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How Sophisticated is Employee Monitoring at Technology Companies?

Ruslan Askarov

Be it convenience or the pandemic; remote working has become a prevalent part of technology companies. Most organizations consider remote working to be new, practical, and budget-friendly. 

However, companies often wonder if it’s sophisticated to monitor their employees for work efficiency. If yes, then how? Today, we will cover the same topic through our article.

What is employee monitoring?

Employee monitoring is a valuable tactic of observing employees and their activities through distinct methods of surveillance. It has been carried out by different organizations to enhance work productivity and protect relevant resources. 

The main aim behind employee monitoring is to prevent any unusual circumstances that concern the objectives of the business. It also helps in knowing how quickly and efficiently employees can complete projects.


Can tech companies benefit from employee monitoring?

Tech companies use relevant software and technologies to execute their work feasibly. They are likely to benefit from employee monitoring by the following means.


Better Flexibility and Productivity

With employee monitoring, companies can observe the actions of the employee and apprehend if it’s productive or not. By this means, employers will be able to identify the ones who need training and help them accordingly.


Track of Attendance

It can also help to comprehend the regularity of the remote developers. The employee monitoring software is efficient for keeping track of attendance and remote management.


Data Security

Threats from internal sources are much more dangerous than external ones. Thus, to prevent any data breaches, organizations can opt for employee monitoring. Nothing could be hidden from the software designed for data monitoring. 


What are the challenges of monitoring remote software developers

With work from home being the new normal, companies face some challenges in monitoring software developers. That’s because they are a remarkable part of any corporation. 

If they fail to do their job correctly, blunders can occur. Here is a quick glimpse of the challenges 

Unsatisfactory communication

Communication with team members can get challenging with remote working. That’s because numerous remote employees struggle to collaborate or connect with the rest of the team. 

Having said that, a team member should be comfortable in sharing thoughts and ideas. They should render feedback while comprehending who to speak to when in need of support. 

Performance and Time Tracking

A remote development team should be monitored for efficiency, time management, and productivity as per the company standards. With remote means, this can get a bit complex. 

Employers may struggle to track the performance of the software developers. As a result, they can lose track of upcoming outcomes. 

Besides, they also struggle to track the working hours. There is no one to look whether the employee is working or not. 

Limited Trust

When working from the office, people interact daily and communicate more often. It then builds trust and commitment between the company and the employee.

With remote working, one might encounter insecurity and trust issues. Later, this can result in the cohesion of the employees. 


How to effectively manage software developers 

Now that you know some challenges, let’s plunge into some ways to manage software developers efficiently. 

  •   First, enhance the means of communication through distinct tactics. You can try one on one chats, team meetings, and open forums for the same. 
  •   Ask them to provide feedback and ideas for better employee value. Be flexible while accepting the reviews. 
  •   Try using any software/technology to track the performance and productivity of the employees. 
  •   Always make connections and assure them that you are available for the team in distressing times. 
  •   Apart from guiding and instructing the employees, make sure to listen to them as well. 
  •   Make sure to provide them both basic and advanced resources for better work outcomes. 
  •   If it seems that the employee needs recognition, give them the same. You can do so by pointing out their contribution to any newly accepted project. 
  •   Train your employees with relevant programs if they fail to perform as per your expectations.


Solutions for monitoring remote developers

Success is attainable with the proper techniques. Let’s check out some practical solutions to monitor remote developers.


Team Building Games and Exercises

As mentioned earlier, trust issues are common with remote work. Having said that, companies should try including team-building games and exercises to maintain belief and faith.

For that, employers can try online games like Egg Drop, Taking In Circles, etc. They can also keep interactive sessions through video conferencing now and then.

Monitask for Tracking

It is necessary to track an employee for its work productivity and potency. In such cases, employee monitoring software like Monitask can help.

The outstanding tracker renders the following features.

  • Clock-in/Clock-out Board: It helps to know the login and logout timings of the employee.
  • Online Timesheets: It helps in creating online timesheets for your employees in a hassle-free manner.
  • Employee Attendance Tracking: It can track the attendance and regularity of the employee with their work.
  • Time Tracking Software: It helps to comprehend the time spent on any particular project.
  • Employee Productivity Software: The tracker can monitor the employee’s work and provide genuine reports of their productivity. It helps them to complete the work and deliver on time.


Provide the Right Tools

In the case of software developers, companies should keep them well-equipped with the right tools and technologies. Limited access to relevant entities can impact business growth.

To retain any fear of misuse, one can use the employee tracking system to see how they are utilizing these tools. They can immediately restrict the access if they find anything suspicious. 


Wrapping up

Employee monitoring in a technological company is useful for better employee productivity, successful management, flexibility, and business growth.

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