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Top 17 Timekeeper Software for Businesses in 2024

Thomas Simon

Timekeeper software enhances productivity and streamlines workflow by accurately tracking, managing, and allocating employee hours. Discover the top 17 timekeeping solutions for 2024.

Timekeeping software is essential for businesses to optimize workforce management. These solutions not only accurately track time and attendance management, but they also offer features that aid in scheduling, labor cost control, and compliance with labor laws. This is particularly beneficial for small businesses looking to maximize their productivity while balancing their resources.

For remote teams, timekeeping software can also be a game changer. It automates administrative tasks, freeing up project managers to focus on strategic decision-making. Key features such as easy-to-use dashboards, seamless integration capabilities, and robust reporting features make these solutions an invaluable asset for small businesses.

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Monitask – The Best Online TimeKeeper Software

Real-time Dashboard

Monitask’s real-time dashboard is a standout feature that provides dynamic, up-to-the-minute insights into employee activity. It offers immediate visibility into critical data such as work time entries and location, allowing project managers to monitor work patterns, track productivity, and identify areas for improvement. The dashboard ensures accountability and transparency within remote teams, serving as the control center of your timekeeping app and a vital tool to optimize and analyze business processes.

Clock In and Clock Out Time Tracker

Monitask’s time tracker is highly accurate, making it a reliable tool for businesses. It records employees’ work hours meticulously, down to the minute. Individual employees can easily clock in and clock out with a simple click, signaling the start and end of their work day. The US economy loses 50 million hours a year to errors in employee timesheets. This precision in timekeeping eliminates errors of manual time entries, ensuring accurate payment for employees’ time and effort, even from a mobile device thanks to the app. The feature provides detailed breakdowns of employee hours, aiding managers in strategic planning and decision-making.

Project Management

Monitask simplifies project management with powerful functionalities. Easily assign projects and tasks, set deadlines and automatic reminders, and track work progress for seamless collaboration and effective task management. Gain clear insights into team productivity and work quality, enabling data-driven decisions and performance optimization. Streamline your workflow and boost project success with Monitask, whether you’re a small team or a large organization.


Monitask includes an efficient accounting feature that simplifies payroll management to a whole new level. With the ability to process work hours directly, businesses can now accurately calculate employee pay based on the precise hours worked, ensuring fairness and accuracy in compensation calculations. This streamlined approach to payroll processing saves time and reduces errors, allowing businesses to focus on other critical aspects of their operations.


As employees clock in, Monitask captures random screenshots of their monitors, providing a comprehensive overview of their work activities. What set Monitask apart are its advanced privacy measures to avoid insider threats. Users can opt to blur sensitive information, ensuring privacy and compliance. With Monitask, you can have peace of mind knowing your employees’ privacy is protected while maintaining accountability and employee productivity.

Apps and URL Tracking

The software’s app and URL tracking feature allows managers to monitor and track the specific apps and websites employees access during work hours. This visibility ensures employee focus and dedication to work responsibilities, minimizing distractions. Managers can maintain a productive work environment and optimize team’s time and efficiency with this comprehensive tracking capability.

Analytics & Detailed Reports

Monitask uses advanced analytics to provide businesses with deep insights into productivity patterns. This helps identify and address bottlenecks, monitor employee performance, and drive growth. With Monitask, businesses can optimize operations for maximum efficiency. It offers detailed reports on employee activities in real-time, empowering data-driven decisions. Customizable options and seamless export functionality enable further analysis of team productivity, efficiency, and resource allocation.

Monitask Pricing

Free 10-day trial. Monitask offers three robust pricing plans tailored to meet your varying business needs. The Pro Plan is priced at $5.99 per user per month. Next up is the Business Plan which is priced at $8.99 per user per month, and the Enterprise Plan with customizable pricing. Pricing corresponds to monthly billing. For further information, contact the sales team here.

