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10 Alternatives to Teramind for Employee Monitoring in 2024

Maria Petit

If you are looking for a Teramind alternative, plenty of options are available. Each of these solutions has its own unique set of features and benefits, so be sure to read through them all before making a decision. Keep in mind that Teramind is not the only player in the game regarding employee monitoring software.

This blog post will discuss the 10 best Teramind alternatives for employee monitoring in 2023. There are many other great solutions out there, and we believe you will find one here that meets your needs perfectly! Keep reading.

Nowadays, when we surf the web to search about productivity at work we often read about employee monitoring. It’s like everything, don’t you think? However, what’s the connection between employee productivity and employee monitoring? Let’s look at it!

Employee monitoring is the process of tracking employee activity during work hours, including everything from monitoring computer usage and internet browsing habits to recording phone calls and logging employee whereabouts

Productivity can be simply defined as working smarter, which means doing more in less time. And employee monitoring software can help you do just that by tracking employee activity and providing valuable insights for employers and employees alike.

When used correctly, employee monitoring software can be a powerful tool to boost productivity. How? By helping employers identify and eliminate productivity killers, such as: 

  • time-wasting activities, 
  • social media browsing, 
  • personal emailing, 
  • and more.

In addition, employee monitoring software can also help employees be more productive by providing them with valuable feedback on their work performance. And, this is why more businesses are monitoring their employees.

Why Do Businesses Insist on Employee Monitoring?

According to a survey commissioned by ExpressVPN which polled around 2,000 employers and employees, 78% of businesses report using some kind of employee monitoring software to track their employee’s performance or overall activity.

And even though monitoring employees has raised some ethical concerns, according to Google Trends, in 2020, as more people were working from home due to the lockdown, searches for ’employee monitoring software’ increased by 35% compared to 2019.

There are many reasons why companies might want to monitor their employees. In some cases, it may be necessary to ensure that employees are adhering to company policy (for example, if there is a no-internet surfing policy during work hours). In other cases, employers may simply want to boost productivity by keeping an eye on employee activity. 

Yet, as much as employee monitoring must offer great benefits, it can bring some downfalls!

The Pros and Cons of Employee Monitoring

Let’s start with the pros. Here are some advantages of employee monitoring: 

  1. Helps employers identify and eliminate productivity killers
  2. Helps employees be more productive by providing feedback
  3. Improves compliance with company policies
  4. Prevents data breaches
  5. Can help with workforce management

On the other hand, employee monitoring can also have some disadvantages, such as: 

  1. May invade employees’ privacy
  2. May reduce trust between employer and employee
  3. It can lead to a feeling of being constantly watched or monitored
  4. It could result in lower morale among employees
  5. It can be costly to implement

There are several ways to monitor employees, including tracking computer usage, phone calls, emails, and even physical activity. While some employees may see this as a violation of privacy, it is important to remember that businesses have a responsibility to protect their interests. 

In most cases, employees are made aware of the fact that they are being monitored before it begins, and rest assured most employers have data safety as a top priority! Now that we’ve looked at some basics of employee monitoring, let’s take a look at 10 of the best employee monitoring software of 2023! 

10 Best Alternatives to Teramind for Employee Monitoring in 2023

There are many employee monitoring software solutions on the market, and Teramind is one of them. Teramind is AI software that can be used for different monitoring services. The most common ones are: 

  • To monitor your employee’s activity and productivity 
  • For time tracking 
  • Project management 
  • And to get weekly or daily reports on the performance of your employees. 

While Teramind is a great solution, it’s not the only one out there, thus it’s important to choose the right solution for your business. If you’re looking for a Teramind alternative, plenty of options are available. Let’s look at them!


Monitask is a great Teramind alternative for businesses that want to monitor employee activity without breaking the bank and with the best quality in the market! This solution offers a wide range of features at an affordable price, making it perfect for small businesses. 

Monitask’s employee monitoring software tracks employee computer activity, including app and website usage, emails, chats, keystroke logging, and more. In addition, Monitask also offers screenshots and video recordings, so you can see exactly what your employees are doing. 

Monitask provides a comprehensive solution for optimizing workflow in any organization

Additionally, Monitask can be connected to several team communication options to keep communication for specific projects or teams, as well as offers the ability to schedule meetings and share files.

If we look at what people say about Monitask vs Teramind, Monitask sure gets the top position!


InterGuard offers a viable alternative to Teramind for those looking for employee monitoring software. InterGuard not only offers similar features such as website and app blocking, screenshots, and keystroke logging but also includes additional features like live chat monitoring and two-factor authentication. 

With InterGuard, companies can ensure compliance with regulations and maintain productivity among their employees

Additionally, InterGuard’s features help to protect against cybersecurity threats such as data leaks or unauthorized access to sensitive information. InterGuard also has a simpler interface and more customizable reporting options. Additionally, InterGuard has 24/7 support with live chat and phone assistance, while Teramind only offers limited phone support during business hours. 

Overall, InterGuard provides an all-around better option for those seeking employee monitoring software.


