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Getting Distracted While Working Remotely

Thomas Simon

Tips and Tricks on Staying Focused

Working remotely is a great way to have more flexibility in your schedule and take control of your work-life balance. However, it can be easy to get distracted while you’re working from home.

Late in 2020, Upwork released an economic report stating that 41.8% of Americans were working remotely. The remote work mode has its benefits and challenges. One of these challenges is that remote work is subject to many distractions.

You might be surprised to know that, according to an Owl Labs study, 16% of companies have switched to remote workforces and about 62% of workers aged 22 to 65 claim they’ve worked remotely at some point. Employee productivity is essential for a company’s success, and therefore companies should consider making remote work strategies that minimize distractions.

Having read this blog, you will be able to avoid distractions and your professional life will be easier. So keep reading.

According to Statista, 17 % of US employees worked remotely before the coronavirus pandemic 5 days or more per week, a share that increased to 44% during the pandemic. The pandemic outbreak forced millions worldwide to work from home, as quarantines and lockdowns made commuting and working in an office nearly impossible.

With advancements in technology, more employers are okay with their employees working from home as long as they get the job done. Telecommuting eliminates the need for a lengthy commute to work daily, allowing you to stay connected with colleagues and clients.

Distraction at Remote Work: Why It Happens?

Working remotely has become increasingly popular in recent years, but it comes with its own set of challenges; remote work distractions. According to Owl Labs, remote workers are  22% happier than workers who always work in an onsite office environment.

Though a remote work lifestyle seems comfortable for remote employees it is not that they feel perfectly comfortable. Remote workers face the biggest challenges of getting distracted while trying to get work done and trying to limit distractions.

Apart from that, other tips will help you work effectively by minimizing distractions while working remotely. Keep reading. Whatever approach you take, the important thing is to find a way to stay focused and get your work done.

5 Sources of Distractions While Working Remotely

Several potential distractions can make it difficult to focus when working remotely. For example, housemates can be a distraction if they are moving around or making noise while you are trying to work. Similarly, pets can be a distraction, whether they are begging for attention or getting into mischief. 

Even simple things like the TV or social media can be enough to derail your concentration. The key to avoiding distractions while working remotely is to create a dedicated workspace where you can focus on your work without distractions.

1. Family Members:

Of all the potential sources of distraction, family members are often the most difficult to avoid. According to the TechRepublic website, out of the respondents, 53.1% said that working from home had made it more difficult for them to draw a line between their work life and personal life because of all the distractions.

If you have young children, it can be hard to find time to work while also taking care of them. And even if you don’t have children, housemates or partners can still be distracting.

Do not worry, there is a solution to every problem. One way to minimize distractions from family members is to set up a dedicated workspace in your home. This may mean setting up a desk in a spare room or office or simply ensuring you have a quiet workplace. If you don’t have an extra space in your home, try to find a quiet spot where you can work without being disturbed.

2. Children:

Anyone who has attempted to work from home while also caring for young children knows that it can be a challenge. Children are easily distracted, and they often have trouble understanding the concept of “quiet time.” As a result, they can quickly become a nuisance when you’re trying to concentrate on your work.

However, there are a few things that you can do to help reduce the distractions caused by your children.

  • First, set aside a specific time each day for work, and ensure that your children know not to disturb you during those hours.
  • You might also want to set up a workspace in a quiet area of your homes, such as a spare bedroom or den.
  • Finally, keep your work area clutter-free and organized; a messy desk can be a major distraction.

By taking these simple steps, you can help ensure that your children won’t interfere with your remote work.

3. Telephone Calls from the Office:

It is not the case that you are away from the office; you still have to communicate with your boss or colleagues. This can lead to constant interruptions and jeopardize your focus.

A remote worker receives frequent phone calls from the office. The reason is the boss might want to see whether the remote worker is busy with office work or not.

According to the Computer Weekly website, 39% of employers think their staff work harder in the office, and 35% trusted their staff fully while working remotely. Thus, they keep calling to check the remote worker activity status.

One way to avoid this is to set up specific times for calls or video conferences and make sure you are not available for calls outside of those times.

