offers accurate time tracking and reporting features, allowing you to monitor employee performance in real time. It features a user friendly interface that makes it easy for employees to clock in and clock out to log their working hours and breaks. Managers can also view the total time spent on tasks and generate detailed reports for further analysis with just a few clicks!

Screenshots and Activity Levels

One of Monitask’s most powerful features is the ability to capture screenshots and track activity levels. This ensures that employees are working on tasks assigned to them, and not wasting company time on non-work-related activities. Screenshots can be taken at customized intervals, and users have the option to blur sensitive information for privacy purposes.


Monitask simplifies expense tracking by incorporating robust accounting features. This tool streamlines the tracking and calculation of expenses associated with each project, ensuring accurate financial forecasting and budgeting, and automating payroll processes by calculating salaries based on billable hours and hourly rates. This eliminates the need for manual calculations and reduces the risk of errors.

Monitask Pros

Monitask offers a wide array of features that go beyond basic time tracking. Its capabilities:

Employee monitoring
Task management
Detailed productivity reports

Users have praised its seamless integration of these features, providing a holistic, 360-degree solution to managing teams and projects efficiently. This time tracking tool is also available for Stealth mode, ensuring employees’ privacy while still allowing managers to track their activities.

Monitask Cons

There are some minor drawbacks to consider with Monitask.

Users have reported an initial learning curve to fully utilize its capabilities

Some users have expressed the need for a website blocking feature. This functionality would further enhance productivity by preventing access to distracting websites during work hours.

Monitask Pricing

Monitask provides a 10-day free trial and three comprehensive pricing plans. The Pro Plan is available at a competitive rate of $5.99 per user per month. Moving up the ladder, we have the Business Plan, priced at $8.99 per user per month, offering additional features and benefits. Lastly, the Enterprise Plan offers custom pricing options to suit your specific needs. Save up to 20% by opting for annual billing. Get add-on features for as little as $3 per month per license. For further information, contact the sales team here.

What Clients Say About Monitask

Many clients have expressed their satisfaction with Monitask, particularly praising its time tracker feature and integrations. Multiple users have found that Monitask’s automatic time tracking has significantly improved their productivity and allowed them to stay on top of projects and meet deadlines more efficiently.

Starting Price$5.99 (User / Month)$4.99 (User / Month)
Time Tracking
Customer Support
Activity Level
ScreenshotsOnly available for
Pro and Enterprise plan
Apps & Internet
Usage Monitoring

Prices correspond to monthly billings

Establishing performance metrics is crucial to track employee progress, ensure accountability, and align efforts with organizational goals. Regular monitoring, support, and fostering a collaborative culture can enhance the effectiveness of established performance metrics. Fact: Companies that implement performance metrics see a 30% increase in productivity.

Other 16 Best Clockify Alternatives


ClickUp is a versatile tool that consolidates all your work into one platform, making it one of the best Clockify alternatives. This employee monitoring software caters to project management, time tracking features, and task management needs, offering robust features that promote team productivity and work efficiency. Key features include task dependencies, subtasks, custom statuses, and reminders. 

  • Consolidates all your work into one platform
  • Offers project management, time tracking, and task management features
  • Promotes team productivity and work efficiency
  • Includes task dependencies, subtasks, custom statuses, and reminders

Its intuitive interface and customizable dashboards provide a holistic view of your projects, enabling you to track progress in real-time and identify bottlenecks promptly. Additionally, ClickUp supports seamless integration with numerous third-party applications and provides comprehensive reporting features that visualize key metrics and drive effective decision-making.


Availability of a wide variety of Gantt charts
Kanban view is available
Customizable dashboards
Comprehensive reporting and analytics
Multi-teams collaboration
Versatile task management features

Free plan available


Steep learning curve for beginners
Users have complained about the project’s loading time
Especially when there’s a lot of data in the mix
The mobile app is not very easy to navigate and can present glitches in Android mobile devices
Screenshots, time tracking, and similar features are available after installing the Chrome extension


Besides the free plan, ClickUp offers three different pricing plans, starting from the Unlimited Plan for $7 per user per month, the Business Plan at $12 per user per month, and the Enterprise plan with custom pricing.


