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The 12 Best Ways to Eliminate Distractions When Working Remotely

Surveys after surveys regarding these days’ working environment all reveal one thing: working from home is great​. You get to set your own hours, avoid wasting precious time commuting, and you are able to tackle complex work in the comforts of your home. The benefits of working from home can convince even the most avid…

Common Issues That Remote IT Teams Face And How To Surpass Them

It’s not at all uncommon in this day and age that a company hires employees who will work remotely – because of many technological benefits, geographical differences are not an issue here. Being that it’s an amazing way to boost different economies worldwide, remote outsourcing is widely supported and appreciated. However, considering the fact that…

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Are Offices Becoming Obsolete Due To The Perks Remote Work Offers?

As technology continues to evolve and establish a powerful influence over the market, many are questioning the productivity of office-based workplaces. According to a recent Future Workforce Study of Dell and Intel, technology advancements are shaping the workforce to be future-oriented. So, what does that mean? Each year, more employees are working remotely, or to…

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How to Motivate Your Team Even Though They Are Working Remotely

Remote work has become a normal practice for millions of businesses in different industries. However, the whole process can be tiresome without the appropriate approach, as the majority of workers tend to lose productivity over time. Even though many would say that they are productive from home, after some time passes, a loss of motivation…

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Modern Work Environment: Problems with Running an International Remote Team

Gone are the days when employers and employees had to be in the same physical location in order to be able to work effectively and achieve all of their goals. Today, more and more organizations are allowing their employees to work remotely, not to mention that they hire entire international teams, with employees spread all…

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Creating a Team of Remote Professionals That Can Handle Anything

Building a successful remote team takes time, thought and planning, but it certainly yields huge benefits. Flexible work hours are no longer reserved for tech startups – in today’s age of global connectivity, entrepreneurs are able to hire the smartest, most competent people regardless of where they live. Without further ado, here’s how to choose,…

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Common Misconceptions About Remote Teams

Many people think that being a remote worker means that you wake up at noon, sit down at your computer, without even bothering to get dressed, and don’t really get anything done. They think that you cannot really be focused on your tasks, since there is no one to monitor your work, not to mention…

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Screenshot Work Monitoring: An Ally of Both Employers and Employees

Being a business leader in this day and age is challenging – to say the least. If you’re trying to improve yourself as one, I’m sure you have read various articles on the subject and that they all lead you to one conclusion – it’s necessary to nurture each one of your employees and enable…

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6 Ways to Find Good Remote Workers Outside of UpWork

Hiring freelancers has many benefits, the most powerful being that it gives you access to a geographically unrestricted and limitless talent pool. When you add cost savings to this list, since you won’t need to hire a full-time worker for just one project, it becomes quite clear why hiring remote workers is becoming a trend.

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5 Things You Can Do to Ensure Your Remote Team Meets Deadlines Every Time

Remote workers have become quite common lately, and many small businesses rely on them for good reasons. It is a budget-friendly solution, it can ensure you get more talented people than those available in a local area, and it works out for remote employees as well. However, this work arrangement is not without its drawbacks.

Top 3 Alternatives to the UpWork Team App

Among numerous freelancing websites available today, UpWork is the most popular online platform. It counts millions of employers, as well as millions of freelancers. To make the process of outsourcing easier, this company even created its own application for time tracking, and improving team efforts, productivity, and efficiency. However, the applications lacks some more advanced…


Top 6 Companies that Rely on Remote Teams to Manage Their Work

Working in an office surrounded by coworkers used to be the most profitable way of conducting any business. But today, more and more companies have discovered the benefits of working remotely. And, if you are asking why, the answer is simple – less competitive markets offer better talents who’ll work on projects full-time. First of…

9 Reasons a Remote Workforce May be the Golden Ticket for Startups

A lot of companies regardless of their size, rely on the remote workforce in order to complete their projects. Remote workers can be either people you engage every now and then, which is considered outsourcing or they can be simply a person that works for you from their home full-time. Thanks to all kinds of…

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3 Most Prominent Productivity Saboteurs for a Remote IT Professional

Hiring a remote IT professional is a solution that many business owners choose. This choice brings a lot of benefits to a company, as there is not a single person that is on the payroll, but you get someone who is paid per project and the invested work hours. In the long run, this saves…

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Using Screenshot Monitoring Software to Streamline Agency Operations

The US economy is enriched with thousands of new businesses annually. According to Forbes, over half a million new businesses are started yearly. This kind of competition is good, it’s what pushes the business world forward, making companies strive to offer better products or services to customers.

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Top 10 Successful Companies That Are 100% Remote

The workforce as a whole is changing at a very fast pace and there is a lesser need for workers to be located inside their office in order to be able to perform their daily tasks. With each coming day, remote working is becoming more and more popular and distributed teams can definitely function efficiently…

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