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Agency Survival Guide: Tips for Cutting Costs and Growing Stronger

Maria Petit

Times are tough for businesses of all sizes, but agencies have an especially difficult time when it comes to cutting costs. To stay afloat and grow stronger during unstable economic times, agencies need to be creative and strategic in their cost-cutting measures. In this blog post, we will discuss simple ways that agencies can reduce their operating costs without sacrificing quality or service. Let’s get started!

Every time we hear cutting costs, we think about a massive layoff. However, this is not always the best or most efficient way to reduce expenses. There are many other ways to cut agencies’ costs without reducing staff. Whether you are an experienced agency owner or you are starting your own, there are always new ways to cut costs and increase efficiency.

An agency is a business or organization that acts on behalf of another individual or entity, including advertising agencies, government agencies, and talent agencies

Agencies typically have specialized expertise in the field they are representing and work to negotiate deals and manage the needs of their clients. The agency-client relationship can vary, with some clients allowing their agency complete control over decision-making while others maintain a more collaborative approach. 

Agencies provide valuable resources and connections, enabling their clients to achieve their desired outcomes and reach new levels of success

Ultimately, an agency serves as a representative for its client, working towards mutually agreed upon goals and objectives. In many industries, having an agency is crucial for success and growth in a competitive market. 

Agency Survival Guide: Tips for Cutting Costs and Growing Stronger

To be successful, agencies must learn how to control their costs while still providing high-quality service and results for their clients. Here are a few tips on how to do just that:

Renegotiate Contracts with Vendors and Suppliers

As an agency, it’s important to continually look for ways to streamline operations and cut costs. One way to do this is by renegotiating contracts with vendors and suppliers. 

By taking the time to review current agreements and negotiate better terms, agencies can potentially save a significant amount of money. This can include things like

  • reducing the cost per unit 
  • negotiating bulk discounts
  • reaching out and asking for a better rate
  • or finding more cost-efficient vendors and suppliers,

Of course, this process takes time and effort but the potential savings can make it well worth it in the long run. In addition, it’s important to review contracts regularly to ensure that they are still meeting the needs of the agency. 

As business needs to change, the terms of vendor and supplier contracts, as well. In many cases, vendors and suppliers are willing to give agencies a break on prices to keep their business.

Review Your Office Space and See if You Can Downsize

Do you really need that extra conference room or storage closet? Can you make use of virtual meeting technology to save on rental costs? Evaluating your office space is a great way to identify areas where you can trim costs.

Examining your office space and evaluating its utility can help your agency save money and become more efficient

In addition to cutting expenses, downsizing can also indicate to clients that your agency is proactive and able to adapt to a fast-paced industry. So next time you’re considering upgrades or expansions, think about what current resources could be utilized more effectively before making any changes. 

A thorough review of your office space may just lead to cost-saving downsizing opportunities. You can even go fully digital by setting up a virtual agency, in this blog post here, we tell you how.

Making Use of Technology to Automate Tasks and Processes

Rising costs and a competitive market make it essential for agencies to find ways to work smarter, not harder. One way to do this is by taking advantage of technology to automate tasks and processes. 

There are many software programs and applications available that can help save time and money. For example, software, like Monitask, with project management features can help streamline communication and keep track of deadlines and progress. There are also accounting and invoicing software programs that can automate billing and payments. 

Monitask offers a variety of project management features, including assigning projects and tasks to team members and tracking work hours associated with each project

This not only allows agencies to better manage their time and resources but also helps cut costs by identifying any potential areas of overspending or inefficient allocation of resources.

By taking advantage of these tools, agencies can improve efficiency, save time, and reduce operational costs. Implementing even a few simple automation solutions can make a big difference in an agency’s bottom line. 

Review Your Budget Regularly and Make Adjustments as Needed 

Budgets are one of the most important tools that agencies have for controlling costs. Yet, many businesses fail to review and update their budgets regularly. 

To effectively control costs, it’s essential to regularly review your budget and make adjustments as needed. This includes things like

  • analyzing spending patterns
  • tracking progress
  • identifying areas of overspending
  • making changes to reduce costs

As an advice, we recommend following the 50/30/20 rule for business. The 50/30/20 rule states that no more than 50% of a business’s income should go towards fixed costs, such as rent and insurance. 30% should go towards variable costs, including things like materials and labor. Finally, the remaining 20% should be saved or invested in growth opportunities. 

By following this rule, agencies can not only cut expenses but also improve their financial health and stability in the long-term

Taking into account your budget regularly, you can make sure that your agency is staying on track and not spending more than necessary. This can help you save money and grow your business in the long run. 

Hire Freelancers

Nowadays, agency owners are opting for non-traditional in-house employees to get the job done, this way they get to hire temporal professionals for specific tasks or projects as needed sans the cost of paying a full-time employee.

