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7 Must-Have Features for the Best Employee Productivity Tracker App

Junun Saleh

Business owners are constantly exploring new ways to improve their businesses productivity. One way to do that is by using an employee productivity tracker app.

There are many different apps, so deciding which is right takes time and effort. 

We’ve compiled the seven must-have features for the best productivity tracker app.

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What is a productivity tracker app, and why should you use one

“Keep track of your time to allocate your time wisely.” Jarvis Ka.

A productivity tracker app is an app that helps you track and improve your productivity. Several different tracker apps are available, so you can find one that fits your needs.

Employee productivity tracker can be a great help to any business. Productivity tracking software allows you to track your employees’ progress and results. The employee productivity tracker helps you to identify areas of productivity. Which ones are performing well or need improvement?

You can also identify employees who are doing well and may be in line for promotions or bonuses.

The seven must-have features for the best productivity tracker

The best employee productivity tracker should include the following features:

1. Time tracking apps

It should provide accurate and real-time data on how much time employees spend on tasks. So, you can see their productivity levels. The software will help identify areas of productivity that need improvement. Or areas where productivity has improved.

2. Automated reminders

The productivity tracker can send alerts to employees. So they remember their tasks and can stay on top of their productivity goals. The signals help ensure that productivity remains high. And there are no slippages in productivity levels.

3. Task management

The productivity tracker can easily manage tasks with a drag-and-drop feature. Employees can quickly see the priority tasks. A good user interface (UI) will help ensure that productivity remains high. And that everything runs smoothly in completing tasks.

4. Analytics

The productivity tracker should provide analytics on productivity trends. So you can pinpoint areas of improvement. Or areas where productivity has improved over time. The analytics will help maximize productivity over the long term.

5. Collaboration tools

The productivity tracker should have collaboration tools built in. So, teams can work together more efficiently, helping to improve overall productivity levels.

6. Goal setting

The productivity tracker should allow employees to set goals for themselves. And track their progress toward them. Setting goals give employees a sense of purpose and motivation to stay productive.

7. Reporting

The productivity tracker should provide reporting capabilities. So managers can easily monitor team productivity levels. The reports will help ensure that productivity remains high, even remotely.

Businesses can significantly increase their overall productivity levels in the long term. 

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How to choose the right productivity tracker app for your business?

Productivity tracking software is invaluable for businesses to measure and improve productivity. Employee Productivity Tracking Software helps managers and employees track progress. They also can adjust based on results.

Businesses can accurately picture productivity with the right productivity tracking tool. It helps to understand their workforce’s performance better.

There are factors to consider when choosing a productivity tracker app.

First, you need to consider what type of productivity tracking you need. Time tracking or task management.

Time tracking is the best choice if you’re looking for employee productivity-tracking software. Time-tracking apps help companies measure employee productivity. It keeps track of how much time each employee spends. 

Task management apps are helpful if you seek a more comprehensive productivity solution. Task management apps allow managers and employees to assign tasks and track progress. The app helps track the completion of projects over time.

The other factor to consider is how user-friendly it is.

User-friendliness should include easy setup, intuitive design, and straightforward navigation. So everyone in your business can easily use the app without extra training or guidance.

Also, look into whether an app allows for customization. This will ensure that it fits comfortably into your organization’s workflow processes.

Finally, the cost is essential when selecting a productivity app for your business.

Productivity apps have subscription fees that scale up according to usage levels. But, some providers offer free versions with limited features. So, startups can test potential solutions before committing to a complete purchase plan.

Consider if any additional features are provided with the product. Such as data analytics capabilities—to get maximum value from your purchase.

Considering these factors, you’ll find one that meets all your organization’s needs. While still providing value at an affordable cost point.

Taking the necessary steps upfront will save your valuable time and money. Ensure everyone in the organization has access to productivity monitoring tools.

How to use productivity tracking software to increase productivity?

Productivity tracking app is essential tools for businesses looking to maximize productivity. Tracking productivity allows managers and supervisors to monitor employee productivity easily. It helps track productivity trends over time.

Companies can identify areas of improvement and create strategies to boost productivity.

The critical aspects of productivity tracking are setting goals and measuring progress. With productivity tracker apps, managers can set individual productivity goals for each employee. Managers can track their progress regularly.

Clear goals incentivize employees to work hard and reach their goals. It provides managers with data-driven insights into how well their team is performing.

The apps enable businesses to monitor employee engagement levels. Managers can get an insight into whether employees are motivated by their work. Or they are simply going through the motions.

The engagement ensures that employees are focused on the job. And they are motivated to complete tasks promptly.

Finally, the apps provide valuable insights into how well your business meets productivity targets.

Managers can determine which areas need attention by monitoring across teams or departments. 