Pros of Monitask

Monitask is an affordable, yet fully customizable employee timekeeping software that offers very detailed reporting, great customer support, and a variety of supported languages. It allows businesses to track employee activity, time tracking, and project progress, and to identify areas for improvement. Monitask is easy to use, reliable, and scalable, with Stealth monitoring available, making it a great choice for businesses of all sizes.

Cons of Monitask

Many users have expressed the need for Monitask to have additional features such as website blocking and geofencing. While Monitask is known for its user-friendly interface, it is important to note that new users may require a brief learning curve to fully grasp and utilize all of its functions.

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Other 16 Timekeeper Software

Source: timedoctor.com

Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a robust work tracking and productivity suite for businesses aiming to streamline operations and boost efficiency. This timekeeping software monitors employee task time, captures screenshots, and generates detailed reports. It also offers website and application tracking, and project tracking, and integrates with popular project management tools. Pricing plans: From $7/user per month for the Basic plan to $20/user per month for the Premium plan. 

Key Features

  • Time Tracker: Time Doctor offers a timekeeping system for employees to clock in and clock out, record employees’ task durations for effective resource management without needing manual entry.
  • Screenshots: The software captures random employee monitor screenshots, ensuring accountability and transparency in work processes.
  • Integration: Time Doctor seamlessly integrates with popular project management and communication tools, streamlining workflow efficiency.
  • Offline Time Tracking Solution: Time Doctor tracks time even without an internet connection, syncing data upon restoration.
Source: clockify.me


Clockify is a robust and user friendly timekeeping app that facilitates tracking employee worked hours, managing their projects and tasks, and providing a detailed breakdown of their activities. It integrates seamlessly with a myriad of other tools to provide a comprehensive workspace for businesses. Pricing plans: Plans start at $4.99 per month per user for the Basic plan, and going up to $14.99 per user per month for the Enterprise plan. 

Key Features:

  • Time Tracker: Clockify’s precise time clock feature allows employees clock in and clock out of employees work hours, encouraging better team productivity and effective time management.
  • Team Dashboard: This timekeeping system provides a real-time overview of your team’s work and activities.
  • Project and Task Management: Clockify allows for the creation of different tasks and projects, and the assignment of those tasks to team members.
  • Reports: Insights into employee time, project status, and overall productivity reports.
Source: traqq.com

Traqq is an advanced timekeeping software designed for in-office and remote teams. It provides detailed insights into employee performance by tracking work hours, website, and app usage. With notable features like screen recording which can be blurred to protect sensitive information, it offers an effective time management solution without needing manual entry tools. Pricing plans: Free, Premium Teams, and Enterprise starting at $7/user per month.

Key Features:

  • Time Clock: Traqq offers precise tracking of work hours and free time, fostering accountability and transparency with remote employees.
  • Activity Levels: The software measures the active and idle time of employees, ensuring fair and accurate team productivity evaluations.
  • Website and App Tracking: Traqq provides an overview of the websites and apps used during work hours, helping identify potential distractions.
  • Offline Tracking: Traqq can track time even without an internet connection, syncing data once the connection is restored.
Source: apploye.com


Apploye is a comprehensive timekeeping software with features designed to streamline time tracking, employee scheduling, and productivity reports and analysis. It is suitable for remote teams, startups, and large enterprises. Its integrated platform enables businesses to easily manage employee time entries and gain insights into their operations. Pricing plans: The Standard plan, $5/user per month and $7/user per month for the Elite plan. All come with a 10-day free trial.

Key Features:

  • Time Tracking: Apploye comes with a precise timekeeping system, ensuring accurate track of employee attendance and logging time worked.
  • Employee Scheduling: This software allows easy planning and scheduling of employee work hours, aiding in efficient workforce management.
  • Payroll Management: The tool includes a payroll processing, making it easier to calculate and process salaries based on tracked time.
  • Integration Capabilities: Apploye integrates smoothly with various popular tools like Asana, Trello, and Jira to provide a comprehensive workspace.
Source: monday.com


Monday.com is a timekeeping web app that caters not only to tracking time but also to project management and team collaboration. Monday.com proves to be versatile and adaptable with several customization options and automated notifications. Pricing plans: The Basic plan starts at $10 per month per user, and prices increase for the Standard at $12, Pro at $120, and Enterprise plans for custom pricing. Free trial available.