Let’s look at some stats! Below, there is a comparative table, provided by Upwork, between the elements you need to cover by hiring freelancers vs in-house employees. Pretty different, isn’t it?

By taking the time to find and hire an individual with the specific skills and expertise your project requires, you can save money on the cost of an agency’s expensive overhead fees and other added expenses.

In addition, freelancers often have more flexibility in their schedules, meaning projects can be completed faster and more efficiently. This can be a major advantage when deadlines are tight! Hiring a freelancer also allows for more direct communication, as there are no middlemen or layers of management involved. 

Next time your business needs to cut costs without compromising on quality, consider hiring a freelance professional!

Cut Back on Non-Essential Services

As a growing number of agencies are faced with budget cuts, it is important to consider where they can make adjustments to their spending. One solution could be to cut back on non-essential services. 

This means identifying and eliminating services that are not vital to the mission and functioning of the agency. This might include items such as

  • canceling unnecessary subscriptions
  • downgrading memberships
  • refraining from ordering new supplies until existing inventory is depleted
  • minimizing travel expenses
  • cutting back on marketing and advertising spending

By cutting these non-essential services, agencies can save money and redirecting resources toward more important tasks. It may also encourage more efficient use of resources by focusing efforts on what truly matters. 

Of course, this process should not be undertaken haphazardly or without careful consideration and planning. But once implemented, cutting back on non-essential services can ultimately lead to cost savings for agencies in the long run.

Say Goodbye to Paper

Going paperless is not just a trend – it can also have real, tangible benefits for agencies and businesses. By ditching paper and embracing digital documents, agencies can cut expenses related to printing and storage. 

The cost savings can be significant: for example, over 10,000 sheets of paper, or roughly two cases of paper, are used annually by the average American office worker. Standard copy paper costs $40 on average for every case, which equates to an annual cost of $80 per employee.

Additional costs related to printing include the cost of ink, printer upkeep, and printer purchase. Every printed sheet of paper costs business money, yet only a small percentage of those sheets generate any revenue.

It’s time to transition to electronic records!

Documents can easily be shared and accessed electronically, reducing the need for physical meetings or in-person exchanges of paperwork. And with the proper security measures in place, electronic documents can be just as secure as their paper counterparts. 

Reduce Travel Expenses

As a cost-cutting measure, many agencies are looking for ways to reduce their travel expenses. One strategy for doing so is to utilize technology, such as video conferencing, teleconferencing, or online collaboration tools. 

These options allow for meetings and discussions to take place without the need for in-person travel. In addition, agencies can review and negotiate prices with airlines and hotels to obtain discounted rates for necessary travel. 

Agencies can also collaborate with other organizations or combine events to make travel more efficient and reduce expenses

By implementing these strategies, agencies can effectively cut costs and reduce unnecessary travel expenses. When travel is necessary

  • Book flights well in advance and search for discounts
  • Use economy class tickets whenever possible
  • Don’t forget to use your accumulated flight miles!
  • Stay at less expensive hotels or look for short-term rental options

By cutting back on travel expenses, agencies can save money while still being productive.

Review Your Staff Productivity

As a business owner, it’s important to constantly review and analyze your staff’s productivity. By assessing their performance and identifying areas for improvement, you can save your agency both time and money. 

Remember, reviewing staff productivity is not just about saving money, it’s also about optimizing the capabilities of your team

Consider implementing regular check-ins with each member of your team, setting achievable goals, and providing feedback on their progress. Alternatively, consider hiring a professional consultant to come in and objectively evaluate the workflow within your agency. 

Consider Reward Credit Cards

Using reward credit cards can be a great way to cut costs for your agency. Many credit card companies offer rewards such as cashback or airline miles, which can be used to offset travel expenses or other agency purchases. 

By taking advantage of reward credit cards, your agency can save money while still enjoying the convenience and benefits of using a credit card

Additionally, using a reward credit card can help streamline your expenses by consolidating all agency purchases onto one monthly statement. It’s important to note that this strategy works best when used responsibly and within budget – avoid accruing large amounts of credit card debt to pursue rewards. 

Maybe, You Just Need to Re-Evaluate Your Business Plan

If your agency is struggling to cut costs and become profitable, it may be time to re-evaluate your business plan. Ask yourself if there are any areas of your business that are no longer working or generating revenue. If so, it may be time to make some changes.

Don’t be afraid to make changes to your business plan – after all, no organization can become stagnant over time. Take the leap and transform the mission and vision of your agency.


Cutting costs doesn’t have to be difficult – with a little planning and effort, your agency can save money and become more efficient. Try implementing some of these strategies today and see how much you can save!

By following these tips, agencies can cut costs without sacrificing quality or productivity. Implementing even a few of these suggestions can lead to significant savings for your agency. So what are you waiting for? Start saving today!

Looking for more ways to improve your agencies’ efficiency? Check out our blog archive. Don’t miss it!

-The Monitask Team

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