Timely is an AI-powered time tracking tool that offers a unique approach to time management. Instead of manually logging employee hours for different tasks, Timely automatically tracks employee time by analyzing digital activity. This eliminates the need for manual time tracking altogether and provides a more accurate representation of the workday.

Timely also offers features such as task management, invoicing, billing, and productivity reporting. Its AI technology can even predict how long a task will take to complete based on historical data. With Timely, you can easily manage multiple projects simultaneously without having to switch between different tools.


Users praised its user friendly interface and its booking/appointment feature
As well, clients appreciate their color-coded appointments
It is easily accessible from mobile devices. Likewise, users are happy with its reporting capabilities.


Users have complained about poor customer service.
The cost doubles when going from 1 to 2 users, which poses a significant impact on small businesses.
The initial setup takes some time, and the calendar syncing also takes a while to synchronize.


Timely offers three pricing plans: Starter ($11 per user month with a maximum of 5 users), Premium ($20 per user month with a maximum of 50 users), and Unlimited ($28 per user month). Save up to 22% when opting for the yearly plan. Add-ons are available at $5 per person for any subscription plan.


Harvest is a time tracking software designed to streamline project management and time management. With its key features, you can measure productivity, perform project tracking, invoicing, budgeting, and resource planning. It also offers integrations with popular project management tools like Asana and Trello.

One of the standout features of Harvest is its offline time tracking capabilities, allowing users to continue tracking time even if they lose internet connection. In this platform you can also view detailed reports on employee productivity and project progress, making it easier to identify areas for improvement.


Harvest’s simple design and user-friendly interface make it easy to adopt and integrate into daily workflows
Its comprehensive reporting and analytics provide detailed insights for effective project management and productivity monitoring.
Users praise its non intrusive design.


Some users have observed that the mobile app could be improved for better functionality.
Also, there may be limitations in customizing invoices and reports to meet specific business needs.
Harvest can be expensive for businesses that need to use multiple features or have a larger team.


Harvest offers a free plan with a basic time tracker for one user and two projects. For unlimited projects and users, they provide a Pro plan priced at $12 per user month. This price goes down to $10.80 per user month, if billed annually.

Toggl Track

Toggl Track is a popular time tracking software that offers automatic time tracking, manual entry, and integrations with popular project management tools. Its key features include billable hours tracking, productivity reporting, and detailed insights into employee productivity during work hours. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and track time for multiple projects simultaneously. Toggl Track also offers one-click invoicing, making it an ideal time tracking solution for freelancers and small businesses.


Toggl Track excels in its simplicity and versatility.
The platform is user-friendly, offering comprehensive visual reports and team time tracking.
The ability to tag and categorize time entries provides detailed insights into how time is allocated. Additionally, Toggl offers a Pomodoro timer and a free 14-day trial.


Effectively managing quick and short-term activities with Toggl Track can be challenging.
The availability of advanced features in higher-priced plans may not be feasible for all budgets, particularly for small businesses, marketing teams, and freelancers in need of access to more advanced functionalities.


Toggl Track offers a free time tracker with basic reporting features. With the same features of the free plan plus more comprehensive capabilities, they offer paid plans starting at $8 per user per month for the Team plan, and $13.35 per user per month for the Business plan.


Hubstaff is a robust system for time tracking and a fitting Clockify alternative, built to streamline project management and enhance productivity. It integrates functionalities such as automatic time tracking, activity monitoring, GPS tracking, online timesheet management, and more. Key features include automated payroll, invoicing, scheduling, and real-time reporting

Its easy-to-navigate interface, coupled with detailed performance reports, facilitates efficient management of remote teams. Hubstaff also offers seamless integration with a variety of third-party applications, ensuring a smooth workflow across multiple projects. Notably, it possesses a GPS tracking feature, providing insightful location data for field or remote employees.


Hubstaff gets praise for its intuitive interface and detailed productivity tracking app, providing valuable insights for businesses.
The software’s GPS tracking feature is highly useful for businesses with on-field or remote teams.
Additionally, its seamless integration with a variety of apps adds to the software’s convenience and functionality. Offers free trial.


Some users have reported that the desktop app can sometimes be a bit resource-intensive.
The screenshot feature, though useful, may be seen as intrusive by some users.
One significant limitation for certain users is that it solely monitors mouse and keyboard activities. Also, it needs to address and rectify some glitches.