Key Features:

  • Time Clock: Monday.com’s time tracking feature ensures accurate clock in and straightforward recording of employees time, promoting transparency and productivity.
  • Customizable Templates: Monday.com offers a wide range of customizable templates, catering to diverse project requirements and business needs.
  • Automations and Integrations: The software can automate repetitive tasks, saving time and effort. It also integrates well with popular apps and tools to provide a comprehensive work environment.
  • Visual Project Timelines: The platform provides visual project timelines, aiding in effective project management and resource allocation.
Source: desktime.com


DeskTime is a powerful timekeeping app designed to enhance productivity in businesses of all sizes. It offers notable features like automatic time tracking, productivity reports and analysis, project management, and employee cost calculation. With its user-friendly interface, it’s easy to monitor productivity, track projects, and manage work hours efficiently. Pricing plans: Free plan available. Basic plan starts at $7 per user per month. 

Key Features:

  • Automatic Time Tracking: DeskTime automatically records the time spent working, enabling easy and accurate time management.
  • Project Management: With DeskTime, you can monitor ongoing projects, set real time alerts for work progress, and identify any bottlenecks.
  • Employee Cost Calculation: DeskTime’s unique feature of employee cost calculation assists in determining the cost of tasks and managing budgets effectively.
  • Offline Time Tracking: Like Traqq, DeskTime can also track time spent working offline, updating the data when back online.
Source: insightful.io


Insightful is a powerful timekeeper software designed for the needs of both small-scale startups and large enterprises. Insightful’s platform provides businesses with the tools they need to manage their workforce effectively and gain comprehensive insights into their operations. Pricing plans: Employee Monitoring, Automatic Time Mapping, and Enterprise starting at $8/user per month. 

Key Features:

  • Time Tracking: Insightful provides an accurate time tracking tool that ensures precise clock in of work hours.
  • Task Management: This software allows for efficient management of different tasks, aiding in the prioritization of work and the allocation of resources.
  • Collaboration Tools: It includes features that enable team collaboration, making it easier to work together on shared projects.
  • Integration Capabilities: Insightful can be integrated with a variety of popular apps like Slack, Trello, and Jira, which enhances its usability from desktops to mobile devices.
Source: getsling.com


Sling is a comprehensive timekeeper software delivers a robust suite of tools to streamline the way business operate. Sling’s platform equips businesses with the necessary resources to organize, communicate with, and manage their teams more efficiently. Pricing plans:  Free plan available with basic features. Their Premium plan starts at $1.70 per user per month, and the Business at $3.40 per user per month. 

Key Features:

  • Time Tracking: Spend working time more efficiently with Sling’s reliable time tracking tool.
  • Scheduling: This software offers a powerful scheduling feature for creating and managing employee work schedules.
  • Task Management: Sling allows for effective several tasks overseeing, ensuring prioritization and allocation of resources are done seamlessly.
  • Communication Tools: It includes notable features that foster team communication, supporting collaboration on shared projects.
Source: replicon.com


Replicon is a versatile timekeeper software that emphasizes improving time management and efficiency in businesses. It is designed for businesses of all sizes, from budding startups to large corporations. Replicon’s platform provides the necessary features for businesses to effectively manage their workforce and gain comprehensive insights into their operations. Pricing plans: Basic, Premium, and Enterprise starting at $12/user per month. All plans offer a 14-day free trial.