DeskTrack is a powerful alternative to Teramind for employee monitoring and productivity tracking. DeskTrack records all computer and internet activity, allowing managers to monitor employee behavior and ensure accountability in the workplace. 

DeskTrack also generates productivity reports, providing valuable insights into how employees spend their time at work. The software is easy to install and can be customized to fit the specific needs of your company. 

DeskTrack offers secure data storage and encryption, ensuring that all sensitive information remains confidential

This is a reliable and efficient solution for companies looking for improved productivity and transparency in their workplace.


Unolo is a promising new player in the employee monitoring software market. Like its competitors Teramind and Veriato, Unolo offers advanced features such as screenshot capture, keystroke logging, website and app monitoring, and productivity tracking. 

Unlike Teramind, Unolo offers real-time alerts when employees go off task, allowing you to address productivity issues before they become major problems. Unolo also allows for comprehensive keyword monitoring, allowing businesses to track sensitive information and ensure compliance with regulations like GDPR. 

Unolo has competitive pricing plans that make it a cost-effective choice for businesses of all sizes 

Overall, Unolo presents a strong alternative to the established players in the employee monitoring industry.


WorkStatus is a great alternative to Teramind for those looking for user-friendly employee productivity monitoring software. WorkStatus offers customizable dashboards, real-time alerts, and detailed reports on employee activity. 

Additionally, WorkStatus allows for granular control over which applications and websites are monitored and tracked, ensuring privacy for both the employer and the employee. 

The user interface is intuitive making it easy to set up the software and begin monitoring productivity. In terms of pricing, WorkStatus offers flexible options that allow you to only pay for the features you need. WorkStatus is a reliable and cost-effective alternative to Teramind for monitoring employee productivity.


Auvik is a network monitoring and management software that offers features similar to those of Teramind. Auvik allows businesses to monitor employee internet usage, track application, and website usage, and generate detailed reports on employee activity. 

Auvik also offers service automation tools to streamline tasks such as configuration backups

Auvik also provides real-time alerts when employees go off task, allowing employers to address productivity issues quickly. The software is easy to install and can be customized to fit the specific needs of your company. Auvik offers secure data storage and encryption, ensuring that all sensitive information remains confidential


Wrike is an excellent alternative to Teramind for monitoring employee productivity. Wrike offers a range of customizable tools, including time tracking, task management, and project oversight. This software also allows businesses to generate detailed reports on employee activity, providing valuable insights into how employees spend their time at work. 

The platform also allows for multiple team members to collaborate on a project simultaneously, increasing efficiency and communication

Wrike’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for managers to monitor progress and make changes in real-time. In addition, Wrike’s mobile app allows employees to stay on top of their tasks even when they’re out of the office. Wrike is a versatile and convenient option for managing employee productivity.


With Workfolio, managers can track employee productivity and work hours accurately and efficiently. The platform also allows for easy communication between managers and employees, helping to streamline workflows and improve collaboration. In addition, Workfolio’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for both managers and employees to navigate the system without extraneous training or support. 

It also includes customizable dashboards, team collaboration options, and integrations with many popular productivity software programs

Whether used as a substitute for Teramind or as a supplement to existing company systems, Workfolio can help boost productivity and foster a positive work environment. This is a valuable asset for any organization looking to optimize its team’s performance.


Connecteam offers a full suite of employee monitoring and productivity tracking tools, including the ability to track website and app usage, monitor computer and phone activity, and set productivity goals. Connecteam also offers unique features such as the ability to send push notifications to employees and track their response time, as well as gamification tools to incentivize employee engagement. 

With Connecteam, you can easily send out broadcasts or schedule shift changes, creating a streamlined and efficient workflow for your team

Connecteam’s user-friendly interface and multi-platform support make it a top choice as an alternative to Teramind. Plus, with competitive pricing options available, Connecteam is a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes.


WorkTrak is a popular alternative to Teramind for employee monitoring and productivity tracking. WorkTrak offers similar features, including screen recording, activity logs, and real-time data analysis. WorkTrak also allows for manager customization of dashboard metrics and offers comprehensive admin control options. 

The platform also includes tools for managing shift changes, scheduling breaks, and tracking time off

One key advantage WorkTrak has over Teramind is its mobile app, which allows for remote task management and time tracking. WorkTrak also offers pricing plans to fit any budget, making it a great option for companies looking for an alternative to Aseramind. WorkTrak provides a user-friendly platform with all the features necessary for efficient employee monitoring and productivity tracking.

And, that’s it! We have come to the end of our list! These are just a few of the best Teramind alternatives on the market today, and while all these software can look alike, each one of them offers different solutions for your business and your staff. 


Each organization is different and will have specific needs when it comes to Teramind alternatives. You must evaluate your company’s needs before selecting the software that fits best for your business.

While each tool has its own unique set of features, all of them offer a user-friendly interface and comprehensive employee productivity tracking capabilities. When choosing the right solution for your business, be sure to consider your specific needs and budget. With so many great options available, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your company.

If you are looking for more information regarding employee engagement and productivity, be sure to check our blog post archive!

-The Monitask Team

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