Hubstaff offers a free plan with limited features. Their paid plans include Starter Plan ($4.99 per user month), Grow Plan ($7.50 per user month), Team Plan ($10 per user month), and Enterprise (customized pricing) with each tier offering more advanced features.


TimeCamp is another effective Clockify alternative that emphasizes productivity and efficiency. As an automatic time tracking software, it eliminates the need for manual logging, allowing for precise billable hours’ calculation. Key features include invoicing, budgeting, employee attendance tracking, project management, and integrations with a multitude of third-party applications.

A standout feature of TimeCamp is its graphical timesheet management, which provides a visually pleasing and easy-to-understand breakdown of your workday. The software also offers a highly detailed reporting system, making it a comprehensive tool for project and time management for work hours.

Automatic Time Tracking
TimeCamp provides automatic and a manual time tracker, allowing businesses to accurately measure the time spent on each task or project.
You can set budgets for particular tasks and monitor your progress in real time to prevent overspending.
TimeCamp offers detailed reports that provide a comprehensive view of work hours, tasks, and productivity levels.
Project Management
It allows you to organize your projects, assign tasks to team members, and set deadlines.
TimeCamp enables you to invoice your clients based on time spent on different tasks or projects.
TimeCamp integrates seamlessly with project management software, accounting, and communication tools.


TimeCamp’s automatic time tracking features are particularly beneficial for businesses that want to eliminate manual time entries.
It also provides a user-frienly interface, making it easy for teams to navigate through the platform. Detailed reporting, coupled with robust project management features.


Although TimeCamp offers a rich array of features, the initial setup and configuration may be a bit complex, especially for larger teams.
Some users have also reported that the mobile app could use some improvements in terms of functionality and design.


TimeCamp offers a free plan for solo users with basic features. Their Starter plan, suitable for teams, is priced at $2.99 per user month, while the Basic plan is priced at $5.99 per user month. The Pro plan is available at $7.99 per user month.


TMetric is a dynamic time tracking software and a compelling Clockify alternative, focusing on simplifying task management and enhancing productivity. It’s equipped with key features such as automated and manual time tracking, billable hours, detailed reports, project management, and budgeting. It also offers seamless integrations with a multitude of popular project management and development tools.

TMetric’s intuitive interface makes it easy to assign tasks, switch between them, manage projects, and track hours effectively. Detailed reports provide a comprehensive overview of team performance, enabling better project management and decision making.


All TMetric’s plans come with a free 30-day trial.
No credit card required.
Cost-effective and intuitive time tracker. It has great usability and the option to use tags.
Reporting capabilities are highly commendable. TMetric can run on Windows, Android, and iOS.


Lack of API integration with other IT systems.
Occasionally, the service would experience interruptions without any clear indication or notification regarding the cause.
The app design is not well-suited for small viewports, such as smartphones, as it requires horizontal scrolling.


In addition to the free trial, TMetric also provides two paid plans for users to choose from. The Business Plan is priced at $7 per user per month. On the other hand, the Professional Plan is available at $5 per user per month.


MyHours is a versatile time tracking alternative to Clockify, designed to optimize productivity and streamline project management tasks. It offers key features such as simple time tracking, project budgeting, team scheduling, and comprehensive reporting. MyHours also supports integrations with several popular business applications, enhancing its functionality and adaptability.

MyHours stands out with its user-friendly interface, enabling users to seamlessly track time, manage individual tasks, and monitor project budgets. The software’s robust reporting feature offers insightful and detailed analyses of team performance, contributing to informed decision-making and effective project management.


Offers a free plan
Easy time tracking, project budgeting, comprehensive reporting, team scheduling, and integrations with multiple third-party applications
Customer service is very responsive and helpful. Tracking time can be done effortlessly by clocking in and out, or by manually logging the time with project details and a description of the work accomplished


Some users have reported that the mobile app could be more intuitive
The mobile app is functional but very limited
The invoicing feature offers limited options for customization. The process of client billing and invoicing has become more cumbersome


Besides the free account, MyHours offers a Pro plan at just $9 per user per month. This paid plan provides users with advanced features and enhanced functionality to boost productivity and streamline time management. The Pro plan also includes a free 14-day trial.


