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How to Monitor Employees without Being Overly Intrusive and Still Protect Their Privacy

Junun Saleh
Employee monitoring systems

In today’s workplace, many businesses operate in a hybrid environment, with employees working from offices and remote locations, or anywhere they choose.

This setup benefits employers and employees; employers can save on office space, and employee productivity remains high.

However, maintaining and managing employee productivity is the employer’s responsibility, so how do you monitor employees without being overly intrusive?

This article will inform us of some tips and tools for doing just that.

Understand the benefits of monitoring employees

Employee monitoring system

As remote work becomes the norm, more and more companies have begun tracking employees through desktop monitoring, video surveillance, and other digital tools.” Harvard Business Review.

As an employer, it’s essential to understand the benefits of employee monitoring. By monitoring employees, you can learn how they are performing and how to improve their productivity.

Some employee monitoring tools are available, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Before choosing a tool, you must understand your needs and what you want to achieve.

  • Do you want to monitor employee activity on company computers?
  • Track employee email?
  • Record phone calls?

Once you know your needs, you can choose the best tool for your business. Employers should also be aware of the potential privacy concerns associated with employee monitoring.

Be sure to inform employees that they may be monitored and get their consent before collecting any data. When appropriately used, employee monitoring can be a valuable tool for improving productivity and enhancing the performance of your business.

However, employers can use some standard employee monitoring tools in most businesses.

These include time tracking software, activity monitors, and screen recording software. Using these tools, you can get valuable insights into how your employees work and identify areas where your employees can make improvements.

In addition, employee monitoring can help deter cheating and other forms of wrongdoing. As a result, it is essential to run a successful business.

Figure out what methods you will use to monitor employees

Employee monitoring tool

An employer must ensure that employees are productive and efficient. To do this, you’ll need to figure out what methods you will use to monitor employee activity.

One option is to use employee monitoring software. This software can track employee internet usage, email communication, and more. 

Employers can use this system to track employee attendance, job performance, and more. Whichever method you choose, it’s essential to make sure that you’re consistent in your monitoring.

This will help you accurately assess employee productivity and make necessary changes to improve efficiency.

Employee monitoring systems typically include hardware devices installed on company computers or devices.

These devices can track employee keystrokes, mouse movements, and more. When choosing an employee monitoring method, you should consider your business goals and needs.

You may consider employee monitoring software if you’re concerned about employee productivity. If you’re worried about employee internet usage, you may want to look into employee monitoring systems.

Ultimately, the best way to monitor employees is the method that fits your business goals and needs.

Set up expectations for employees

Employee engagement and employee monitoring data

Employee performance can often make or break a company. To ensure that your employees meet your expectations, it is essential to set clear guidelines.

  • For remote workers, this may include setting regular check-ins or setting a minimum number of hours they must work each week.
  • For team members, this may involve setting deadlines for tasks or outlining the expectations for each role on the team.

By setting clear expectations, you can help ensure that your employees are productive and efficient. 

Let employees know about monitoring systems.

As an employer, measuring productivity is critical to ensure that your business runs smoothly and efficiently. For instance, keystroke logging is one of the most effective. This involves tracking the keystrokes of employees to measure their output.

However, it’s essential to let employees know they are being monitored this way. Otherwise, they may feel uneasy and less productive.

But if your employees are unaware of the monitoring, they’re likely to fudge the numbers or game the system. By making it clear that you’re measuring productivity, you can encourage your employees to be more honest and accurate in their reporting.

Some people might resent the fact that they are being monitored. But, by letting them know they are being watched, managers can get the most accurate measure of their productivity.

One way to help employees learn and understand the risks associated with their work is to provide them with employee monitoring reports. This will let them know that you’re keeping an eye on their progress and that you’re interested in their success.

The risk review board will help employees be more productive by helping them challenge ideas and information.

Keep an eye on employee productivity.

Employee monitoring data and employee productivity management

Employers want productive employees, and businesses must provide them with the right tools and resources. This way, employees can be effective and help the company grow.

However, it cannot be easy to track how each employee performs. This is where employee productivity tracking software comes in.

Using the employee productivity tracking tool, you can see which employees are meeting their targets and which are falling behind. In addition, you can also identify any areas where employees are wasting time. As a result, you can make changes to improve productivity and help your business succeed.

One of the best employee monitoring software you can use is Monitask.

Employees monitoring software recommendation

Measure productivity

Companies’ management love to know how their employees work. They want to know how much time is spent on specific tasks, how many projects are completed in a day, and how well each employee works.

There are now many software programs that allow employers to track employee productivity. One of the most popular is Monitask. It’s a desktop monitoring program that gives employers insights into how their employees are working.

Monitask is one of the most effective employee productivity tracking software programs available today. It’s simple to use and provides employers with valuable insights into their employees’ work.