With these insights, businesses can create strategies that foster collaboration. You have better allocate resources. And ultimately promote higher levels of employee output throughout the organization.

The benefits of using a productivity tracker app

Productivity trackers are applications designed to measure employee productivity. These apps provide valuable insights into how employees work. They enable employers to allocate resources effectively, assign tasks and improve employee productivity.

Most productivity trackers are custom-made. These are to suit the specific needs of a particular organization. They can track time spent on different tasks and the productivity of employees. Overall, productivity trends of teams or departments and productivity goals versus actual results.

This data gives employers an invaluable look into how their workforce operates. And it helps identifies areas for improvement. 

Productivity tracker apps help employers create accurate work schedules. All are based on past productivity data and pinpoint where resources are most needed.

In addition to monitoring employee productivity at work, businesses can also use some productivity tools to analyze employee performance outside the office.

Remote work has become popular recently, with more companies allowing employees to work remotely or at home.

With a productivity analysis capability in place, employers can monitor employee productivity during this time, so they always have access to up-to-date information on their workforce’s performance, no matter where they’re based.

Productivity reports provide valuable metrics such as:

  • Task completion rates
  • Hours worked per week/month/year.
  • The total number of projects completed.
  • The total number of missed deadlines, Etc.

These reports allow business owners and managers to measure the efficiency of their team members and make informed decisions about who is best suited for certain roles or tasks within the organization.

Ultimately these apps enable businesses to maximize productivity and ensure greater success in meeting their goals.

Case studies of businesses that increased productivity by using a productivity app

Productivity tracking apps have become increasingly popular among businesses because they help increase productivity, efficiency, and overall success.

Businesses can measure employee productivity, manage time more effectively, and optimize workflow processes using a productivity-tracking app.

Through sophisticated analytics and monitoring tools, productivity trackers allow businesses to gain insights into employee productivity and identify areas where companies could improve productivity.

Case studies of businesses implementing productivity trackers show that these applications can significantly improve productivity.

For instance, a study conducted by Accenture revealed that most workers (92%) are open to collecting data on themselves and their work only if it has benefits that improve their performance or well-being.

Additionally, productivity monitor applications provide insight into how employees spend their time on tasks or projects so managers can quickly identify inefficiency and take appropriate action.

Employees also benefit from having access to productivity tracker applications because it allows them to optimize their workflows and ensure they are working at peak efficiency. With detailed reporting on employee performance metrics, employees can track their progress over time and set goals for improvement.

Self-monitoring helps employees focus on tasks and manage their time and resources better.

Furthermore, since many productivity tracking apps integrate with existing software, such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems or task-management platforms like Monitask, the user experience is seamless across all platforms.

The benefits of using productivity tracker applications are clear – they help businesses boost employee productivity while increasing efficiency and providing employees with access to detailed performance reports and the ability to prioritize tasks.

Implementing a productivity-tracking app is worth considering if you want to improve your business’s performance!

Productivity tracker apps

Productivity tracker apps can be highly beneficial to businesses. They allow business owners and employees to track productivity levels. It helps identify areas where companies could improve productivity and create achievable goals.

Productivity tracker apps seem simple; they can significantly impact a business’s productivity. Productivity tracker apps help companies to become more efficient. It can increase productivity across the board.

Some apps provide features such as time management tools, task reminders, and collaboration. These features have improved productivity levels further. It gives employees the motivation they need to stay on track.

Productivity tracker apps ensure that employees work at their peak productivity levels. It helps businesses reach their goals. Using a productivity tracker app is an ideal solution for business owners. They can find ways to maximize employee productivity.

Monitask employee productivity tracking software

Monitask offers various reports that can help you understand your employees’ productivity. The reports are easy to use and provide valuable insights into employees’ performance. The reports are relevant and dependable. Monitask gives you the extensive information you need to make informed decisions.

The benefits for businesses are:

  • Monitor employee productivity and identify issues before they become big problems.
  • Get to know your employees better and make improvements accordingly.
  • Assess your current performance. You can learn from your past performances and make plans for the future.
  • Identify which websites and apps employees are spending the most time on.
  • Assign tasks to employees based on their affinity to these sites and apps.
  • Improve employee productivity by ensuring they spend their time on valuable activities.
  • Monitask gives you detailed reports to measure your success in terms of productivity.
  • Sort and analyze data to identify the best performers of your employee. You can tweak your procedures accordingly.

Create groups and encourage competition among individuals and teams.


Monitask is a productivity-tracking app with great features. Its sleek and easy-to-use interface allows employees to track their progress without trouble. 

Monitask integrates with other business software and can be easily tracked and reported.

You can see organizational performance when your businesses implement productivity-tracking software tools.

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