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Top 10 Ways to Get More Insightful Ideas for Your Start-up Business

Junun Saleh

Are you ready for innovative strategies to help you brainstorm your next startup business? It can be frustrating coming up with ideas, so we compiled a list of the top 10 ways to get more insightful ideas for your startup business. 

These tips will help ensure your new venture has a competitive edge in the market – no matter what business you are planning!

What are insightful ideas?

“On investment, we are all exposed to many insightful ideas, but we always learn the hard way.” Rex Liu 1912.

Insightful ideas are those that can help you improve your life or work. They can be practical tips, inspirational quotes, or anything else that will make you think differently about the world around you.

Ten ways to get more insights for your business

#1 Get feedback from your customers

Getting customer feedback is one of the best ways to improve your business. It can help you identify and fix problems quickly, so you can continue to grow and satisfy your customers.

Ask your customers for feedback on various aspects of your business. You can ask about the product or service, the delivery, and the system’s ease. 

You can get feedback through surveys, focus groups, or interviews. Gathering customer feedback doesn’t have to be expensive. 

A simple way is asking customers questions about their experiences with your business. A survey lets you learn more about your customers’ needs and how to improve your product or service.

 #2 Identify your target market

Before developing your business plan, you must first identify your target market. You can do this through market research or marketing tools such as surveys and focus groups. You can understand your target market better and tailor your business strategy to suit their needs and interests.

You can develop your business strategy after you understand the target market. This may include generating a product or service launch plan, creating a financial plan to support your business, or building a rapport with the local community.

In addition, preparing a product or service launch plan will allow you to stay on track as you develop and test new ideas. You can build and grow a successful business by identifying your target market and developing a business plan tailored to their needs and interests.

#3 Survey your competition

Survey your competition to learn what they are doing well and where they could improve. 

By benchmarking your competition, you can gain valuable insight into how they operate and identify areas for improvement. Using this information, you can create a competitive advantage for your business. 

When surveying your competition, conducting market research to identify new opportunities is another good idea. Market research will help you identify potential growth opportunities for your business and stay on the cutting edge of the market. 

Finally, developing a plan of action based on your survey and market research findings is critical to ensuring that you take full advantage of the insights gained from the analysis. 

By staying focused and taking action based on this data, you can stay ahead of the competition and improve your business performance over time.

#4 Talk to other entrepreneurs in the same industry

Looking to get more insights for your business? Try networking with other entrepreneurs in the same industry:

  • Discuss on social media
  • Attending startup events
  • Training conferences
  • Business forums
  • Talking to experts in your field. 

Connecting with other entrepreneurs allows you to learn from their experiences and ideas to grow your business. Besides, you can build a strong network of professionals to help you with your business goals.

#5 Conduct focus groups

Conducting focus groups with diverse people can provide insightful feedback that you wouldn’t be able to get from just one customer or employee. 

By hearing different perspectives and ideas, you can identify areas for improvement and make changes to better meet the needs of your customers and employees.

In addition, focus groups allow you and your team to share your ideas and feedback. By hearing each other’s points of view, you can develop a better understanding of the challenges facing your business and make improvements to improve the experience for your customers and employees.

#6 Get inspired by successful entrepreneurs

There are many ways to get more insights for your business, and some of the best methods include reading business books, attending business conferences, and networking with other entrepreneurs. 

Using these methods, you can improve your business ideas and take your startup to the next level. These methods can help you develop a strong and thorough understanding of the industry’s current state and learn new ways to improve your business.

It is important to remember that one method will never give you all the insights you need for your business; instead, you must combine different approaches to gain a holistic understanding of the industry’s current state. 

By taking time to learn from other entrepreneurs and researchers in your field, you can develop a strong and thorough understanding of the industry’s current state, which will help you take your business to the next level.

#7 Use online tools and resources

Several online tools and resources can help you get more insights into your business. One popular platform is Brainstormer, which allows users to share ideas and feedback with others. 

Other tools include Clarity, which provides users with a clear overview of their business goals. LinkedIn also has a wealth of resources to help you improve your business skills. 

Google Sheets is a helpful tool that can help you track data and performance metrics. Using these tools and resources, you can streamline the process of developing your business strategy and identify areas for improvement.

 #8 Interview a variety of people

You must interview people from different backgrounds and industries to get the most insightful ideas for your startup business. 