ProofHub is an all-in-one project management and time tracking software that presents a robust system alternative to Clockify. It offers an array of key features including time tracking, project scheduling, discussions, file proofing, and advanced reporting. ProofHub also supports integration with popular third-party applications, further extending its functionality.

ProofHub’s interface is intuitively designed, making it easy for users to track time, manage tasks, and collaborate effectively. Its proofing feature stands out, allowing users to review and approve files directly within the software. The comprehensive reporting functionality provides insightful data, aiding in effective decision-making and project management.

Time tracking
Accurately log hours spent on tasks and projects.
Project scheduling
Plan and organize projects effectively.
Facilitate team communication through in-app discussions.
Advanced reporting
Gain valuable insights into project performance and team productivity.
Third-party integrations
Enhance functionality by integrating with popular applications.


ProofHub has an intuitive design and user-friendly interface that makes it easy for your team to get started.
The software offers simple fixed-price plans with 
no per-user fee.
You can add as many team members as you want without worrying about additional costs.


Although ProofHub integrates with popular tools such as Google Drive and Dropbox, it does not have integrations with multiple platforms like Slack, Trello, and Asana.
While ProofHub’s UI is fast, it can sometimes be a bit erratic and confusing.
The pricing of ProofHub may be considered relatively high by certain users, particularly small businesses and startups. Integrations are not free.


ProofHub offers two straightforward pricing plans. The Essential Plan, at $50 per month, includes unlimited projects, tasks, users, and 15GB of storage. The Ultimate Control Plan, at $89 per month, provides all features including API access, custom roles, advanced activity logs, and 100GB storage. 


Everhour is a powerful and intuitive time tracking tool and one of the best alternatives to Clockify. Its key features include accurate time tracking, project budgeting, detailed reporting, and integrations with popular project management software. Everhour’s seamless integration with popular tools like Asana, Trello, and Basecamp makes it a versatile choice for teams of all sizes.

Everhour’s strength lies in its detailed reporting and project budgeting features, which provide a 360-degree view of project progress and team productivity. Users can effortlessly track hours, manage their tasks and projects, and gain valuable insights from the software’s comprehensive reports.


Everhour is praised for its user-friendly interface and straightforward design, making it easy to learn and navigate.
Good integration with Asana, Basecamp, and Chrome extensions.
Everhour offers a wide range of features for time tracking, project management, invoicing, and reporting. Users appreciate the ability to track time spent in detail.


The mobile app is very limited.
Can’t start a timer unless the project is listed in the system.
Everhour does not have an offline mode, requiring an internet connection to use the software.
Limited project management features.


Everhour offers three pricing plans: Free plan, Lite, and Team. The Lite plan costs $6 per month when billed annually or $7 per month when billed monthly. The Team plan costs $10 per month when billed annually or $12 per month when billed monthly. It includes all the features of the Lite plan, plus priority support, time cards and time approval, auditing, and more.


While Clockify may be a popular choice for time tracking, these alternatives offer powerful features and competitive pricing plans that make them suitable options for teams and individuals alike. It ultimately comes down to personal preference and the specific needs of your business or project. Whether you are looking for robust reporting capabilities, advanced integrations, or user-friendly interfaces, there is sure to be a time tracking tool on this list that will suit your needs. 

So why limit yourself to just one option? Explore these alternatives to Clockify and find the right time tracking solution for your needs. Remember, effective time management is crucial for productivity and success, so choose wisely and integrate time tracking in your company today!

— The Monitask Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference between Monitask and Clockify?

While both are employee monitoring software, the main difference between Monitask and Clockify lies in their features. Monitask provides screenshots across all its plans and offers app and website usage monitoring, both of which are not available in Clockify.

What Are the Features of Time Management System?

A time management system provides features like time tracking, project management, deadline setting, productivity analysis, and reporting. It assists in efficiently managing time, enhancing productivity, and tracking team performance.

How Much Does Time Tracker Cost?

The cost of a time tracker varies depending on the product, features, and pricing model. Prices can range from free basic offerings to premium plans costing up to $20 per user per month. Some platforms offer unlimited user plans at a fixed monthly or yearly rate.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Time Tracking?

Time tracking has several pros and cons. It boosts productivity, improves project management, and aids in accurate billing. On the downside, it can lead to surveillance stress and does not consider the quality of work completed. Time tracking is only beneficial if done properly and ethically.


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