If you’re looking for a way to have an employee monitoring system, we highly recommend Monitask. It’s an excellent tool that will help you improve your business.

Set up Monitask

You can register and activate free for one account on Monitask’s official website. After the activation, you can add users to your organization and pay per user based on your plans according to your company’s needs. The prices are affordable for every business size.

The first step is creating an account by clicking “Sign Up for free” on the upper right corner of the homepage. Then fill out some information about you and your company.

#1 Employers can set-up how do you want to monitor the employees activity
Best employee monitoring software

Employers can set up monitoring visibility for the organization in Monitask’s settings panel. There are two options for employers to set how employers will monitor the activities of the employees:

  • Visible – The employees can start and stop the activities tracking
  • Silent – Monitoring the computer activities all the time.
#2 Ask employees to download and install the Monitask apps on their computers.
Employee monitoring software

Employers admin should invite employees to join and use the Monitask apps. The invitation can send via the Monitask dashboard. Employees have to download and install the Monitask apps on their computers.

#3 Activate the Monitask apps
employee monitoring software running for team members and remote workers

IT Team activates the Monitask apps on employees computers, either on Company’s or personal employees computers.

What kind of benefits to the employer does a Monitask software solution have?

#1 Clear Visibility.

Clear visibility into how employees work can help you identify ways to improve efficiency and effectiveness. By understanding the patterns and trends in employee behavior, you can make informed decisions that will enhance your bottom line.

#2 View the workload.

The software check on how busy the team is and whether they are overloading themselves.

#3 Take a screenshot monitor.

The application will take screenshots of the user’s work process, which will allow employers to see what the user is doing at specific points in time.

#4 Only transparency, not spying on the employees.

There’s no need for spying when there’s transparency. Being transparent opens the door to honest communication and builds trust. It creates an environment in which you can work together collaboratively and respectfully.

More about Monitask solutions

A user of Monitask would record computer activity and generate detailed reports on how much time spend on a project, how productive a user was, and other metrics.

Monitask would help managers track how employees work and see if they spend the correct amount of time on the project.

The software is compatible with many different types of computers (Mac, Linux, and Windows), making it a good option for businesses with a mixed-platform environment. Because the software is compatible with many different types of computers, it is easy to use and manage.

Monitask has a variety of features that go beyond simple user activity tracking software. The features of this software make it helpful in tracking a variety of different activities. Their features such as:

  • Remote Employee Monitoring
  • Employee Productivity Software
  • Employee Attendance Software
  • Clock-in/Clock-Out Board
  • Time Tracking 
  • Online Timesheet
  • Computer Monitoring

Prepare for any issues that may arise from monitoring employees.

Employee monitoring can provide valuable data that employers can use to improve employee engagement. However, it is essential to deal with any issues that may arise from monitoring employees.

One issue that may arise is employee privacy. Employees may feel that their privacy is being invaded while being monitored. Employees must ensure that their privacy is protected when their data is used.

Another issue that may arise is employee morale. If employees feel that they are being constantly monitored, they may become discouraged and less engaged in their work.

Employees need to know the purpose of employee monitoring to be comfortable with it. Businesses can improve employee engagement and create a more positive work environment by dealing with any issues that may arise from employee monitoring.

Monitoring employees can have many benefits for employers.

Employers often implement employee monitoring in the workplace to track employee phone calls, internet usage, and computer activity.

Although some employers may view employee monitoring as a way to invade employee privacy, they can gain several benefits from employee monitoring. 

Firstly, employee monitoring can help employers to evaluate employee productivity. By tracking employee telephone calls and internet usage, employers can identify patterns of non-productive behavior. For example, if an employee spends much time on social media during work hours, this would be identified as non-productive behavior.

In addition, employee monitoring can help employers protect their company information and resources. Employers can prevent data leaks and unauthorized access to company information by tracking employee computer activity. 

Employee telephone monitoring can help to improve communication within the workplace. By recording employee phone calls, employers can ensure that all calls are professional and courteous. 

Additionally, employee telephone monitoring can help to identify employee training needs. Employers can provide targeted training to improve performance if employees regularly make mistakes or give incorrect information.

Moreover, employee monitoring can help to boost morale. By demonstrating that they are willing to invest in employee development, Employers can show that they support their employees and are committed to their success. 

Ultimately, employee monitoring can positively impact both individual workers and the workplace as a whole.


So, how do you monitor employees without crossing the line into being overly intrusive? Luckily, there are a variety of tools and methods that can help you accomplish this delicate balance.

To find the right employee monitoring tools for your specific needs and budget, it’s essential to understand what tracking types are available.

Once you know what’s out there, you can start looking at products and services that fit your organization’s unique requirements.

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