By interviewing a variety of people from different industries and backgrounds, you can gain a better understanding of your target market. By talking to people currently using the product or service you are offering to get their feedback, you can learn how it works and whether it solves their problems. 

Additionally, it can help you identify areas for improvement or where you could improve the product or service.

You can use online resources such as forums and wikis to gain additional insights about your business. 

By conversing with people with different experiences, perspectives, and challenges, you can develop an accurate picture of your target market and make the best possible decisions for your business.

#9 Look at successful businesses in your niche

One of the best ways to get insights for your business is by studying successful businesses in your niche. Successful companies in your niche may offer valuable insights into how they achieved success. 

Another way to gain insightful information about businesses in your niche is through online research, where you can find similar companies and learn from their successes and failures. 

Another option is to hire expert consulting services, which can help you develop your business strategy and improve your marketing efforts. 

Try searching for “business consulting” or “solutions” on Google to find trusted organizations that offer these services.

#10 Seek professional help when needed

When starting a business, you must ensure you get the most out of your ideas. There are many ways to get more insights for your business, and finding the right professionals can help you succeed. 

You can get more insights for your business by consulting with an entrepreneur coach or mentor. These experts can help you develop your strategy and identify growth opportunities as you work towards achieving your goals. 

Other options for getting more insights to include attending a business seminar or conference or hiring a business consultant. These professionals can advise on improving your business operations or growing your revenue.

They will also help you build a strong team and stay on track with your goals.

Tips for generating innovative ideas

Here are the tips for finding innovative ideas for your business:

  • Brainstorm with friends and colleagues to get different perspectives. Brainstorming will help you generate unique ideas for your company and its market. 
  • Review and ask yourself what you are passionate about. The step back will help you identify the features of your product or service that provide the most value to your customers. 
  • Get creative and come up with new ideas that you wouldn’t have thought of before. Creativity will help you think outside the box and generate innovative ideas that have yet to be seen. 
  • Be open to new methods or tools to get the best ideas. New ways will help you recognize opportunities that may be obscure at first glance and take advantage of them. 
  • Keep a notebook and pen to capture quick ideas as they come to you at night. The note will help you record any insights or ideas that come to you while sleeping, so you can review them in the morning.  

These tips can generate innovative ideas to help your startup business thrive.

Get more insights from EXPERTS in the business.

You can talk to an expert in an industry to grow your business. Follow these actions:

Hire a business consultant to help you with your startup business. 

A business consultant can provide valuable insights into various aspects of a startup, such as finances and growth strategies, marketing and sales, HR, and technology. A thorough consultation will ensure that your startup is well-prepared for the journey ahead. 

Work with an MBA graduate to gain insights into business strategy. 

A graduate has the experience and knowledge to help you identify the best business practices for your venture. Through discussions and analysis of your business plans, they can provide strategic recommendations on how to optimize your profits and make the most of your opportunities. 

Use online resources to get advice from top managers in your industry. 

Searching online can provide you with a wealth of information on various topics, including the latest trends in your field and best practices for running a successful company. 

Besides offering valuable insight into multiple aspects of the business, these resources allow you to benchmark yourself against other companies in the same industry. 

Connect with other entrepreneurs in your region for networking and collaboration. 

Connecting with like-minded people can give you ideas for improving your business practices and successfully growing your venture. Not only will you learn from others’ experiences, but you will also be able to share ideas and tips regarding the processes involved in starting a venture. 

Seek feedback from customers and clients to improve your business practices. 

By identifying areas where you can improvise or improve upon current practices, you can craft effective solutions that will help you meet customer expectations and deliver value through innovations.

Interview industry experts

Interviewing industry experts can be a great way to get insightful ideas for your startup business. By asking them about the challenges they’ve faced, their strategies, and the products or services they’ve developed, you can learn about best practices and gain insight into how to improve your business. 

You can also get expert insights on branding, customer acquisition, and financial planning. Ask questions that show the extent of your research and interest in the field. 

This will allow the experts to provide detailed responses and help you decide on the best ways to tackle your problem(s). Besides, finding out how they can help you achieve your business goals is important.

Hire an entrepreneur as a consultant

Hiring an entrepreneur as a consultant can be a great way to access valuable insights and advice. Entrepreneurs have experience running their businesses and can provide valuable insight into the challenges you may face as your business grows. 