Key Features:

  • Time Tracking App: Replicon provides a reliable time tracking tool that ensures precise logging of work hours.
  • Workforce Management: This software offers robust workforce management features, including scheduling and absence management.
  • Expense Tracking: Replicon allows for efficient tracking of business expenses, aiding in better financial management.
  • Project Management: It includes features for project management that make it easier to plan, track, and manage multiple projects and more employees.
  • Integration Capabilities: Replicon can be integrated with a variety of popular apps like QuickBooks, Xero, and Salesforce, which enhances its usability.
Source: clockshark.com


ClockShark is a dynamic timekeeper software, designed with construction and field services businesses in mind. The software offers a variety of features to help companies manage their workforce more effectively and improve productivity. Pricing plans: The Standard plan ranges at 40$/user per month and the Pro plan for $60/user per month. Both plans offer a 14-day free trial.

Key Features:

  • Time Tracking: ClockShark provides an intuitive tool for recording work hours accurately.
  • Scheduling: This software features a simple yet robust scheduling tool for organizing and managing employee work schedules efficiently.
  • Job Costing: ClockShark offers a job costing feature, allowing businesses to calculate the cost of each job accurately.
  • GPS Tracking: It includes a GPS tracking feature that enables businesses to monitor the location and progress of their field teams through mobile devices.
  • Integration Capabilities: ClockShark can seamlessly integrate with a wide array of popular tools, including QuickBooks, ADP, and Sage, rounding out its functionality.
Source: clickup.com


TICK is an online timekeeping software, that offers an array of features that enable businesses to manage their workforce effectively, keep track of project timelines, and gain valuable insights into their operations. Pricing plans: Free plan available. Their basic plan starts at $19 per month for up to 10 projects, with an advanced plan available at $49 per month for up to 30 projects, and a premium plan at $149 per month for unlimited projects.

Key Features:

  • Time Tracking Software: TICK offers a reliable tool for tracking work hours and monitoring attendance with precision and ease.
  • Budget Tracking: This software provides robust budget tracking features, enabling businesses to keep a close eye on their financials.
  • Project Management: TICK includes robust project management tools that allow businesses to plan, manage, and review projects smoothly.
  • Reporting: It comes with powerful reporting tools, providing in-depth insights and analysis on time usage.
  • Integration Capabilities: TICK can be seamlessly integrated with popular apps such as Basecamp, QuickBooks, and Asana to enhance its functionality.
Source: quickbooks.intuit.com

QuickBooks Time

QuickBooks Time, formerly known as TSheets, is a dynamic time tracking software that’s part of the renowned QuickBooks suite of products. This platform offers a variety of notable features designed to help businesses manage their employees’ time more effectively, simplifying payroll and invoicing processes. Pricing plans: Premium plan starts at $20 base fee per month plus $8 per user per month. The Elite plan is available at $40 base fee per month plus $10 per user per month.

Key Features:

  • Time Tracking: Accurately keep track of work hours, ensuring that every minut  .,e is accounted for.
  • Scheduling: The software provides a robust scheduling feature for organizing and managing employee work schedules, ensuring seamless operations.
  • GPS Tracking: QuickBooks Time includes GPS tracking, allowing businesses to monitor the real-time location of their workforce through mobile devices.
  • Invoicing and Payroll: It offers integrations with QuickBooks Payroll and other popular payroll providers, streamlining the invoicing and payroll process.
Source: activtrak.com


ActivTrak is a top-tier time tracking software that empowers businesses with actionable insights on how work gets done. It’s particularly beneficial for companies focused on improving productivity, compliance, security, and efficiency. ActivTrak provides user behavior analytics and productivity measurement tools for effective workforce optimization. Pricing plans: Free plan available. Essentials Plan at $10 per user per month and Professional Plan $17 per user per month, billed annually.

Key Features:

  • Time Tracking: ActivTrak offers a sophisticated feature for tracking employees’ work hours, ensuring accuracy and transparency.
  • User Behavior Analytics: This feature allows businesses to capture and analyze user behavior data to make informed decisions.
  • Risk Assessment: ActivTrak includes a risk assessment feature, enhancing the security and compliance of your operations.
  • Integration Capabilities: ActivTrak integrates with popular platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Trello, augmenting its utility and interoperability even from a mobile device.
Source: timeneye.com


Timeneye is a robust time tracking software that streamlines time tracking and project management, creating a more productive work environment. It is designed to suit the needs of solo freelancers, small teams, and large enterprises alike. Timeneye focuses on making time tracking simple, intuitive, and hassle-free, helping businesses improve efficiency and profitability. Pricing plans: Free 30-day trial. Plans start at $7 per user per month. 