4. Pets:

Pets can be a great source of enjoyment and companionship, but they can also be a distraction when you are trying to work. If you have a pet, try to keep them in a separate room while working. Alternatively, you can invest in a pet gate or crate to keep them out of your workspace.

5. TV and Social Media:

According to 10 Play.com, 53% of remote workers admitted to watching television shows during work hours. Out of that number, 60% of remote workers said watching television at work helps them with their concentration and improves mental and physical health.

In contrast, only 35% of onsite workers said it helps them focus. However, ​​21% of workers fairly believe that taking a short TV break helps them be more productive when they continue working again.

Thus, TV and social media can be great sources of entertainment, but they can also be major distractions when you are trying to work. However, you can watch TV during short breaks having done your work tasks first. If you find yourself getting distracted by the TV or social media, try to limit your exposure to them during work hours

6 Tips to Stay Focused By Minimizing Distractions

As we read above, the history and potential causes of distraction while working remotely. But you do not need to worry at all. Here are 6 effective tips and tricks that will help you stay focused even when there are several home distractions while working remotely:

Tip# 1. Set up a dedicated workspace in your home

What does it mean? Have you listened about a ‘dedicated workspace’ before? It is a special place in your house where you can go to work without distractions. This tip is particularly important if you find it difficult to focus when working from home.

If you do not dedicate a workspace in your home, you would never be able to focus on the work. Staying among the family members and expecting productivity is odd.

Research shows that remote workers feel frustrated when they do not have a dedicated workspace at home. The reason is that they are unable to finish their tasks on time.

The Forbes website reports that 72% of remote workers need a dedicated office space to work from. Even more alarmingly, 40% of respondents said they don’t even have a dedicated desk – meaning they could be working from anywhere in their homes (or even outside of the house). This could have implications for productivity and focus, as well as ergonomics and comfort.

Tip # 2. Use noise-canceling headphones

If you do not have a dedicated workspace at home, it is challenging to stay focused on office work, right? Your family cannot stay silent or static to not disturb you. They have their own works. If you start asking them to remain silent, you will waste the majority of your time. 

According to a survey, employees get interrupted 7 times during an hour while working onsite and each interruption costs them 5 minutes of work time which leads to a decrease in the average productivity of the workplace. This number is higher for remote workers. So, what to do now?

Luckily there is a solution, you can use noise-canceling headphones. These headphones can help you focus on your work. They help to block out distractions or background noise and allow you to focus on your work. So, purchase the headphones and stay productive while working from home without irritating your family.

Tip # 3. Make a daily to-do list and stick to it

According to Carter Tinsley, only 50% of tasks completed that are added to the to-do lists. Furthermore, 41% of to-do lists are never finished on the same day. However, according to another research, 96% say their lives are better with to-do lists and 89% enjoy making lists. This shows that to-do lists help us focus on work and eliminate distractions.

When you have a list of tasks in front of you, it is easy to focus on the task at hand and not get sidetracked.

Tip # 4. Take breaks while working

There’s no denying that working remotely has its challenges, one of the biggest being staying focused and avoiding distractions. One way to combat this is by taking short breaks throughout the day. Stepping away from your work for even just a few minutes can help refresh your mind, improve your mental health, and allow you to return to your tasks with renewed energy and focus.

Of course, it’s important not to take too many breaks or you’ll end up being less productive overall. But taking a few strategic breaks can help you avoid remote work distractions and make the most of your time working remotely.

Tip # 5. Set boundaries with family and friends:

“Setting boundaries with your family and friends will change your life,” says Jeanne Sager. This is one of the most important tips that you need to follow while working from home. You need to set some boundaries with your family and friends. Explain to them that when you are working, they should not disturb you. Let them know that you will be available during your break time or after working hours. If possible, ask your family members or friends to not enter your workspace while you are working.

Tip # 6. Get dressed for work:

Last but not least, another effective tip that can help you focus on work is to get dressed for work. When you get dressed for work, it will help you get into the right mindset and you will be able to focus on your work better. 

There you have it – 6 important tips that can help you stay focused while working from home. So, if you are working from home, follow these tips and stay productive.

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