They can help you develop business prototypes, identify market opportunities, and analyze your competition. They can also guide marketing and financial planning. 

An entrepreneur can help you find the right product or service to address your customer needs and make a profit. Hiring an entrepreneur as a consultant ensures your business is moving forward in the right direction and progressing toward your goals and dreams.

Attend trade shows and business conferences

Attending trade shows and business conferences can be a great way to learn about new trends and find new customers. It is a great way to stay up to date with the latest trend in your field.  

Attending these events lets you meet with experts in your field and get their insights on the latest developments. This can be invaluable as a business owner, especially if you want to grow your business. Attending trade shows and conferences can be expensive, but it is worth it if you want to build a successful business. 

Besides, it is always good to hear from experts who have been successful in their respective fields.

Get advice from your network of peers.

Your network of peers can provide valuable insights about your business. Networking is a great way to connect with potential clients and partners. Participating in the events will help you learn about industry trends and find new ways to improve your business. 

By networking and engaging with other professionals in your field, you’ll be able to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and develop new ideas for your venture. If you’re passionate about your business idea, take some time to research the current state of the industry and search for new ways to innovate and grow. 

Professional networking will help you identify growth opportunities and avoid making costly mistakes. By staying open to new ideas and continually striving to improve, you’ll be able to successfully run your business and achieve success in your niche market.

Getting insights from OTHERS through SOCIAL MEDIA

Social media offers countless ways to get insightful ideas for your business. You can use social media to get feedback from potential and current customers. 

Start by building a strong online presence and ensuring your social media campaigns are consistent and targeted toward your audience. An online presence will help you connect with your audience and build trust, which is essential for getting helpful feedback.  

Once you’ve established a solid online presence, start asking customers questions about their experience with your business. Online customer feedback can be as simple as writing a question or making a request on social media and waiting for the response. 

If a customer has a positive experience, they’re willing to share that experience on social media, which can lead to great insights for your business. 

Another way to get insightful ideas through social media is through online surveys. These are easy ways to collect customer feedback, allowing you to analyze the data and take action based on the results. 

Finally, collaboration is another way to get insightful ideas through social media. By engaging with other businesses on social media platforms, you can learn what works and doesn’t work in the industry and create better campaigns that resonate with your target audience.  

With so many ways to get insights from social media, improving your business’s offerings and developing innovative campaigns for growth has never been easier.


Twitter is a great way to get insights and feedback from your followers. Following relevant people and organizations on Twitter can help you learn about their industry or business. 

You can also ask these individuals questions about their work, challenges, or successes. This can promote your business and build a relationship with them as potential customers or partners. 

Besides, you can use Twitter to build relationships with potential customers and partners, which can be vital for growing your business. It’s a great way to find new ideas for your business.


Through LinkedIn, you can search for professionals with similar job responsibilities, qualifications, or company sizes. This can help you choose whom to work with and save time for hiring decisions.  

LinkedIn also offers a variety of tools that make it easy to share your ideas with others. You can use the rich-in-d information sharing capabilities of the platform to share interesting articles or blog posts, images, and videos. 

Using LinkedIn to get insights into your business can help you find the right resources and partners to help you grow your business.


Facebook is a great way to get insights from others about your startup business. You can use posts on your Facebook page to share information about your product or service and interact with potential customers.

If you have a Facebook page for your business, users can leave comments and feedback on the posts. This can help you collect feedback from potential customers. You can also use the comments section to discuss and ask questions. 

The key to posting on Facebook is to design the content in an engaging and easy-to-read way. This will help promote engagement with your audience.


Instagram is a great way to get insights from others in your industry. Follow other businesses like yours and see what they are good at and what could be improved. 

Use hashtags to find like-minded individuals who can provide valuable feedback. Share photos of your progress or updates with the #startupinsights hashtag for others to follow your journey. 

Instagram is also a great way to connect with potential customers and partners. By engaging with other business owners, you can learn tips and strategies for running your business successfully.


It is easier said than done, but if you want to get more insightful ideas for your business, it starts with action. We’ve outlined ten ways to help you generate more innovative ideas and get the experts’ opinions to improve your business.

It’s important to remember that creativity is not about sitting in a dark room all day, thinking up new ideas. It’s about taking action and getting feedback from others. 

By implementing the suggestions outlined in this post, you will be on your way to developing more innovative business ideas!

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