Key Features:

  • Time Clock: Timeneye provides a timekeeping system for employees to clock in work hours eliminating a manual entry.
  • Project Management: The software enables project tracking, helping businesses manage their projects more effectively and efficiently.
  • Integration Capabilities: Timeneye robust integration capabilities, allows working seamlessly with popular tools like Google Calendar, Asana, Trello, and Basecamp.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Timeneye includes comprehensive reporting and analytics features, aiding businesses in gaining insights and making data-driven decision from multiple devices.
Source: paymoapp.com


Paymo is an all-in-one timekeeping software that simplifies project management, time tracking, and invoicing for small to medium-sized businesses. Its comprehensive tool suite boosts productivity with a user friendly interface and robust functionality. Choose Paymo for a unified approach to project management and time tracking. Pricing plans: Free plan available. Starter plan at $5.9 per user per month, the Small Office at $10.9 per user per month and the Business plan at $16.9 per user per month.

Key Features:

  • Time Tracking Software: Keep precise records of billable hours to ensure seamless invoicing.
  • Kanban Board: Visualize project progress and workflow using an interactive, dynamic board.
  • Team Scheduling: Streamline resource allocation and effortlessly plan team activities.
  • Gantt chart: Gain a comprehensive view of project timelines, dependencies, and milestones.
  • Invoicing & Estimates: Create invoices and estimates effortlessly for multiple clients.
Source: journyx.com


Journyx is a powerful timekeeping software that offers comprehensive time and expense tracking solutions, suitable for businesses of all sizes. It emphasizes accuracy and efficiency in tracking work hours, project time, and expenses, enabling businesses to improve productivity, make informed decisions, and increase profitability. Pricing plans: Project time tracking starting at $13 per user per month, and time and attendance management starting at $5 per user per month. Onboarding and integrations are additional.

Key Features:

  • Time Clock and Expense Tracking: Journyx offers robust time and expense tracking tools that allow accurate logging of work hours and expenses.
  • Project Management: The software provides effective project tracking and management features, aiding businesses in overseeing their projects meticulously.
  • Billable & Non Billable Hours: Journyx differentiates between paid time and free time, supporting precise invoicing and cost management.
  • Integration Capabilities: Journyx integrates seamlessly with popular enterprise tools like Microsoft Project, Microsoft Dynamics, QuickBooks.


Timeekeeping systems offer businesses an automated and streamlined approach to tracking employee hours, managing projects, and invoicing clients. With a wide range of notable features and pricing options, businesses can find the right fit for their specific needs. Investing in reliable timekeeper software is not only a smart business decision but also an investment in the employee productivity and growth of the company. 

-The Monitask Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is timekeeper software?

Timekeeper software is a digital tool that tracks, records, and manages employee time and attendance management, streamlining workforce management and enhancing productivity. It often includes features for scheduling, labor cost control, and compliance with labor laws.

What is HR timekeeping?

HR timekeeping is a function within human resources that monitors and records employees’ work hours, ensuring accurate time and attendance management, payroll processing, overtime tracking, leave management, and compliance with labor regulations.

Is timekeeping part of payroll?

Yes, timekeeping is a crucial part of payroll. It ensures accurate calculation of hours worked, overtime, and leaves, which directly impacts payroll processing. This helps maintain transparency and fairness in compensation.

What is the #1 employee time tracking tool for daily office use?

Monitask is the ultimate #1 employee time tracking tool designed specifically for daily office use. With its comprehensive and user friendly features, Monitask empowers businesses with accurate time tracking and efficient workforce management solutions. From tracking individual employee productivity to streamlining team collaboration.


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